Major Grom: Plague Doctor ending explained – who’s the real villain?

July 8, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Major Grom: Plague Doctor, so it will contain major spoilers. 

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Major Grom: Doctor Plague offers a refreshing Russian superhero-themed movie. The plot is something we always experience in a superheroes’ universe. The hero vs. the villains, with the fight to serve justice over corrupt and deeply rooted systems. We get to witness the idealistic policeman Grom, with his two friends, and the ferocious case that The Doctor Plague causes. The real question is, will Igor Groom successfully catch the real villain of the show? The answer is yes, but not what you expect it to be.

We witness the uproar the Doctor causes by provoking live streams at Vmeste, burning the country’s influencers alive, rising the uproar of the underground communities who support his actions as a way of serving justice. After the last horrific murder of burning a whole family, Razumovsky asks Oleg to stop his murderous acts. Oleg refuses and emphasizes the idea that this is something that Razumovsky craved from the beginning.

Later, Grom unexpectedly meets Yulia at a grand and prestigious casino event. The two had a tempting dance and literal debate at the same time about the real superheroes. Grom is offering Razumovsky to be the hero of the country. Yulia laughs it off. She later states how Razumovsky is receiving sponsors from HOLT, the biggest weapons company in Russia. “It’s enough to explain what kind of man he is,” says Yulia, leaving Grom feeling vague. Later, the Doctor’s supporters invade the whole party. Grom saves Razumovsky from getting beaten by the Doctor’s supporters. The two become acquaintances.

After the chaotic event, Major Grom visits the orphanage, which both Sergei Razumovsky and Oleg Volkov grew up in, and he begins to receive his epiphany of the real identity behind the mysterious man in a white mask and an all-black combat suit after looking at the childhood collection of Razumovsky and Oleg. Suddenly, all the prejudices over the real identities from various people who he did not listen to at first regarding Doctor Plague jumbles in his head. Loner, orphanage, HOLT sponsorship, a man of the mission.. everything starts to make sense for Grom

He later confronts Razumovsky at the Vmeste’s building to confirm the Doctor’s identity. He shows him his childhood notes, which contain his drawings of a bird with the same mask that the Doctor wears. Grom does not stop there, and he later shows evidence of the death of Oleg Volkvod in Syria while he served the military, showing his partnership with HOLT. But things get interesting when Oleg arrives in the room. Razumovsky hysterically punches Grom with a bottle of wine, leaving him unconscious.

Both Oleg and Razumovsky endure a moment of revelation. But here comes the twist. Groom was right. The real Oleg died long ago. It turns out Oleg is just an imaginary character, the alter ego of Razumovsky. The exaltation of Razumovsky’s confrontation with his alter ego is both sentimental and intense. Razumovsky is the real man behind “Doctor Plague.” It suddenly becomes reasonable. From the beginning, we can see how greatly attached they are with one another in one frame. Oleg is always represented as Razumovsky’s desire and fulfillment. We can see how Oleg does not have ideas nor standing points; it’s all about Razumovsky. The intense scene of Razumovsky’s confrontation with himself ends with him being unconscious after attempting a suicide attempt. 

After the moment of truth, Grom slowly regains his consciousness. He finds himself fully dressed in Doctor Plague’s costumes at the top of a building while all the police are ready to arrest him. Razumovsky also places the bomb evidence inside of his house. The police later transfer all the evidence to the offices. He fights all the police and tries to escape until Durbin innocently caught him using an electric laser. Just like that, Grom is falsely accused and arrested. After his arrest spreads on the news, the chaotic movement is out of hands. The Doctor’s supporters demand his release.

He later faces Strelkov for the investigation. He insists on his innocence but gets ignored. Durbin also tries to convince Grom’s innocence to Strelkov but gets threatened instead. Later, Yulia comes to help (with her fake identity) as an investigator. Grom insists that he does not have much time left to catch Razumovsky. Yulia comes up with a surprising plan. Durbin secretly opens Grom’s jail cell. Grom wears a police uniform and Yulia waits for them in a car outside. The three of them escape and head to Prokopenko’s hidden house. Yulia and Durbin insist that they catch Razumovsky, yet Grom, being the lone wolf, refuses. 

Once again, Grom confronts Razumovsky who delightedly welcomes him after framing his identity. The two got into an intense final battle of truth. In the middle of their fight, Razumovsky streams a prepared video that contains his message for the people of Russia which triggers the uproar of his supporters. The city is in complete chaos. We can see the heavy Joker references in this scene. After the stream ends, it automatically activates all the bombs that are stored in the police station causing a great explosion. Grom is devastated. 

Netflix’s Major Grom: Plague Doctor – ending explained

All of the uproars intensify the final battle between them. Grom is having a moment of crisis. Razumovsky states how he’s got the technology, power, and money to control and change the world. That’s where Durbin and Yulia come to the rescue. The three of them engage in a final act together. Grom emphasizes how Ruzmovsky is not the only one who witnesses all the injustice, the law violations and that he wants to help people for the better. The difference between them is, Ruzomvosky is looking at all the injustice from his small, empire-building without actually engaging with the problem, while Grom is dealing with it every day, up close and personal.

Razumovsky is at loss, telling Grom how it is useless to catch him since the public and police already know his identity as the Doctor instead, claiming he is the hero and what society needs. Yulia shows the evidence of their recorded conversation before the fight happened. She secretly put a small recording device at Prokopenko’s hidden house. It closes their pointless debate with, “The society will still survive without you.”

In the end, justice is served. All the chaos finally ends. The police arrest Razumovsky, including all of his supporters. The ending of Major Grom: Doctor Plague brings the three hounds, Groom, Yulia, and Durbin together at the rooftop while eating burritos and enjoying a silly conversation.

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    Please explain the after credits scenes too? I believe there were two of them.

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