You Are My Spring season 1, episode 5 recap – lollipop from the past

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 19, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 5


Episode 5 continues to amuse the audience with an unknown story, but it’s slowly but surely coming together. This series requires patience.

This recap of Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

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If I’m honest, I’ve stopped trying to figure out the genre by now, I’m just intrigued. The fifth chapter gave the audience more to chew on.

Episode 5 begins in March 2003. Two young identical twins are eating together. One of the twins tells the other never to forget how far he went for him. It then flits 12 hours previously, and it shows how one of the young twins endure a broken home with a father that beats him. He ends up killing his father in an altercation. Rather than calling emergency services, he watched his father die. The other twin saw the altercation.

We can only assume the twins are Ian Chase and Choi Jeong-min.

Young-do bumps into Ian Chase in the place Choi Jeong-min killed himself

In the present day, Ian Chase visits the place where Choi Jeong-min killed himself. As he looks around, he bumps into Young-do, who makes him aware that he knows who he is. It’s a short conversation, but Young-do looks alarmed to see Ian there. The next morning, Young-do tells Kang Da-jeong that he saw Ian Chase the night before and apologizes — he had no idea how identical he was to Choi Jeong-min. The conversation quickly turns to small talk, and Kang Da-jeong accuses Young-do of flirting.

That’s what is fascinating about this series; it quickly changes to romance in a heartbeat.

Assessing young boy Aiden at the hotel

Kang Da-jeong wants to talk to Young-do about the young boy’s drawings (Aiden) at the hotel. Young-do analyses the drawings to assess the boy — he is stressed and struggling to communicate. Kang Da-jeong visits Aiden, who is hiding in a tent. She reads him a book about a frustrated and sad baby dinosaur that missed his mother (Young-do noted that Aiden missed his mother).

Ian Chase turns up at the police station

While Young-do is at the police station, Ian Chase visits, which is a surprise. Young-do tells Ian that he’s a consultant of the police. They officially greet each other for the first time. Ian explains he’s at the station to explain what he knows about Choi Jeong-min. He’s brought his attorney with him. Ian wants to know what happened while he was away and if what Choi Jeong-min did is true. Afterward, Ko Jin-bok tells Young-do that legally Ian and Choi Jeong-min are not family, and they have zero obligation to continue questioning him.

What a strange investigation…

The new partner loves Ahn Ga-yeong

Ahn Ga-yeong’s new partner has a problem with his agent. She doesn’t want him to be in a relationship, but he tells her that he loves her. He then proceeds to send Ahn Ga-yeong a barrage of texts telling her he misses her, and she looks panicked by it and turns over her phone. The new partner comes off very clingy!

Appearance on a radio show

On a radio station, Young-do attends as a guest. He asks if he’d like to listen to a song. He remembers hearing Kang Da-jeong hum a song called “The Butterflies Flew,” so he asks the station to play that. His friend then sets him up and tells the station to play a script to suggest he’s doing the song for a sweet lady.

Episode 5 then flits to Ian at night, walking the streets rather strangely. As he walks out of the shot, suddenly there’s a scream.

Young-do liked what she heard on the radio

Kang Da-jeong catches Young-do buying a pink bike helmet for her mother. After a bit of talking, Kang Da-jeong asks him if he wants food, and he cheekily accuses her of flirting. While eating, Kang Da-jeong drops the bombshell that she listened to the radio show, and he almost chokes on his food — she thinks it was nice. This catches Young-do off guard. The simple meal turns into a more connected conversation between them both.

The lollipop

In a flashback, a young Kang Da-jeong visits her brother in the hospital as he’s sick. It then flits to a funeral, presumably the father’s. Eventually, the young boy is discharged from the hospital. In the flashback, Kang Da-jeong puts a lollipop into the ground as she feels it resembles something, and when she walks off, Young-do picks it up. In the present day, he has the same lollipop from that day — he kept it…

These characters are way more connected than we initially thought.

The ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 5

As the episode draws nearer to the end, Kang Da-jeong listens to the radio station, and she panics after what she hears with the song choice. And then, her mother invites Kang Da-jeong and Ju Young-do into a group chat.

As the episode ends, it snows, and Ju Young-do sees it as a sign as he and Kang Da-jeong spoke about it recently; how it excuses crazy behavior. Young-do runs to the rooftop to see Kang Da-jeong. He walks up to her — he’s ready to be vulnerable again, and Kang Da-jeong has butterflies.

Episode 5 continues to amuse the audience with an unknown story, but it’s slowly but surely coming together. This series requires patience.

Additional points
  • Ahn Ga-yeong accidentally gets into the wrong car and ends up next to Ian Chase.
  • Ko Jin-bok meets Kim Myeong-ja’s husband for his story.
  • A friend asks Young-do to come on a show with him if he’s single. He begs him to go on it. It’s a dating reality show. Young-do thinks his friend is out of his mind, and they both bicker over it.

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