Last Summer (2021) ending explained – will Deniz find love?

July 9, 2021
Jordan Russell Lyon 1
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This article discusses the ending of the Turkish Netflix film Last Summer (2021), so it will contain major spoilers. 

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Set in Bodrum 1997, Last Summer follows a 16-year-old Deniz, who is looking to get laid. Once again, spending the summer vacation in his family’s summer house, as he does every year, he meets and falls in love with Asli. In his attempts to seduce her, Deniz discovers that another young lad, Burak, is also falling for Asli. Burak is the handsome local hotshot who is mad for sports. 

He’s a Lobster

After spending time with the local teens and his sister, Ebru, Deniz falls asleep and burns himself red raw on the beach. Against his sister’s wishes, Asli invites Deniz for a walk with her friends. It’s not long before they all reach the cliff tops, and Deniz leaps off the cliffs.

Left Outside Alone

With everyone else going for a swim, Deniz and Asli are left on the clifftop to guard everyone’s belongings. Much to Asli’s anger. But the two of them do bond, with each having the hope that they will not grow up to be like their parents. 

Reuniting with the group on the beach, Asli blows Ebru off. 


Later that night, all the teens go to a club (despite not having any ID, Asli states that she will sort Deniz out). With the party in full swing, it comes to an abrupt end when Ebru catches a guy kissing someone that isn’t her. Despite the early finish, Asli catches the attention of Burak.

Telling his sister that he’s hanging out with the guys, Deniz, in fact, goes to a bar with Asli, who admits he cheated on Ebru, but only a little. That night, Deniz comes home later than agreed. His mother states, “You think this is a hotel.”

The following night, Deniz hangs at Burak’s place. “I bet if I die, Ebru wouldn’t be upset at all”; a lovely thought from Eniz as he gets high with Burak. The following morning, Deniz’s mother is worried sick to the point of anger over Deniz’s constant overnight stay outs. 

Burak’s Influence

His interest in Asli fading following his “bro chat” with Burak, Deniz asks Pinar out. Getting her results, Ebru gets into business administration. As a way for Ebru to sneak out and get laid, Deniz tells their mother that they have plans with friends and can’t have dinner. “You’re the king of siblings,” Ebru decides.

Burak takes Deniz and Asli driving, albeit dangerously, to the beach, where Burak brings up how his parents died in a car accident. Seizing the moment, they go swimming in the ocean. Feeling a third-wheel, Deniz wanders around, which gives Asli and Burak the opportunity to kiss and possibly more. Heartbroken, Deniz drinks himself to sleep beside the car. 

The Long Vacation is Over

With the summer drawing to a close, Deniz hangs out with Pinar and friends. As they’re unable to get into the club, they drink in the parking lot. Deniz spots Burak kissing another girl; who also has a boyfriend. “Don’t make this a big deal. We’re just kissing. Look!” Burak exclaims before he kisses Deniz, who in turn violently beats him up. 

The following morning, Deniz waves to Burak from his balcony. Their short-lived feud appears to be over. Going back to the cliff tops, Asli, this time, follows Deniz into jumping off the cliff. They kiss, and Deniz then swims underneath.

Last Summer ends with Deniz and his family leaving, but not before Ebru hands Deniz her cell number. 

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