Racket Boys episode 10 recap – a moment of clarity for Hyeon-jong

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 29, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 10


Episode 10 shows unity and a moment of clarity for Hyeon-jong as he has to lay down his coach role and consider his son as a parent.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 10, contains spoilers.

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What I like about Racket Boy is every chapter brings a theme. Episode 10 explores a parent’s relationship with their child and the guilt of living vicariously through them or making decisions that do not match their ultimate dreams. And once again, the K-Drama series delivers it in a heartwarming way.

Coach Fang breaks up an intimate moment between Hae-kang and Se-yoon

We return to the closet, with Se-yoon asking Hae-kang to promise to beat Park Chan in an upcoming sports festival, so he doesn’t ask her out. It’s a moment that is split up by Coach Fang. Hae-kang pretends he’s the only one in the closet, so Se-yoon doesn’t have to go outside and run. It’s a shame that Coach Fang stopped this wonderful moment between both characters. Later in the evening, Hae-kang looks at a photo of him and Se-yoon.

Vision issues/doctor asks Hyeon-jong if he’s considered what Hae-kang’s dreams are

And then episode 10 brings a moment of clarity for Hyeon-jong, which will be relatable for many parents.

Hae-kang suddenly realizes he cannot catch when his father throws him an apple. He did suffer an eye injury on the badminton court in the recent tournament. He has vision problems, and his parents are concerned. The doctor tells Hyeon-jong that his son needs to rest for two weeks and can’t train while wearing an eye patch. The doctor recommends he asks what Hae-kang wants in life as most kids do not know what their passions are at an early age.

This is now something Hyeon-jong needs to consider, and he knows his son wanted to play baseball. He talks to his wife about it, and it’s revealed they also have money issues, so they may need to return to Seoul. The kids ask Hyeon-jong if they can see Hae-kang, but he reminds them of an important competition — he’s refusing to entertain them visiting his son while he plucks up the courage to speak to his son.

Hyeon-jong and his wife have money issues

Hyeon-jong is holding off talking to his son about his future, and he and his wife have money issues — they need a loan. He considers asking his friend Yang-su to pay him the money back that he owes. However, when he sees his friend, he realizes that he cannot pressure him.

When Hyeon-jong returns home, Hae-kang’s friends have turned up. He gets irritated and tells them that his son is taking a break from sports, and he may not play badminton again. However, the friends raise they just want to hang with Hae-kang, and it isn’t about sports. This was a wonderful moment and another moment of clarity for the coach — it isn’t all about being a team.

Hyeon-jong talks to his Hae-kang about what he wants

Eventually, Hyeon-jong asks Hae-kang if they should move back to Seoul so he can play baseball or be part of better facilities for badminton. He admits he hasn’t considered Hae-kang when he’s made his decisions. Hae-kang raises how he has made choices, including badminton. It’s revealed that his new goal is to play badminton. Hyeon-jong hugs his son tight, bringing the plot point full circle.

Se-yoon wants Hae-kang to live to his promise

Hae-kang heads out to find his friends but finds Se-yoon practising badminton against the wall with a sling on. He wants to know what’s wrong with her. She’s angry because he promised he’d beat Park Chan and wonders why he hasn’t been trying; in recent weeks, he’s lounged around watching TV and playing games. She hopes he lives to his promise and asks Hae-kang to play badminton with her.

Surprise birthday for Hyeon-jong

In the next few scenes, Hae-kang and his friends organise a surprise birthday party for Hyeon-jong, and he bursts into tears, apologising for being harsh to them. They all give him a group hug. Before he blows the candles, he tells them they should always be there for each other. You can feel the weight of the emotions here for Hyeon-jong — he’s endured a rollercoaster since moving; there’s been plenty of doubts in his ability as a coach and handle the pressures of moving.

A 90th birthday celebration

Eventually, a school competition arrives. Yoon-dam wins his singles game, and there’s a lot of unity in the team between the boys as they celebrate. Later on, Grandma arranges a massive dinner for a neighbor’s 90th birthday. It’s a warmhearted dinner as the group really looks after the older woman to make the event memorable. It’s a lovely reminder that we should take care of our elderly.

The ending of Racket Boys season 1, episode 10

Hyeon-jong meets up with Coach Chun and asks if they can delay an upcoming match. After they finish drinking, Chun tells him he isn’t delaying the match.

Yong-tae reads a message he has been sent regarding the “White Wolf” (Head Coach Bae); it says that ten years ago, he assaulted some players, including Kang Tae-seon. This player retired due to trauma, and the “White Wolf” also retired. It then flashes back to ten years ago, and it shows Coach Bae beating his students, including Kang Tae-seon.

Episode 10 shows unity and a moment of clarity for Hyeon-jong as he has to lay down his coach role and consider his son as a parent.

Additional points
  • We are given further flashbacks between Hyeon-jong and Ra Yeong-ja’s blossoming romance when they were younger. In the present day, Ra Yeong-ja admires her husband while he sleeps in the bed, which is ruined when he farts, irritating her.
  • The badminton boys learn that Head Coach Bae is the famous “White Wolf” at their school.
  • Grandma and the others query why the couple who moved next door didn’t have children. It upsets the wife, and she walks off, and the husband reminds them that words can kill people. It’s evident that they have tried for children.

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