You Are My Spring season 1, episode 6 recap – Ian strangles [spoiler]

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 20, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 6


Episode 6 pushes forward the main romance while giving the audience more information on Ian. While everything is still elusive, the characters are easy to enjoy.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

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Well, this is definitely getting interesting now. I wonder what the end game is, though? Is it essentially a murder mystery with a romantic storyline on the side, or is there something more?

Snowtime means adventure for Kang Da-jeong and Young-do

With the snow coming down, Young-do visits Kang Da-jeong, and there’s a sense of romance between them both. The pair go out for a walk with sweet serenade music playing in the background to mark the occasion. Kang Da-jeong continues their private joke, asking Young-do if he’s a flirt. Young-do admits he used to be a habitual drunk, and he’s been sober for a few years so he can live as long as he can. Kang Da-jeong says she feels a strange closeness to him, so much so, she’s walked all this way to see a Magnolias tree. Noticeably, both characters can be silly around each other, including dressing up and walking in public. They’ve reached a new phase in their relationship—a phase where they both return to their homes and think about each other.

Dr. Ian Chase treats the slain detective

And then episode 6 moves to the hospital, and Ian Chase wants to operate on the slain detective. Ko Jin-bok is furious, believing Ian attacked him as he asked his colleague to follow him. He grabs Ian in the hospital, but the man looks coolly in Ko Jin-bok’s face and states his colleague was stabbed when he found him, and he can ask him himself.

The moment when Detective Park was stabbed

And it does appear Ian has a point, but let’s be honest, we don’t believe him.

Episode 6 returns to the moment when Detective Park was stabbed. He chases after a man who is disguised with a cap. When he finally catches him, he is stabbed, and the man runs off. And then, Ian Chase turns up to help the man. Ko Jin-bok looks at CCTV footage to find the mysterious man who attacked his colleague.

Ahn Ga-yeong hides from persistent partner

Ahn Ga-yeong is feeling pressure from her boyfriend, who is persistent and clingy, so she asks Kang Da-jeong for help — to help her drive away from the hotel. While they drive, Kang Da-jeong gets a little irritable, but Ahn Ga-yeong tells her to drive her anywhere so that she can avoid her new partner. Meanwhile, the partner is told he needs not get ahead of himself, even if he is head over heels. The new partner visits Young-do and tells him he wouldn’t know what to do if Ahn Ga-yeong broke up with him.

Ahn Ga-yeong decides she wants to hide at Kang Da-jeong’s place for several days, and Kang Da-jeong isn’t happy about it. And for the viewer, it’s clearly awkward because of the blossoming romance developing between Kang Da-jeong and Young-do.

Kang Da-jeong and Ga-yeong enjoy tea late at night

When Kang Da-jeong returns home, Ahn Ga-yeong is still there. She tries to be silent, so she doesn’t wake her. When she heads outside, she bumps into Young-do, who asks if she wants a drink. He invites her to his office for green tea. The characters are spending more time together, and it’s a sign of what’s to come. They have become less curious and more comfortable in each other’s presence. Kang Da-jeong ends up falling asleep in Young-do’s office by accident, but luckily the next day is a Saturday. Panicked, Kang Da-jeong quickly leaves.

Detective Park suffers from PTSD

Young-do visits Detective Park in the hospital and explains that he has PTSD. He tells him to get in touch whenever for any help or support. Meanwhile, Ko Jin-bok is in trouble with his superior for allowing his colleague to be in a dangerous situation. Young-do hears the argument, and a flashback shows a younger version of him; his brother Yong-jae is in hospital and needs an organ transplant, and his parents argue on whether Young-do should offer his.

There’s clearly a theme in this series; all the characters have traumatic childhoods.

The list of murders broken down by Ian Chase

As Ian walks the streets, he remembers the murder on March 13, 2003 — he narrates, “I killed Kim Myeong-ja.” He then narrates that he killed Lee Jeong-beom years later as he knew too much about him. And then, in 2020, he admits to killing Cho Gwang-hun. In the present day, Ian Chase walks into a cafe and asks Kang Da-jeong why she is there. He explains he’s following a trail, and it ends with her. He asks if Choi Jeong-min was planning to hurt her as they sit down for a drink. Kang Da-jeong remembers the man he was and how he was warm-hearted.

Regarding the murders, it’s difficult to understand truth from reality — is Ian actually narrating that HE murdered those people? Or is he recollecting what his twin did?

The ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 6

Kang Da-jeong asks Ian if he’s heard of Nanum Jeil Church in Changbi-dong. Ian says he remembers little from his childhood. Kang Da-jeong admits to feeling uncomfortable around him, so he apologizes for the inconvenience and walks away. When Ian returns, he’s researching the same Church that she mentioned. And then, flashbacks show how one of the twins was sent to the USA. There appears to be traumatic memories deeply embedded in Ian’s memory. It’s then revealed that Ian may have been there the day Choi Jeong-min killed himself, but it’s not clear whether this is a fabrication of a dream. There’s plenty of suggestions that the twins’ childhood was damaging.

To end the episode, Kang Da-jeong wakes up Ian from his dream as he’s asleep on the floor. He wakes up panicked and begins to strangle her. As he looks down at her, his eyes look cold and empty.

Episode 6 pushes forward the main romance while giving the audience more information on Ian. While everything is still elusive, the characters are easy to enjoy.

Additional points
  • Eun-ha is experiencing romantic heartbreak, so Kang Da-jeong supports her. And then Eun-ha ends up at Kang Da-jeong’s mother’s place, and she’s intoxicated and wild.

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