Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 7 recap – “… begged for forgiveness”

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 15, 2021
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Netflix series Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 7 - begged for forgiveness


Devi has to do some soul searching in episode 7, while her mother receives well-thought-out advice. The importance of a genuine apology takes center stage.

This recap of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 7, “… begged for forgiveness,” does not contain spoilers.

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Devi has to crawl on her hands and knees in episode 7 as the true cost of her recent calamities comes to bite her. A suspended Devi is now helping around the house. At dinner time, Devi is desperate for gossip, so she asks Kamala for some. Kamala talks about the journal and how she has been given no credit. Ben storms into the house, and he’s angry at Devi for spreading that rumor — Aneesa is moving schools again, and he asks Devi to fix it. When Devi speaks to Dr. Ryan — the therapist advises that she finds a way to apologize to Aneesa. Devi is thinking selfishly, believing fixing the mess with Aneesa will help her with Ben. She’s not learning at all!

Dr. Jackson gives Nalini advice regarding Devi

At work, Nalini ends up crying in Dr. Jackson’s office. She thinks she’s a terrible mother due to what’s going on with Devi. Dr. Jackson tells Nalini that if her child needs her, she just says yes. Meanwhile, Devi gets to work to create some apology magic.

The extravagant apology

Devi sneaks into the school as a disguise and speaks to Fabiola and Eleanor about apologizing to Aneesa. They decide to look for inspiration. They put together a marching band for Aneesa with a big banner that says, “sorry, Aneesa.” Devi is dressed in a mascots outfit and dances — she tells Aneesa that she’s sorry and not to move school. Aneesa feels like a freak, and she walks off upset. Kamala comes to pick up Devi from school as she’s technically a trespasser. What Devi failed to realize is that a genuine apology is needed.

Remembering her father’s apology

And so Devi finally does some soul-searching. Devi lays down at home feeling guilty about Aneesa — she knows what it feels like to be looked at as the “school freak.” She remembers the biggest apology her father ever gave; flashbacks see her father giving a sincere apology to her mother, Nalini.

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Sincere apology

And finally, Devi understands what she needs to do. Devi trespasses at school and finds Aneesa. She stands up on a chair. She publically admits to wronging Aneesa because she felt threatened by her, but she doesn’t want her to leave because she wants to be friends with her. Devi asks Aneesa if they can be friends again. Devi is found again by a teacher, but Aneesa seems to be happy.

Asking her mother for advice

Later on, Aneesa visits Devi at her home and tells her they are good. However, Aneesa says she has to transfer schools, and her mother will not stop that from happening. Devi asks Nalini to speak to Aneesa’s mother for her. Nalini remembers Dr. Jackson’s advice and says yes. Aneesa and her mother come over. Nalini sits with Aneesa’s mother. The mother is disheartened that the only Indian girl betrayed her daughter. Nalini explains that her husband died recently, and it’s been tough, but they are a good family. Nalini did Devi a “solid” here. What a contrast in comparison to season 1; this mother and daughter relationship is strengthening.

Kamala defends herself

And then we are treated to a brilliant moment of female empowerment by Kamala.

At work, Kamala gives Evan a coffee with cow’s milk, and he doesn’t react well to it. This gives Kamala time to add her name to the journal paper. However, Evan catches her and tells Kamala that she is a fraud. But Kamala sticks up for herself and says she will complain to the administration and put a curse on him if he removes it. Evan is surprised that Kamala doesn’t even care, even when he tells her to get out of the lab. Go, Kamala!

The ending of Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 7

At school, Ben speaks to Devi, and they are way more relaxed with each other. However, in a predictable twist, Ben wonders if he and Aneesa can now date. Nalini excitedly tells Dr. Jackson that his advice with her daughter worked. He thanks him. When she goes to hug him, it turns into a kiss between them. More drama is afoot.

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