You Are My Spring season 1, episode 7 recap – the murky past

July 26, 2021
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Episode 7 delves deeper into the backgrounds of Ian Chase and Young-do as the murky, mysterious past takes center stage while romance blossoms.

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Episode 7 delves deeper into the backgrounds of Ian Chase and Young-do as the murky, mysterious past takes center stage while romance blossoms.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 7 contains spoilers.

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Ian strangles Kang Da-jeong 

After the last chapter ended in shocking circumstances, the start of this chapter is an instant continuation. At the start of episode 7, Ian Chase’s associates are looking for him, so ask Kang Da-jeong looks for him in his room. Ian is in a deep dream, and when Kang Da-jeong wakes him up, he strangles her. Realizing what he is doing, Ian finally lets go of her throat. Kang Da-jeong’s colleague wants her to ring the police, but she brushes it off, stating she will handle it.

Later on, at the cafe, Young-do notices a bruise on Kang Da-jeong’s wrist and checks it out. She explains she was waking a guest and that they thought she was an attacker. Young-do doesn’t buy it and sees the mark on her neck; he’s understandably furious. Kang Da-jeong doesn’t like how angry he is, but Young-do feels stupid and frustrated for caring. It’s clear that he cares so much that he cannot let the incident slide; it’s more than friendship. Eventually, the pair stop arguing and makeup which involves plenty of flirting.

Young-do learns that his ex-wife is staying at Kang Da-jeong’s apartment

Young-do learns that Ahn Ga-yeong is at Kang Da-jeong’s apartment, and all three of them are in shock to be stood near each other. He wonders why they are in each other’s company, and he walks off in disbelief. Ahn Ga-yeong tells Kang Da-jeong that Young-do always scolds her, but when she used to “not be okay,” he saved her.

We are then treated to a flashback in 2015; Ahn Ga-yeong and Young-do bump into each other. She’s having a mental crisis, and she leaves the table without her phone or wallet; Young-do suspects she will hurt herself, so he finds the actress in her car and asks her to get out. He finds pills — she’s saved up a prescription — he knows she needs help, and he throws all the pills onto the floor in the pouring rain. Ahn Ga-yeong desperately tries to pick them up, but Young-do tells her that she can live and get better. He promised to help her. In the present day, Ahn Ga-yeong tells Kang Da-jeong this story. Kang Da-jeong asks her if she’s still hurting, and she clearly sympathizes — she wishes that things get better for her where she’s not in pain one day.

Ian apologizes to Kang Da-jeong

We then return to Ian Chase, who sends Kang Da-jeong a note — he wants her to call him. So she does, and they meet up. Kang Da-jeong tells Ian not to worry about what happened the other day, but Ian is not buying it — he formally apologizes. Kang Da-jeong asks him if he had a nightmare and knows this can be disorientating. She states she had plenty of nightmares when she was younger, and Ian looks at her all dreamy. He thanks her for making him feel less embarrassed.

And then a flashback arrives; one of the twins gets woken up by his mother and is asked to take medicine; he doesn’t want any but reluctantly takes it. It then flits to the illegal orphanage, and Ian wants to know where his brother or mother is. He tells the adults that he and his brother have the same name, Choi Jeong-min, but they mock him. The twin is devastated; he’s lost his family, but the adults tell him he can have a new mother soon. These flashbacks are purposefully confusing as we are not sure whether or not Ian is the one being represented.

Suspicions on Ian continue

Ko Jin-bok and Kang Da-jeong look at CCTV footage from the night Detective Park was stabbed; they believe Ian already knew he was being followed. Ko Jin-bok then receives a photo from outside the Nanum Jeil Prayer House from when Ian was younger; Young-do looks at it, and he raises the fact that one of the children is him. A flashback shows that Young-do was ushered into the photo to make the orphanage look better. Eventually, Young-do and one of the twins speak to each other, and the conversation is heated. Their paths do not cross long as Young-do is taken away and he leaves the Prayer House. In the present day, Young-do believes that there’s a possibility Ian may not be Choi Jeong-min from the photo.

Young-do is too stretched from work 

Young-do receives an alarming text that sounds suicidal from a client. He meets the person at their house and gives them a reassuring pat on the shoulder. When Young-do gets back home, his friend notices he has a high temperature, and he’s taken to the hospital. The doctor tells him to reduce his outpatients as he’s running himself thin.

Kang Da-jeong feels she needs to know more about Young-do after everything he has done for her

And then, we reach the most emotional part of episode 7 as both our lead characters try to understand their relationship. Kang Da-jeong rings Young-do and states how he has done so much for her, yet she has done little for him and doesn’t know much about him. This is an upsetting realization for her. Young-do invites her over to his place. Kang Da-jeong is worried that he was hospitalized from a fever, and she’s upset. Young-do feels it’s only fair to explain his background, including his family, as he knows so much about her.

He explains he only has his father, and they have short phone calls once a week asking each other how they are — he states how he knows when people are lying as he grew up with people lying around him. Young-do delves deeper into his personal troubles and how it shaped him as a person. His stories move Kang Da-jeong; she can see him properly for the first time, and she’s even more emotional to learn that he received a heart transplant.

The ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 7

To hit her with more words, Young-do tells Kang Da-jeong that he likes her. He asks if they can be friends. Emotional music arrives, and Kang Da-jeong narrates and expresses sadness at the word “friend” and feels that’s how some relationships end. Why Young-do asked for friendship is a mystery. As the episode ends, there’s a knock on Young-do’s apartment door. When he answers it, Kang Da-jeong returns, and she hugs him.

Episode 7 delves deeper into the backgrounds of Ian Chase and Young-do as the murky, mysterious past takes center stage while romance blossoms.

Additional points
  • Ian Chase checks out of the hotel, and Kang Da-jeong is shocked, wondering why.

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