You Are My Spring season 1, episode 10 recap – [spoiler] is murdered

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 3, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 10


The main romance intensifies, but beneath all the soft moments, there’s an ongoing investigation and plenty of spinning plates keeping the audience on edge.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 10 contains spoilers.

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With plenty of other K-Drama series on Netflix taking different schedules and implementing delays for certain episodes, You Are My Spring has decided to ride the wave of the Olympics dip and stick to the Monday/Tuesday double bill. After massive progress in the last episode with a certain relationship, episode 10 has plenty in store.

You Are My Spring season 1, episode 10 recap

And so we return to that kiss between Da-jeong and Young-do. They kiss like they’ve discovered their feelings for each other for the first time, and then they quickly split up, unsure what their romantic moment meant. After small talk, Da-jeong quickly departs, which shocks Young-do. Following their kiss, both characters are quietly giddy; it’s sinking in that they shared a romantic moment, and they are consumed by each other’s texts.

Episode 10 moves back to the investigation, which feels hopeless sometimes — the authorities are trying to track the mysterious man who stabbed Detective Park while trying to find a link with Ian Chase and Choi Jeong-min.

With the romance truly progressing, Da-jeong and Young-do plan an evening together that is inconveniently gatecrashed by Ahn Ga-yeong and Eun-ha. So the pair have to spend the evening with them on the rooftop. Ahn Ga-yeong still views Da-jeong as her best friend and invites her to camp. Eventually, Young-do is kicked from the group as it turns into a “girls night,” bringing a flavor of comedy to the scenario. However, Da-jeong gives Young-do the eyes, so he tells Ahn Ga-yeong that he wants to tag along on the camping trip.

So the group of four go camping. However, it’s revealed that some of Young-do’s friends are also joining, which involves recording a reality show. It’s no longer the relaxing trip that the four originally intended. Da-jeong is cutely not happy with Young-do for how it’s turned out as they have to take part in a series of activities. Later on, after the camp experience, Da-jeong and Young-do go for a walk. Da-jeong admits she “likes where she is now in life” and their potential progressing relationship — she’s no longer afraid of being hurt, which is progress since episode 1 when the character tended to draw herself to men that would hurt her.

Briefly, Young-do sees Da-jeong as that young girl who was afraid — he tells her she has legs now and no longer needs to be scared. The child Da-jeong talks about a rhino slamming into her life and delves into her childhood with her mother. And then, Da-jeong sees a younger Young-do who falls over, so she tends to his hurt knee. She sees bruises on his hands that are needle marks. Young-do says he doesn’t want to talk about them. She tells him she understands him as it took her a while to open up herself. Eventually, both characters return to their adult forms. They decide to tease and dance together late into the night. It’s interesting how they are spiritually healing; their friendship (presumably turning into a relationship) is helping that healing process with their childhoods.

And then, the episode takes a violent turn as a guest at the hotel threatens staff with a knife. Da-jeong tries to calm down the situation, but Ian Chase grabs the knife at the sharp end to stop the man. There’s a shock in the room as blood leaks from Ian’s hands.

Afterward, Da-jeong checks that Ian is okay, but this turns into a dangerous and uncomfortable moment for the lead character, who was only trying to help. Ian asks her if he frightened her again, a concept that repeatedly bugs him. He walks closer to her, and she backs away with each step. Da-jeong admits she is still afraid and asks him to move aside, but Ian then puts his hand on the wall to move closer to her. And then he puts his other hand on the wall, so she’s cornered; he reminds her that he’s not the man that scared her and calls Da-jeong a fool. This was hellishly creepy, and you have to feel sorry for Da-jeong.

Ko Jin-bok believes they have found the man who stabbed Detective Park, so he interviews him. He asks the man why he was following Ian Chase and wonders if he looked familiar. The suspect doesn’t answer any questions and remains awkward. His attorney arrives, which breaks up the conversation. Ko Jin-bok believes the attorney arrived too quickly and wants his colleagues to look into him.

And then, it shows the suspect and his attorney together. The attorney warns the suspect and takes off his phone — he will not be able to contact anyone. He also states they’ve removed all sharp objects from his house. A couple more men enter his home and proceed to beat him up. It also turns out that Ian Chase knows this suspect after talking to the daughter of the family conglomerate; she seems to know a lot about his childhood. The plot deepens — who is the real villain behind all this?!

You Are My Spring season 1, episode 10 ending

On the bus on the way home, Young-do joins Da-jeong, which surprises her. They are playful with each other. They head to a restaurant together for a date. Young-do bumps into an old friend, and he tells the person that Da-jeong is someone he likes. Interestingly, he doesn’t feel Da-jeong is his girlfriend yet. He repeats this notion to the waitress. Young-do clearly feels that they are close to moving to the next stage.

Meanwhile, Ian spends the night drinking whiskey, and suddenly he collapses. Feeling he is in trouble, he rings Noh Hyeon-ju. Was there poison in his drink? He wakes up the next day with his phone alarm going off and shattered glass next to him. There’s a knife in front of him as he sits up, and Noh is sat against the wall, presumably dead. Did he kill her?

Additional interesting plot points

  • Ahn Ga-yeong and her new partner have found themselves in a good romantic place. This causes awkwardness with another cast member on a TV production as an actor asks her out for a drink.
  • Young-do buys Da-jeong a necklace that she embraces.

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