Nevertheless season 1, episode 5 recap – “I Know Nothing Will Change. Nevertheless”

By Bashirat Oladele
Published: July 17, 2021
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Nevertheless season 1, episode 5 recap - "I Know Nothing Will Change. Nevertheless"

This recap of Nevertheless season 1, episode 5, “I Know Nothing Will Change. Nevertheless”, contains spoilers.

In Nevertheless episode 5, we finally see the self-reflection and character developments with everybody. Finally, some progress — from Nabi, Jae-eon, Bitna, Gyuhyun, and arguably, even Sol and Jiwan.

In the last episode, we saw the end when Jae-eon got punched (by far, one of my favorite parts of this episode) — because he deserved it. In the beginning, we find out that Jae-eon was punched by this man’s sister — and of course, Jae-eon slept with the man’s sister, who was already taken. Overhearing this, Jiwan calls the police and they all go to the police station. Importantly, the man gives Nabi advice, reminding her not to be invested with a man like Jae-eon and I agree, he’s problematic. 

After leaving the police station, Nabi and Jae-eon talk outside and Nabi finally has her moment of truth — that we have been waiting for. She calls him out on his antics, how he’s playing her and how they only meet on his terms and never hers. She admits that she pretended he was sincere, deep down knowing he wasn’t and she just wanted to believe that for herself. And, thankfully she didn’t tell him she liked him — even though she does — and ended it with him. Finally! It appears that Nabi finally got the self-esteem that the audience has been desperately asking for instead of having a man string you along, like the gum on his shoe. Once she gets home, she cries into the hideous dress that he gifted her — perhaps symbolizing that this is the end of Nabi and Jae-eon, despite never being officially together! It’s just a relief seeing her change — on her own terms, not his.

Now, my favorite “couple”. Remember, in the previous episode when Bitna was jealous of Gyuhyun for going on another date. In this scene, in their sculpture class, Bitna arrives with a new hairstyle — blonde highlights — but I don’t think it was to impress Gyuhyun because she carries herself as a free-spirited and self-assured woman but she certainly felt a type of way when he failed to acknowledge her hair in that instance. As he should to be honest, she rejected him — not the other way round.

The cinematography in the scene — the drama alone — is so beautiful and deliberate. In episode 4, Nabi’s ex — whom we don’t know appeared yet we rarely saw his face — the same thing, in this scene. Jae-eon visits the girl who he was with in the cafe (remember, her brother punched him for sleeping with a taken woman) and the cinematography reflects on how insignificant and irrelevant her character is. We never see her face nor do we know her name. It’s these details in Korean dramas that make them even more remarkable and exciting. An irrelevant scene but I think it was the turning point for Jae-eon to reflect on his actions. Though, I vehemently disagree with how he reflected — because it’s the oldest trick in the book to make it seem like men don’t know when they are treating women wrong, they know but don’t care. It’s nice to see him realize his flaws though.

Next, Bitna is walking past an ice cream parlor where she spots Gyuhyun on a date eating mint chocolate ice cream with another girl… knowing he dislikes it. Reflecting on this, Nevertheless season 1, episode 5 gives us a flashback to their sculpture class where they simultaneously complain about mint chocolate mentioning “why would you want to eat toothpaste?” Now, we’re back to reality, and Bitna storms off out of jealousy. As much as I love her, she did it to herself — can’t be jealous when you rejected him and he respectfully moved on.

In the next scene, Nabi and Bitna’s professor calls them out on their lack of inspiration and as much as I hate to say it, it tells the audience that Jae-eon and Gyuhyun are their sources of inspiration when it comes to art. Whenever these men are in the picture, our girls are consistent, content, and more focused on their art. Again, their professor emphasizes the importance of inspiration and I think it finally clicks for both of them. Oh and we finally see the butterflies that Jae-eon loves so much in Nevertheless episode 5. Though, it did confuse me as to why he loves them so much — it’s undeniable that they are of utter significance to him. 

For second lead stans like myself, Dohyeok and Nabi finally reunite at a restaurant. It was a cute scene and it’s clear that he likes her but does Nabi know this? As a matter of fact, she just broke off a situationship with Jae-eon and should stay to herself, in my opinion, even though I would totally ship them together. He respects her — something Jae-eon lacked.

In the following scene, one of the most classic scenes occurred — Bitna being inebriated and Gyuhyun to the rescue (as he should). After a night out, one of their peers calls Gyuhyun asking for Bitna’s address to send her home but instead Gyuhyun comes to her rescue. Though, this trope of saving the damsel in distress is irritating — it was nice to see that Gyuhyun still cared for Bitna. And as expected, she gives her drunken confession and outlines how jealous she was of the other girls and whatnot. As mentioned, this is the main couple I was rooting for and I still abide by that. My only thing is that I need Bitna to be sober during these interactions but my sister is always intoxicated with something! 

At the university, they had to present their projects and seek out assistants to support their sculptures and anyone could guess that Jae-eon (and another student) volunteered to assist Nabi with her project. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of this because Jae-eon needs to leave her life but maybe this is a turn for the better. From here, we learn that metalwork is crucial to her project — something she is inexperienced in — and conveniently, Jae-eon is good at it and invites her over to practice her metalwork at the studio for a few nights. Luckily, they don’t result in their old ways though.

It’s evident that she got her source of inspiration back — Jae-eon — as she was being praised by her professor for the work she completed. Hopefully, Bitna will catch up soon as she shies away from the professor. At the end of Nevertheless season 1, episode 5, Seol-a — Jae-eon’s ex-girlfriend — pays Nabi a visit and “accidentally” drops her lighter on the floor (which has a butterfly design) and bumps into Nabi, ensuring that Nabi would realize that she obviously has a history with Jae-eon. The ladies end up talking and it reaffirmed my dislike for Jae-eon, despite his growth. He strung Seol-a along (though they were never together) whilst messing with Nabi and it seems that there could be drama between the ladies. Instead, Nabi finally gets a grip and points out that Jae-eon likes it when girls tie their hair back and instructs Seol-a to do so — it sounds harmless but that was shady and Nabi’s way of letting go. Finally. The episode wasn’t as exciting as anticipated but it highlighted the development of the characters and I loved that.

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