The Mire season 2 ending explained – who killed the boy?

July 7, 2021
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This article contains major spoilers for The Mire season 2 ending.

Piotr and Witold aren’t the only returning figures in The Mire season 2, since the Gronty Forest retains many of its mysteries, secrets, and corpses, despite the plot having been moved on by over a decade. The shifting landscape of post-USSR Poland forms the backdrop of another grim case that has its share of complex social and political underpinnings. So, let’s unpack things a bit.

Everything is set into motion by catastrophic flooding that leads to a boy’s corpse being found among the skeletons of a World War II mass grave. Big city blow-in Anna Jass is put on the case with an embittered local old hand, Mika. Quickly, connections begin to emerge between the broken levees in the forest, a housing development called the Oaza Estate which was suspiciously untouched by the floods, the real estate developer in charge of it (who happens to have been having an affair with the dead boy’s mother), and a returning Piotr’s – now Editor-In-Chief of The Courier – investigation into the missing son of Kielak, one of the newspaper’s beneficiaries.

You’ll be none-too-surprised to learn, dear reader, that this is all connected. The dead boy found out about the plot to sabotage the forest levees in order to preserve Oaza Estate, which was orchestrated by the town’s prosecutor in order to secure himself a nice property. He’s also responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Waldek, Kielak’s son. But this is far from the end of the mystery.

Despite being set over a decade later, The Mire season 2 really relies on its connection to the characters and events of the first season. Piotr’s affair is particularly important since his potential parentage of Daniel might well have been the cause of his presence in the prosecutor’s house and thus the cause of his death after overhearing a conversation he shouldn’t have. It’s probably also, on some level, the cause of his marriage to Teresa breaking down, though Jass had her share of responsibility in that as well. Everything connects back to Helena, whose death in childbirth meant that Piotr never got to learn about Daniel, despite being lured back to town by him in the letter.

These connections help to form the bedrock of The Mire season 2 ending. One revelation leads to another since these secrets have all been buried atop one another. The prosecutor wants to avoid Oaza Estate being flooded so as not to uncover the evidence of Waldek’s murder, which has a pleasing circularity to it. No secret ever remains buried, after all.

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