Racket Boys episode 14 recap – Han-sol’s big triumph

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 19, 2021
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Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 14


As we reach near the end of the series, episode 14 is refreshingly surprising and emotional as one of the lead characters has to overcome anxiety and skill for their ultimate triumph.

This recap of Netflix k-drama series Racket Boys season 1, episode 14 contains spoilers.

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The competition is increasing now, and what a way to come back after a short break!

Following on from the last episode, Se-yoon and Coach Fang head to the airport as quickly as possible so she can participate in the National Junior Sports Festival Tournament. Back in Korea, Ra Yeong-ja is feeling anxious. She feels she needs Se-yoon.

New phones for the boys

Coach Hyeon-jong congratulates the boys’ team for making it to the semi-finals and gives them new phones. However, they will not let the phones distract them. Moments later, the boys are gaming on them — they couldn’t help themselves. Yoon-dam isn’t happy and tells them to stop playing games. He’s clearly not handling Coach Bae leaving well.

Anxiety without Se-yoon

Back at the tournament for the girls, Han-sol tells Ra Yeong-ja that they need to finalize the teams and asks where Se-yoon is. The girls’ team is getting anxious about it. Meanwhile, Coach Fang tells Se-yoon that the form is already submitted, so she will not be able to play anyway, which reduces her to tears; she at least wants to be there for support. Emotions are high. Han-sol takes the lead and gives two players some advice. She’s managed to get to the final singles match without Se-yoon, and Na-ra taunts her, saying she will beat her and then she will become Se-yoon’s badminton partner.

Han-sol versus Na-ra

And this spurs on the most emotional part of the episode. It’s an incredible middle section of the chapter that somehow requires grabbing the tissues.

Against Na-ra, Han-sol gives it her all. Hyeon-jong tells the girls and boys to cheer for her. But, Hyeon-jong notices something is not right with Ra Yeong-ja, who is silent at the courtside. Han-sol loses the first game of the match and tells Ra Yeong-ja that they would have won with Se-yoon. Ra Yeong-ja heads outside for a smoke and hears two men say it isn’t exciting without Se-yoon and gives Han-sol a lower grade. Ra Yeong-ja berates the men, but they point out that she seems to be the one who doesn’t trust her players and is way different without Se-yoon. This is a wake-up call for the coach.

Suddenly, Ra Yeong-ja is energized and realizes her mistake. She gives Han-sol encouragement and tactical advice. She goes on to win the second game. In the final game, Han-sol falls behind. During the interval, Han-sol asks Ra Yeong-ja what to do when you need a miracle. Ra Yeong-ja tells her to think about someone she deeply cares about.

Someone she deeply cares about

Flashbacks show Han-sol was the odd one out at school. And when she transferred schools, the same thing happened. But then she met Se-yoon, who made her feel like a close friend. And then, in the present day, Se-yoon turns up to the final game, tears in her eyes, and she chants her friend’s name. Se-yoon is the reason Han-sol joined the badminton team — she’s the one she deeply cares about. Han-sol beats Na-ra in the final, and there’s shock before an eruption of celebrations.

Se-yoon runs over to her to hug her friend. And then so do the rest of the girls, and they all cry together. Coach Ra Yeong-ja looks on; she forgot about something important — team unity; she feels she abandoned them to favor one player. Han-sol has a rare interview with the press, and she wants the team to join her in the photo. Even Na-ra congratulates her. Han-sol’s triumph is probably my favourite scene in the series so far. It was well put together.

Hae-kang defends his team

Tensions rise between the boys’ baseball team and badminton team; Yoon-dam and the team end up surrounded. But then Hae-kang arrives to Western music, and he recognizes the captain. He confronts him, and the captain is shaken. However, the captain finds confidence and tells Hae-kang that no one likes their sport. Hae-kang reminds the captain that he used to be a bench warmer. He asks if his boys did anything wrong before asking the baseball team to get lost.

The captain asks Hae-kang to face him in the alleyway. He cowardly brings two of his boys with him. The captain tells him to crawl and that he will record it. Hae-kang chooses to fight instead. However, it’s revealed he didn’t actually punch the captain as his match is way more important.

The girls show up for Ra Yeong-ja

Hyeon-jong tells Ra Yeong-ja that the girls want to play for her, so she shouldn’t feel bad. However, she feels terrible. Suddenly, there’s a knock on their house door. All the girls have shown up for Ra Yeong-ja, and she’s very emotional.

The love triangle is still going on

Late in the night, Se-yoon and Hae-kang find themselves close next to a tree. As they edge closer to each other, Se-yoon is distracted. Later on, Hae-kang sees Park Chan deliver food to Se-yoon, and she looks happy. It looks like he really needs to win the final for her now.

The ending of Racket Boys episode 14

And then the semi-finals arrive for the boys. In Hae-kang’s match, he gets off to a bad start, and he panics. Se-yoon looks on nervous. However, Hae-kang finds a way, and he wins; he’ll be going into the final. His defeated opponent tells Hae-kang that he has figured out his game, but he will not tell anyone. Se-yoon speaks to Hae-kang, and she noticed he didn’t win the second set as convincingly; she wants him to speak to his coach.

Hae-kang talks to his team and explains he can’t see well again, just like before. This puts the team at risk, as there are already injuries. Another badminton drama before the big day!

As we reach near the end of the series, episode 14 is refreshingly surprising and emotional as one of the lead characters has to overcome anxiety and skill for their ultimate triumph.

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