You Are My Spring season 1, episode 8 recap – the paper rose returns

July 27, 2021
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Questioning friendship and unspoken feelings, episode 8 makes the audience wonder what could be romantically possible as the mystery of the series sneaks back in without warning.

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Questioning friendship and unspoken feelings, episode 8 makes the audience wonder what could be romantically possible as the mystery of the series sneaks back in without warning.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 8 contains spoilers.

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Every time I think this series is some whimsical romance, it always fools me. Episode 8 lands the audience back into the mysterious, teasing us to believe there’s going to be an overriding twist soon.

Da-jeong returns to Young-do’s house, and they hug it out / the question of friendship returns 

After trying to establish their relationship, Da-jeong runs back to Young-do’s apartment. There’s a stillness between them as they look into each other’s eyes — that stillness we are used to in the K-Drama world; the hopeless romantic-type scene that always melts our hearts. As they hug, Da-jeong cries — Young-do believes she was hugging the 11-year old him that lost his brother. Their care for each other is obvious; they don’t want to hurt each other. But what does this mean in the grand scheme of the story? After all, Young-do did ask for friendship. Will they innocently manage their friendship while their close circle analyzes whether they are in a relationship?

On the radio station, Young-do says he wants to be by Da-jeong’s side

Ahn Ga-yeong learns that Young-do asked for friendship with Da-jeong, and she’s worried it will mean she will lose her new best friend. She calls him an idiot for falling “head over heels” but then asking for friendship. Afterward, Da-jeong submits her story about her friendship anonymously to the radio station Young-do hosts. She believes she misinterpreted certain moments and can hear Young-do loud and clearly — “I like you.” She questions again, “Can they be friends?”. Young-do is stunned by the submission, knowing it is Da-jeong. The listeners message in and feel that the man was foolish to ask for friendship. Young-do tells the listeners that the man may not have realized his true feelings and wants to be by her side. Da-jeong hears this and breaks down in tears.

Da-jeong implies she likes Young-do but will not say it yet

After the show, Da-jeong and Young-do meet up — Da-jeong is surprised by how harsh people responded to her submission to the radio show. Young-do states he felt like he got punched by all the comments. Da-jeong points out that the listeners do not know the full story. She implies that she likes him too, but she will not say it yet. This leaves both characters in a strange limbo. This conundrum happens in K-Drama a lot; the “I like you but will not say it yet.” Essentially, by saying that, you are telling that person that you like them. I’ve always found that dynamic quite funny.

Ian tells Da-jeong he will be in Korea for longer, which is why he left the hotel 

Ian Chase bumps into Aiden and ruins the child’s ice cream, so he offers to buy him another one; Da-jeong sees the commotion, so Ian offers to buy her something as well. The ice-cream van worker assumes that the child and the two adults are a family, making Ian ponder his thoughts. Da-jeong asks Ian if he left the hotel because of her, but he denies that, stating he will be in Korea for a while, so he needed a place. As the trio walk together, it appears someone is spying on them.

Ian learns the real reason he was asked to come to Korea / Young-do confronts him about the nursing facility in Changbi-dong 

While working on a high-profile patient, he learns from a patient’s family member that he’s expected to let them die so the last-in-line heir can take over the family business. That’s why he was chosen to come to Korea to perform the surgery — to make it look like an accident. After this alarming conversation, Ian bumps into Young-do and Young-do raises about a time he temporarily stayed at a nursing facility in Changbi-dong. He then brings up a photo that was a piece of evidence related to Choi Jeong-min’s case. He asks Ian whether he knows about the photo or the facility — however, Ian is facetious about the question and tells Young-do that the case is closed and he doesn’t appreciate his rudeness. It’s fascinating how Young-do is quietly on Ian’s case.

Ahn Ga-yeong wants to be best friends with Da-jeong 

In the evening, Ahn Ga-yeong heads to Da-jeong’s place, and she’s offended that she wants to be friends with someone who works at a cafe (Park Eun-ha) and not her. She’s desperate to be best friends with Da-jeong, arguing with the Eun-ha to try and fathom who knows Da-jeong better. Tensions finally ease, and all three get along with each other with no arguments — Ahn Ga-yeong wants to treat Eun-ha like a sister.

Later in the evening, Young-do visits Da-jeong — she’s fretting as it looks like she and Ahn Ga-yeong are best friends. As Young-do tries to leave, Da-jeong grabs him, and all the buttons on his jacket come off, leaving his chest showing. He leaves super embarrassed. Da-jeong sends Young-do a long text apologizing over and over again, which makes him smile.

The ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 8

Ian gets a drink at the cafe, but he notices something has been left on his table. The spy we saw earlier has been lurking. They have left a paper rose. The same paper rose that Choi Jeong-min used to make for Da-jeong. And then Da-jeong shows up at the cafe and sees Ian holding the paper rose, and she’s mortified. Memories flood back regarding the photo and the murder confessions. Ian smiles at her, but Da-jeong is bewildered, and she steps back. As she does, Young-do grabs her shoulder and turns her around to make sure she is okay. She grabs his arm, and Ian looks at them both, concerned.

Questioning friendship and unspoken feelings, episode 8 makes the audience wonder what could be romantically possible as the mystery of the series sneaks back in without warning.

Additional points
  • Ahn Ga-yeong climbs over the mountain of anxiety and fear of love and reunites with her new partner Patrick.

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