We The People season 1 review – suitable for all

By Jordan Lyon
Published: July 10, 2021
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Netflix series We The People


We The People has a clear audience in mind, and anyone not within that targeted range will not benefit from the animated shows.

This review of the Netflix series We The People season 1 contains no spoilers.

It’s educational and feel-good. And for a show aimed at children, what more could be wanted?

Totaling just over 43 minutes in running time, We The People is a short watch that will be enjoyed over and over again. Each episode features a song from a different singer; the mini-episodes act as more of an animated music video. It’s an enjoyable watch, that’s for sure!

The singers involved, in order of voice appearance are; H.E.R, Adam Lambert, Cordae, Daveed Diggs, Brittany Howard, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, Brandi Carlile, Kyle, Bebe Rexha, Andra Day, Janelle Monrae, before concluding with a poem from Amanda Gorman. Will each episode be liked? Probably not. That’s going to depend on an individual’s personal taste. None of the tracks or animated videos are terrible, so that will work in its favor.

Whilst We The People was created by Chris Nee, more newsworthy are the show’s executive producers, Barack and Michelle Obama. Whether they’ve done a good job of creating educational music videos will depend on how children react to it. I suspect that kids will love it!

The downside to We The People is the overwhelming focus on America. Whilst, of course, it would be expected that there would be a lot of focus towards America, there are plenty of children outside of America that could enjoy the show. Will a child from the UK or Australia enjoy any of these episodes? That’s for them to say. But hopefully, if We The People returns for any future episodes, it would be really nice to see if at least one episode focuses on life outside of America.

As a whole, Netflix’s We The People does exactly as one would expect. It joyful and high-spirited, and the songs should echo in a child’s mind.

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