You Are My Spring season 1, episode 4 recap – who is Ian Norman Chase?

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 13, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 4


Episode 4 brings the audience nowhere closer to the truth as the k-drama series mixes the genres to provide a chilling story. There’s no clue where this will lead.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 4 contains spoilers.

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This Korean drama is fascinating, and if anyone says they know what’s truly happening, I don’t believe them.

To open episode 4, we revisit that confusing moment, where Kang Da-jeong feels like she has crossed paths with the dead. Is it Choi Jeong-min or a doppelganger? However, when this man is joined by an acquaintance, she realises that she was mistaking him for the deceased. It’s still a haunting moment, though. The man she bumped into is Ian Norman Chase, and he’s a high-up and well-respected doctor.

The day the photo was taken on Christmas day

And the K-Drama series isn’t going to give answers straight away, clearly. Rather it’s keeping the story in murky waters while the audience decipher the snippets of information.

It then flits to December 1994. A young Kang Da-jeong is approached by a boy (presumably Choi Jeong-min?), who tells her he didn’t pat her on the head. This is the same day that the photo was taken during the Christmas period outside the church.

Ahn Ga-yeong weirdly gives Ju Young-do permission to date

The relationship between Ahn Ga-yeong and Ju Young-do is funny because they are divorced. What is it about these two? Is Ahn Ga-yeong not over Ju Young-do? Is she trying to win him back?

In the present day, Ahn Ga-yeong pays Ju Young-do back for the pizzas and wonder if they can go out for something to eat. Ju Young-do declines. She wonders why he has no time for her and then states he can date someone. Ju Young-do makes it clear that he does not need her permission. Before she leaves him alone, Ahn Ga-yeong takes away a toy figurine from his office, believing it will link back to whoever he has romantic feelings for.

Kang Da-jeong wonders if Choi Jeong-min has any siblings?

Bumping into someone almost identical to Choi Jeong-min has really irked Kang Da-jeong, so much so, that she enquires with the police.

Kang Da-jeong asks Ko Jin-bok if Choi Jeong-min has siblings because she has bumped into someone who looked identical. Ko Jin-bok feels that the deceased didn’t have any family — he asks about the photo in front of the church at Christmas. Kang Da-jeong explains it was a place where she got a book, and that’s all she remembers, but that she will look into it.

Ju Young-do wants to replace the toy figurine as it was a gift from Kang Da-jeong

Sentimentality takes centre stage in episode 4, as Ju Young-do will not get over Ahn Ga-yeong taking the toy figurine.

With his toy figurine missing, Ju Young-do goes to buy a new one from a toy machine outside a shop, and Kang Da-jeong catches him. The toy figurine that Ahn Ga-yeong took was a gift from Kang Da-jeong, so he was trying to replace it. He apologizes to her. Kang Da-jeong helps him try and replace the toy, and they use many coins to find the right one. They are both excited about it when they do, but they realize they are being over the top.

As they walk back home, Kang Da-jeong brings up the doppelganger theory, and Ju Young-do raises how when you lose someone you care for, it’s easy to suspend your belief.

Ko Jin-bok is in shock when he sees Ian Norman Chase

Ian Norman Chase has a bad dream about drowning while scuba diving. He wakes up, and he’s on the news. Ko Jin-bok sees the news, and he’s shocked at the likeness to the deceased Choi Jeong-min. He asks one of his colleagues to tail the man…illegally.

Kang Da-jeong believed Ju Young-do is hurt and is worried

We get a sense of how much Kang Da-jeong and Ju Young-do care about each other in episode 4 as their romance brews.

News spreads that Ju Young-do has gotten hurt. Kang Da-jeong is evidently worried as she tries to look for him. She learns he’s at Majin hospital, so he heads over. When the scenes flit to the hospital, he’s working. When he checks his phone, he has missed calls from Kang Da-jeong, so he’s worried. He runs outside to see her. Kang Da-jeong can see that he’s okay, and she’s confused. She feels she has been pranked. It turns out his friend has a dog with a human name – Young-do.

Ju Young-do tells Kang Da-jeong that she has a bulletproof attitude.

Kang Da-jeong admits she is getting better, but she’s not there yet and wonders if she’ll ever fully heal. Ju Young-do tells her she has a bulletproof mentality. Ju Young-do narrates that he wanted to tell her that it’s okay to break down and he hopes he can be someone for her.

Kang Da-jeong bumps into Ian again

As the episode reaches the end, it gets creepier.

When Kang Da-jeong heads to the bar, Ian Norman Chase is there, and she suddenly feels paralyzed. Ian speaks to her outside and raises how he looks like a man who she recognizes. Kang Da-jeong asks if he knows Choi Jeong-min. Ian gets angry and tells her not to look at him like that ever again. He squares up to her. When a couple of people intervene, Kang Da-jeong apologizes and admits his appearance caught her off guard. Ian apologizes for raising his voice, and he walks away.

The ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 4

Ko Jin-bok gets records from the church (the pastor brought in foster children) and then shows Ju Young-do a photo of Ian. He’s shocked at the similarities and wonders if they are twins. Ju Young-do revisits the place where Choi Jeong-min committed suicide to see if he can find any clues. He heads upstairs, and he is surprised to see Ian Norman Chase. At this point, we have no idea who this man is!

Episode 4 brings the audience nowhere closer to the truth as the k-drama series mixes the genres to provide a chilling story. There’s no clue where this will lead.

Additional points
  • Kang Da-jeong’s mother has taken a keen interest in Ju Young-do.
  • Kang Da-jeong meets Ju Young-do’s friends, and she learns a lot about him as they embarrass the psychiatrist.
  • Ko Jin-bok asks Ian Norman Chase to call him. Ian then goes out for a run. He takes in his surroundings and listens while the police tail him.

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