Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 3 recap – “… opened a textbook”

July 15, 2021
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Bringing a Paxton-centred episode, we learn that there is more to the school athlete than just a body.

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Bringing a Paxton-centred episode, we learn that there is more to the school athlete than just a body.

This recap of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 3, “… opened a textbook,” does not contain spoilers.

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It’s clear from the opening scene that this is a Paxton-centric chapter. It’s also coolly narrated by Gigi Hadid. Paxton is hurt because of Devi, and Gigi narrates that since she’s come into his life, it’s been chaos. The fact that Devi two-timed with him and Ben has screwed with his head. His friends aren’t helping him, saying he got played by “two dorks.”

Paxton needs a tutor

Paxton visits the college counselor. She tells him due to the severity of his injury, he might not get into Stanford. Paxton says he’s fine with anything. She recommends a community college or, the alternative, to get a tutor and significantly improve his grades — that tutor is Devi. He doesn’t want Devi as a tutor. Afterward, Paxton realizes he’s stuck in a rut, so he tells Devi that he needs her to get into college.

Do the work for me

But…Paxton chooses the punishment route instead. So the pair study together. Paxton expects Devi to do the work for him and gets emotional about how she two-timed him. He tells her she trashed his chances at a swimming scholarship, so he expects her help. Gigi Hadid narrates how punishing Devi isn’t as thrilling as he thought.

A smackdown by Rebecca and his family

Paxton’s sister Rebecca tells him to get some dignity and that he needs to be proud of himself. She doesn’t feel Paxton deserves to go to college. At dinner, Paxton realizes that his parents do not believe he can get into college. They have low expectations. Paxton tells his parents he wants an education and a career. His mother tells him that he has to work hard if he wants it.

Real tutoring

Paxton tells Devi that he doesn’t want her doing his homework anymore, and he wants tutoring for real, without cheating. When the tutoring starts, Paxton asks Devi if she can make it more interesting. So Devi is inspired by Hamilton and tries to rap some facts. It’s clear these two still like each other, despite the events of the last episode.

Paxton cares about school

During a history test, Paxton has a panic attack and flees the classroom. Devi checks up on him. She thinks it’s good that he had a panic attack because it means he cares about school. Devi tells the teacher that Paxton wants to retake his test. She convinces the teacher by saying he’d be supporting men to be vulnerable.

The ending of Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 3 

Paxton gets a “B” in his test and thanks Devi for pushing him. He tells her they are cool about their issues as they would have never worked out as they didn’t make sense. Devi half-heartedly agrees. Afterward, Paxton shows his grade B to Rebecca. His sister is proud of him. Gigi Hadid narrates that the lesson is — do not judge a book by its cover.

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