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July 16, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film A Perfect Fit (2021), so it will contain major spoilers.

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A Perfect Fit tells a story about finding your destiny through perfect shoes.

We get to witness the tangled love story between Saski, a fashion blogger, and Rio, a charming shoemaker who slowly catches her feelings. At the beginning of the story, their fateful encounters fill with misfortunes, leading them to finally get to know each other better. Saski, who is currently dealing with an abusive relationship with her fiance, finds comfort and mutual understanding through Rio. On the other hand, Rio is facing a dilemma on whether to pursue her or not. But, things don’t always go the way we want them; sometimes, life loves to play the push and pull on our fated encounters to nurture the bond. Saski decides to end their encounters, while Rio is being pressured to propose to his childhood friend, Tiara, who is interested in expanding her business with him.

“We can’t always choose the best options.”

After the last messy encounter between Saski and Rio at Pak Ketut shoemaker village, Saksi hopes never to meet each other again. Rio confronts her and declares his love. Saski, having no choice over her upcoming marriage, confronts him by saying that “we can’t always choose the best options in life.” This strengthens the fact how both of them are mutually aware of each other’s presence and feelings. After that, they both agree to go separate ways.

Saski holds on to her engagement with Deni, despite all of the disrespect and abusive treatments due to the deeds of her family, and naively beliefs that he will change. Both of them are busy preparing for their cultural wedding. On the other hand, Rio is busy building and expanding his stores with Tiara despite all the differences in values and ethics. The two separate couples continue to live in denial.

“The breakthrough and realization”

Saski and Deni’s wedding preparations face lots of struggles and misfortunes. The cultural leader even stated that their Weton (Weton is one of the calculations that can find out someone’s birthday, usually find compatibility) is not compatible with one another. To make it work, he suggests going with a tradition, which is to cleanse their ugly fates with 188 miles. The same thing goes for Tiara and Rio’s wedding preparation. One of the servants got the wrong daun pinang for Tiara’s cultural blessings before the marriage. Tiara bursts out in anger, ruining all the mood, putting a hold on the blessing ceremony. Galih, her assistant, comes to comfort her.

While waiting to gather 188 miles, Andra suddenly encounters two ladies having the best life with Deni. She films everything and sends it to Saksi, leaving her in devastation. She later confronts Deni about everything, but he ignores and invalidates her feelings and states that life inside marriage and outside marriage is two different things. We get to see the real motives behind Saski and Deni’s upcoming marriage; deeds and materials. In fact, he is not invested in building a marriage with her. He wants all the pleasures. Saski counters him by saying how he might win her over marriage but never her heart.

Meanwhile, Rio is at one of his stores, talking to Pak Ketut about making the perfect shoes for him and Saski. He states how sometimes in life, we can’t always choose the best options, referring to his love towards Saski, but he ends up getting engaged with Tiara due to the pressure of both his families. Surprisingly, Tiara hears everything, facing her with the truth behind their ‘unfit’ engagement.

The end of imperfect fit.

Deni demands that his brother, Agung, speed up the process of finding 188 miles for his upcoming wedding. They have been putting the wedding on hold for too long. Agung asks for more time since it is not easy to find the water. Deni, being impatient, demands to find a shortcut instead by using normal water. Agung refuses to respect the cultures. Their father sees what’s happening and confronts Deni for his abusive act towards his brother. Both of them got into arguments, which leads to the cancellation of his marriage with Saski. Firstly, his father does not want to waste Saksi’s life on his irresponsible and abusive son. Secondly, he does not want their family business to be doomed with all the mismanagement he’s currently causing.

On the other hand, Rio confronts Tiara over what happens at the shop. She’s at the beach with Galih waiting for her. Rio puts an end to their engagement and gives back their engagement ring. Just like that, everything ends between them. Tiara leaves him and cries in the arms of Galih, he later comforts her by holding her hand on the way home.

The perfect fit — the ending explained

After Saksi’s arousing confrontation over Deni’s affair, her mother is being admitted to the hospital. After all of this time, she tried to hold on to their engagement due to their family’s deed. Her mother puts an end to their arrangement wedding saying that she only wants her to choose what makes her happy in life. Not long after that, Rio messages Andra to inform them about his departure. She shows Saksi the message.

After a series of thoughts, she finally puts on perfect shoes to meet her ‘perfect fit.’ Surprisingly, she meets up with the same taxi drivers that carry her and Galih from their first encounters. She asks him to speed up, worried that she might miss her chance of starting everything with Rio. On their way, she meets with several closed roads due to the rituals that are being held in Bali. She later asks the taxi driver to drop her off and rushes her way to the shops where everything begins, “Shoes, with love.”

When she arrives, the store is closed. Devastated, she then limply goes back. But along the way, she remembers the swan’s feather that she received from the tarot lady. She says that if she blows the feathers, it will bring her to her perfect place.

She hopefully blows the feathers to the sky, and suddenly, the wind breezes it. Magically, Rio appears from the shoe shop. It turns out he has not yet departed. Saski, feeling astonished, runs to him, and they both share a longing hug. “No matter where you are, this shop will always be our home. You can’t close my love for you,” said Rio.

A Perfect Fit ends with both of them sharing a meaningful evening and a kiss amidst the beautiful sunset. And that’s how they both start to embark on their journey together as a perfect fit.

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