Dogs Season 2 review – it’s full of good dogs

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: July 7, 2021 (Last updated: December 23, 2023)
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Netflix reality series Dogs season 2


If you love dogs, watch it. If you don’t love dogs, watch it.

This review of the Netflix reality series Dogs season 2 does not contain spoilers.

Netflix’s latest reality series comes in the form of Dogs season 2. Developed as a series by Glen Zipper, it provides a much-needed doggy watch for us all. Dogs are the best things on our planet; that’s a fact. That’s why any documentary about dogs is a superb watch. With standalone episodes, Dogs has a different outlook on the lives of dogs and their owners.

Episode 1, “Much Ado About Blue”, follows Tripp (Blue III), a mascot dog. Already a semi-famous dog, he gets a case of the wiggles when a bath gets suggested. Constantly stopped by passers-by for selfies, he loves it. But it’s not just an episode that shows us how cute and adorable dogs are; it provides insight into the busy working day of a Basketball Mascot Dog. Those watching will learn about Tripp’s daily routine and how his human family works their own lives around Tripp’s hectic life before he prepares himself to enjoy a life of well-earned retirement.

“A Space for Dogs” is the second episode and follows two dogs that most of us will have seen in a viral photo. Remember the photograph of the astronaut Leland Melvin, who brought his two dogs, Roux & Zorro, in for his official photo? Well, episode 2 follows their story! This story is particularly heartwarming as Leland is a dog rescue advocate who details how his two best friends have helped him gain more stability in his life.

The third episode, “It Takes A Village”, follows Air Force veteran Tara (human), who falls in love with a stray called Jet in Iraq. Featuring probably the show’s cutest moments, it’s a loving watch that shows the lengths that people go to in an attempt to protect dogs.

The final episode of the four-part series is “The Protectors”. If by some chance, the first three episodes haven’t included a dog that melts your heart, this episode will! Focusing on Brazillian Priest Father Joao, much of the fourth episode requires subtitles. Although, that doesn’t take away any enjoyment. The problem of living in Gravata is that due to the high number of strays, the government believes the best solution is to eliminate them. But the episode isn’t just doom and gloom; it has some of the series’ best, especially the opening scene where a group of dogs attends church to get christened with holy water.

Dogs season 2 is the perfect watch, and I personally cannot wait to watch it again. Anyone who loves animals will love this show. It’s not just a show for the audience to swoon over the adorable dogs; those watching will gain an insight into the lives of the human owners and what is needed to ensure a dog can have the best possible life.

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