You Are My Spring season 1, episode 2 recap – [spoiler] takes his own life in shocking ending

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 6, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 2


You Are My Spring has certainly fooled audiences with a dramatic and shocking ending in the second chapter. This will provide many discussion points as it’s difficult to understand where we go from here.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 2 contains spoilers.

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I mean…wow. I am very gobsmacked. At first, I was going to write about red flags, but the context completely changed due to that ending that sends shockwaves to the audience. We have a lot of thinking to do as the viewer.

18 years ago at a bar

Episode 2 starts with a flashback, detailing a significant event in Ju Young-do’s life.

Ju Young-do is at a bar, and his friend insists he stays, but he claims he’ll be back shortly. In the bathroom, he sees a young man cleaning blood out of his clothes in the sink, standing naked and only in his pants — this memory irks Ju Young-do all episode. It flits to the present day, and the young man resembles Chae Jun. Ju Young-do tells the man not to see Kang Da-jeong again, but he ignores him and walks towards her. Ju Young-do has concluded that he’s a sociopath.

Chae Jun walks with Kang Da-jeong, and she calls him cheesy. He ignores her insult and strokes her hair before offering her a paper rose he made for her. In the distance, Ju Young-do is taking photos. He returns to his office and muses over recent events.

Ju Young-do advises a stress eating patient

We then get to see what Ju Young-do is like as a psychiatrist, and it is clear he’s good at his job, which makes the ending of episode 2 even more perplexing.

Ju Young-do has a patient that keeps lying to him, including what she’s eating. The mother is worried that her daughter has taken on a diet herself but secretly eats. Ju Young-do explains that the lack of nutrition can lead to memory loss, but after a series of tests, he recommends a healthy diet and vitamin B. He’s also concerned that the patient does not trust herself, so that’s why she gets stressed and eats. He tells the mother to stop pointing out her mistakes.

Ahn Ga-yeong seeks clarity from Ju Young-do over a new romance

The ex-wife and famous actress Ahn Ga-yeong visits Ju Young-do and asks him where the pot of tangerines she gave him. He shows her that it’s on the rooftop. She tells him that there is someone she likes, and he is happy about it. Ahn Ga-yeong explains how this new man fell head over heels for her and doesn’t get it. She wants to know if she should still go for him and is seeking advice. This brings up their marriage and how she believes the psychiatrist married her because she was suicidal. Ju Young-do points out she’s afraid of love and being happy. She questions whether he is the same.

Kang Da-jeong and Ju Young-do ask each other questions about Chae Jun

But episode 2 is more of an irritant in the fact that at the back of your mind, you are in the same boat as the characters — who is Chae Jun?

Kang Da-jeong and Ju Young-do keep finding themselves in each other’s company. Ju Young-do uses the time to pry and asks her if she knows what school Chae Jun went to. She doesn’t know but in return asks why he told her not to date him. Ju Young-do raises how he finds the man odd, accompanied by flashback scenes from 18 years ago. He states he’s still looking into it.

But Kang Da-jeong has another theory and asks Ju Young-do if he likes her, and he does get flustered. He rejects that notion.

Kang Da-jeong’s complicated love life continues to surface

At a cafe, a friend tells Kang Da-jeong that she gets with every man she disapproves of, but Chae Jun she scared away. It appears Kang Da-jeong does not have feelings and did want to reciprocate — she doesn’t want to be a victim and wants to change. She wishes it was possible to stray away from trash men. It’s clearly a series of complex events for the lead character, where her love life does not make sense or fit into her ideals. She narrates how she doesn’t want to be hurt and bring up her painful past — she wishes to be happy.

A snowy, romantic moment between Kang Da-jeong and Chae Jun

And this brings a turning point and leads to a shocking ending…

In the middle of the night, a friend rings Kang Da-jeong and tells her Chae Jun is on his own at the bar and looks down. She doesn’t know how to handle that information. However, she joins Chae Jun at the bar and asks if he’d like to talk outside. She is confused about what he sees in her. Chae Jun says he has missed her as the snow falls on them both, making the scene romantic and whimsical. She asks about his dreams and whether a cat is involved as she wants a cat too. Chae Jun tells her there will be many cats.

Kang Da-jeong’s progressing friendship with Chae Jun is coupled with scenes of Ju Young-do delivering a lecture on antisocial personality disorder, implying how Chae Jun is calculated.

An unofficial date between Kang Da-jeong and Chae bring more red flags

The next day, Kang Da-jeong and Chae Jun go for a walk and a drink after enjoying the cinema, and Chae Jun is full of compliments. Kang Da-jeong notices a music box, and Chae Jun asks if they should get one.

It seems Kang Da-jeong is enjoying the attention she’s getting despite acting coy around him. During her “date,” Kang Da-jeong sees someone who recognizes her, and he shouts “date.” She charges after her acquaintance and expresses that Chae Jun isn’t her boyfriend. As she returns to her table, she sees Chae Jun using her phone for something. He’s doing it while looking over his shoulder. This does not sit well with her.

Kang Da-jeong talks to Ju Young-do about Chae Jun

Afterward, she meets Ju Young-do, and he can sense she wants to say something. Kang Da-jeong asks if he’s found an answer to the reason she cannot date Chae Jun. He tells her he hasn’t yet. Ju Young-do knows Kang Da-jeong is struggling and that something is going on. He explains that she can come to him any time to talk whenever she is ready.

The address inside the paper rose

At work, Kang Da-jeong looks at her phone and clearly feels violated by what Chae Jun did. She looks at the paper rose he gave her at their date and unravels it. Inside it says, “Yongsan Station, 99, 7641.” Meanwhile, Ju Young-do can see Chae Jun outside, waiting obsessively for Kang Da-jeong.

The ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 2

Detective Ko sends Ju Young-do a photo of Chae Jun and Kang Da-jeong, and there’s been a tip-off that Chae Jun is the killer, so they are looking into it. Meanwhile, Kang Da-jeong is heading to the address inside the rose, and the numbers are connected to a storage locker inside a mall. When she looks inside the storage unit, there’s a music box — the same music box she eyed up in the cafe. He’s stolen it for her.

Inside the music box is a class photo from school, and Kang Da-jeong looks drained when she sees it. Meanwhile, Ju Young-do has followed Chae Jun’s car leading to an abandoned building. Chae Jun stands on top of the building, taking in the moment, before jumping off the top and slamming his body into his own car — he’s killed himself. As he does, the scene flits to Kang Da-jeong, and her eyes have welled up — it’s almost like she knows, and it turns out, Chae Jun knew her from high school. Ju Young-do sees what has happened, and he’s in complete shock at what he has witnessed.

At the back of the photo from school, it says, “I finally found you.”

Our mouths are wide at this point.

Additional points
  • Kang Da-jeong visits a psychic with a friend, and she gives her ominous and vague warnings.

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