Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 6 recap – “… betrayed a friend”

July 15, 2021
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Episode 6 is all about facing the consequences, as Devi finds herself in a familiar position. Plus, the chapter delves into new romances and Kamala’s continuous struggles in a male-dominated workplace.

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Episode 6 is all about facing the consequences, as Devi finds herself in a familiar position. Plus, the chapter delves into new romances and Kamala’s continuous struggles in a male-dominated workplace.

This recap of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 6, “… betrayed a friend,” does not contain spoilers.

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Following on from the last episode, it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for Devi. Devi is called to the principal’s office — she asks Devi to help Aneesa over the rumour, so she stays at the school. She also requests an investigation to discover who spread the rumours, so Devi, knowing it was her, suggests a student leads the investigation and not the teachers. After the meeting with the principal, Devi is reminded that Aneesa is close to Ben.

Working backwards

The investigation begins with Devi accusing anyone, including Darius, a football player, but he, of course, denies it. They decide to work backwards, starting with the person who first came to Aneesa about the rumour. The first person is Jonah, and Devi is getting nervous that the investigation is working. They get to Trent, and he doesn’t remember, but he does know the person who told him said, “hilare.” Shira and Zoe are punished by the principal, and luckily Devi is forgettable, so they don’t remember where the rumour came from.  However, Devi feels guilty and rightly so. Episode 6 demonstrates the character, deep down, has morals.

Time with Dr Peters

At the lab, the team are going to be in a popular science journal. Evan asks Kamala if she wants time with Dr Peters for all her hard work, and she is pumped. However, later on, Devi learns that she’s not authored in the journal, and she’s annoyed as she made the best discovery. Kamala discusses with Dr Peters about the authorship of the journal, but he tells her he doesn’t get involved with coworker politics. Once again, Kamala is feeling the blunt force of a male-dominated workplace.

Devi comes clean

Aneesa tells Devi and her friends that she’s in a rehab programme, and she explains that she appreciates Devi so much for all her help. Devi blurts out that she was the one that spread the rumour because she freaked out. Fabiola and Eleanor are disappointed and leave Devi alone. Like season 1, Devi finds herself once again ousted. It’s her own fault.

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Nalini and Dr Jackson learn about each other

Nalini ends up at the same event with other academics as Dr Jackson. There’s a lot of bitter tension between them recently. Dr Morale reveals a lot about Dr Jackson, including how he is a single father. She didn’t realise he was a good person. And then Dr Jackson learns that Nalini is widowed after Gail shows up and asks if she’s okay. The next day, Dr Jackson makes sure Nalini has a good parking spot at work. He sympathizes with what she has gone through with her husband. A new romance is brewing folks.

Devi is a suspended

At school, Devi tells Fabiola and Eleanor that she feels awful. Her friends tell her she needs to find a way to make it up to her. But before she can, she’s called into the principal’s office. Her mother is also there. Devi is suspended for spreading the rumour, and her mother remains silent — it will be on her record.

The ending of Never Have I Ever season 2, episode 6

Devi talks to Aneesa and asks if she can talk to the principal for her. Aneesa gets angry at Devi’s selfishness, and she states she didn’t hook up with Ben, and the only reason they went in the tent at the relay is to hide from her as she was making them run constantly. Aneesa calls her crazy — Devi hates been called that. And then, to make it worse, Paxton blames Devi for failing in the latest exams. Devi says it isn’t her fault and tells him that if he wants good grades, he needs to be a good student, and she storms off.

As we reach over the halfway point, our lead character has a mountain to climb.

Additional points
  • The relationship between Eleanor and Malcolm has advanced.
  • Paxton helps Devi for help again when she’s in the middle of the investigation, so she agrees to see him at lunch.
  • Eve and Fabiola nominate themselves as Cricket Queens for the Winter Dance.
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