You Are My Spring season 1, episode 13 recap – the lovebirds make up

August 16, 2021
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Ian’s story thickens while the main romantic storyline deals with the heartbreaking break-up.

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Ian’s story thickens while the main romantic storyline deals with the heartbreaking break-up.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 13 contains spoilers.

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Ah break-ups, who’d have them? They are almost always awkward and devastating even if you want them. Episode 13 begins with the immediate aftermath of Young-do and Da-jeong break-up and there’s a depressing undertone to the story. Their friends were nearby and hiding with a birthday cake — there’s no privacy for their painful heartbreak.

You Are My Spring season 1, episode 13 recap

Da-jeong’s mother is concerned, and she meets Young-do. She apologizes for her comment. In the last episode, she told him to not get sick for her daughter, not knowing he has underlying conditions. She tells him that Da-jeong is fine, but cried a lot and that she’s never seen her so upset. It feels like a hint; that the mother believes they’ve both made a mistake breaking up.

The police are getting closer to the mysterious man, scouring his house and Ko Jin-bok finds papers that describe the murders he has committed. The stories written are in detail, including how he stabbed a detective. The written accounts are almost confessions, linking to the unsolved murders. Ko Jin-bok wants to see if the accounts link accurately to the case reports.

As episode 13 progresses, it’s evident that Young-do and Da-jeong are missing each other. There’s a realization shining through that breaking up wasn’t the best solution to their misunderstood needs. Memories keep flooding back. Young-do attending a wedding helped spur this on; he knows Da-jeong is for him. Eventually, they both bump into each other, and there’s an awkward tension between them. Da-jeong drops something, and she tells Young-do not to help her because they broke up. She emphasizes what they both can’t do anymore together and there’s a tinge of sadness.

Ahn Ga-yeong is furious that Young-do has spurred on a break-up with Da-jeong and ironically tells him to see a shrink. She wonders why he’s afraid — “is it because you want to help her?”. Young-do highlights his health issues and how they can cause problems for her. Ahn Ga-yeong tells Young-do that she owes him her life and tells him to be happy. She’s worried about him. This scene is even more effective because Ahn Ga-yeong is his ex-wife, and she genuinely cares about his happiness.

We flashback to 2003; the mysterious man is approached by a younger Ian Chase who gives him a book called “Pure Murder” claiming the man wrote it. He wants him to prove that he’s capable of what’s written in the book. There are hints that Choi Jeong-min’s suicide was no coincidence. The flashback shows the two twins together. We assume Ian Chase is telling Choi Jeong-min what he’s done for him, and that once they’ve done the job, the people who tortured them will not be here anymore. Ian explains he will become a doctor, and will not leave him alone. There are reassurances that this will not be forever.

In the present day, Ma Jeong-a rings Ian about the footage and explains if he finishes the job, he will get what he wants. She also wishes him luck with her father’s (the chairman) surgery. He really is compromised by this woman.

The ending

With episode 13 closing out, there’s plenty of friends’ interventions for Young-do and Da-jeong, making their break-up harder, including footage for the reality show where Young-do admits he was harsh to Da-jeong so he couldn’t go back to her. Da-jeong sees this footage and Young-do admits he misses her like crazy. He also admits he wishes he could do it all over again.

Da-jeong rings Young-do and tells him she wants to do it all over again and asks him to come over. It’s a typical K-Drama story where the break-up barely lasts an episode. But we must be glad that these two are willing to sort it out.

As the episode ends, Da-jeong and Young-do meet each other. Young-do offers his hand to Da-jeong, and they kiss. Relief for both characters who eventually found a way.

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