You Are My Spring season 1, episode 9 recap – is a strange love triangle forming?

August 2, 2021
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While there’s little progress in the investigations, romance blossoms in episode 9 as the lead characters enter a new phase that flirts with a potential love triangle.

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While there’s little progress in the investigations, romance blossoms in episode 9 as the lead characters enter a new phase that flirts with a potential love triangle.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 9 contains spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous episode.

Welcome back to our coverage of You Are My Spring. Last week ended in dramatic circumstances, so it’s not surprising that at the start of episode 9, the story diverts away from that strange scene between Da-jeong and Ian Chase initially. This has certainly been an intriguing K-Drama series so far. Surprisingly, we are halfway through the series and no closer to the truth.

Da-jeong wants to look at the paper rose at the start of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 9

Episode 9 opens with Young-do and Da-jeong late at night, messaging each other. Da-jeong is giddy after recent conversations with Young-do. But then, we return to that situation; Ian Chase holds the paper rose, and Da-jeong looks stunned. Luckily, Young-do holds her to calm her down before she approaches the man herself. She looks at the rose and unravels it, and there’s no note inside. Ian Chase reveals it was left on his table and that he did not make it himself. Later on, Young-do asks Ian if he saw the person who left the rose, but he claims to be unaware of who did. The conversation turns tense quickly as Ian asks Young-do to be careful as he “keeps crossing the line.”

Moving on from the strange situation, Da-jeong is conflicted. She wants to tell something to Young-do that she’s never told anyone before, and she’s wondering how she can approach it. Young-do is understanding and offers her advice (he’s a psychiatrist, after all). She begins to cry and has a panic attack before she can even open up. And then she drops a truth — when she was younger, her mother was beaten, and she was scared she might have been beaten to death. She was scared. As she cries uncontrollably, Young-do hugs her to calm her down. Later on, we see a flashback of Young-do’s mother finally taking a stand and leaving the abusive home to take her family to safety from her violent husband.

If there’s ever a slow investigation, You Are My Spring season 1, episode 9 is a defining example. They are certainly keeping the story at bay, so we are shocked by some resounding twist. Let’s hope they pull it off. Young-do talks to Ko Jin-bok about the paper rose, and they look into old footage of the day Detective Park was stabbed. They are trying to determine if the same man who delivered the rise also stabbed Park.

Later on, Ian Chase and Da-jeong find time to have a meal together. It’s strange that despite their weird dynamic, there is a pull between them. Ian notes that Da-jeong is very considerate of others. He then raises how she looked at him on three separate occasions, and he’s downbeat that he scares her. He wants her to understand how he feels and asks for more meals with her because he’s curious. Is this a love triangle? Or is there a dark motive beneath all this? But then we see scenes that suggest that Ian Chase saw the man that stabbed Detective Park — there are suggestions that he knows his face. Scenes show this man dropping off the paper rose.

With Da-jeong and Young-do in a halfway house in their relationship, there’s still plenty of cute certainties. Young-do visits her later in the episode and wants to talk to her, but she asks him to wait for her as she speaks to Cheol-do. When she talks to Cheol-do, he tells her his father is returning, and he’s scared of him. She tells him not to think like that and apologizes that she can’t continue the conversation with him as she has somewhere else to be. But Cheol-do continues to talk, and he reveals he’s scared of failing.

Da-jeong and Young-do’s first kiss — the ending of You Are My Spring season 1, episode 9

As Da-jeong handles a difficult conversation with a friend, Young-do sits on the rooftop, and he looks to be in peace as he drifts off to sleep. But then he dreams about a conversation where Da-jeong states that he thinks she’s only capable of receiving love. She tells Young-do that he’s only capable of giving love. She questions if that’s what he thinks of them both before she walks away. As he stands up, he can’t move. He’s stuck and unable to chase after her. And then, Da-jeong wakes him up gently, and you can sense the summer breeze softly hitting them both. Young-do tells her, “don’t leave,” and then goes in for the kiss. She accepts it; Young-do and Da-jeong kiss for the first time. It’s a long first kiss. They’ve been playing with their tension for a long time.

Interestingly, it seems Young-do’s dream where Da-jeong questions their relationship struck a nerve; he’s scared of losing her. He’s ready to be fully open with her.

Additional plot points in episode 9:

  • At the café, Eun-ha’s ex shows up, and he’s curious if Eun-ha has gone on a blind date. There’s a suggestion that they’ve missed each other, but then Eun-ha tells him to leave. When he walks away, Eun-ha questions why he always gives up on her so easily; she relays what she wanted to say to Young-do, who listens.
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