Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 6 recap – a chapter of lessons learned

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 22, 2021 (Last updated: July 26, 2021)
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Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 6


Episode 6 brings a soft reminder to our characters about where they came from as interns enter the story.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 6 contains major spoilers.

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As we saw in the preview last week, we saw there would be interns in town, which gives our characters the chance to remember where they came from.

The interns arrive

Episode 6 opens with interns (Yun-bok and Hong-do) ordering their coffees at the café — they look happy and innocent, not knowing what lies ahead. Yun-bok has aspirations to join neurosurgery. Gyeo-ul is excited not to be working on her own for once by working with interns and other residents.

Marriage is on the cards for Seon-bin

Seon-bin tells her partner that she has money, so they don’t need to save for marriage. This spurs on a lightbulb moment for the two as their colleagues witness this romantic back and forth as they walk off to plan their future. It looks like we have a wedding coming in a future episode!

Intern Yun-bok and Hong-do at work

The reality of being an intern comes quickly in episode 6, from smiling students to feeling unprepared and stressed. Yun-bok checks a tube for a patient. She does the tubing wrong, and Gyeo-ul apologizes for the discomfort. The patient asks Gyeo-ul not to scold Yun-bok. During surgery for a birth, Hong-do reacts too early to remove some equipment, and Yang Seok-hyeong is surprised. It provides a comedic moment as Hong-do looked so sure of himself when he did what he thought he had to do.

Urgent surgery on a patient named Du-na by Song-hwa

A patient (Du-na) has been in a terrible accident; her boyfriend left before her surgery, which irks Seong-yeong. Song-hwa leads the surgery and updates the parents — the surgery went well, but she warns of complications from brain swelling. She can’t guarantee that she will wake up but that they will keep monitoring her situation. Seong-yeong is worried about the patient due to her boyfriend abandoning her, but Song-hwa raises how she used to be like Seong-yeong, showing extra concern at a patient with the same age profile and background. There’s plenty of reminiscing in episode 6.

Delivering bad news about a baby for Yang Seok-hyeong / Ahn Jeong-won gets involved

Yang Seok-hyeong has to deliver bad news about an unborn newborn baby to parents due to an abnormality; he explains that the baby likely has esophageal atresia. The mother’s preeclampsia is also severe. Due to his specialism, Ahn Jeong-won has to get involved, and he recommends a procedure. He reassures them that the baby will be fine as long as the surgery goes well and he has an experienced team.

Ahn Jeong-won and Yang Seok-hyeong have a meeting about the situation with the unborn baby

There is a meeting about the situation; Yang Seok-hyeong wants to remove the baby from the mother as soon as possible because she’s at risk, but Ahn Jeong-won wants the baby to weigh a little more first. Ahn Jeong-won argues what would be better for the baby, and it gets a little heated. The meeting ends with Ahn Jeong-won stating the surgery will be the next day, and Yang Seok-hyeong states he will work around his schedule. It really felt like this would come to blows, but episode 6 serves as a reminder that these professionals have to always work under pressure and be as cool as possible, even in meetings.

Operating on the baby, providing tense moments

The surgery on the mother goes ahead, and the baby is removed by C-section. Ahn Jeong-won updates the family, and he explains that the baby does have esophageal atresia, so the esophagus is disconnected. They are going to check for other congenital disorders just in case. The baby goes under surgery with many colleagues watching. Ahn Jeong-won updates the mother and delivers the good news about the outcome. The mother is relieved. He explains to the family that no one is at fault for what’s happened to the baby, and defects are not uncommon. He tells to mother-in-law to take care of the mother. This was a lovely moment by the professor, recognizing how blame can be attached to the mother — he wants to make sure she is protected.

Child patient Chang-min does not make it

Jun-wan has to update Chang-min’s mother that her child might not make it through the week. He asks his young resident, Dr. Im, to join him in the difficult conversation. Later on, he learns that Chang-min’s heart rate has dropped. Jun-wan knows what is coming, and he has to wait a moment before telling the mother.

He tells the parents that Chang-min doesn’t have much time left and asks them to be by his side. The parents drop to the floor, and a defeated Jun-wan walks away. He asks his young resident, Dr. Im, to pronounce the death, but he begins to cry himself alongside the parents. Eventually, he tries to announce the time, but he struggles, and Jun-wan sees, so he walks in, turns off the machine, and records the time. Dr. Im apologizes and walks out. Later on, Jun-wan tells Dr. Im not to apologize as they are all human, but he still needs to do his job. This was the most difficult moment of the episode, showing how these doctors are human and can still be subject to these emotional moments. You can tell Jun-wan struggled with this experience himself, but being more experienced helped him get through it.

Gyeo-ul needs Lee Ik-jun’s help in surgery which gets her down

Gyeo-ul struggles with surgery and asks Lee Ik-jun got help. Afterward, Lee Ik-jun asks her if she’d like coffee. He reminds her she only became a Fellow weeks ago, so she shouldn’t be harsh on herself as she can only improve. Gyeo-ul asks Lee Ik-jun about a mistake he has made to make her feel better. They end up talking about Ahn Jeong-won and how he’s a perfectionist. Lee Ik-jun brings up a mistake by Ahn Jeong-won from when he was an intern. Later on, Ahn Jeong-won is furious that he told her a story of an embarrassing mistake. He rings Gyeo-ul and tries to convince her that Lee Ik-jun made a mistake, not him. His insecurities getting the better of him.

The friends talk about mistakes they have made

Later on, the friends get together, and they tease Song-hwa about a mistake she made in the past as an intern. The conversation turns into a general discussion about being an intern and making small mistakes. Jun-wan admits he once bawled his eyes out in the bathroom due to a tragic moment with a patient. Yang Seok-hyeong raises how he explains to his students that it’s okay to show some emotions. It was a lovely, well-scripted part of the episode, showing how the introduction of interns has reminded our characters where they came from.

The ending Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 6

As the episode draws closer to the end, it shows Yun-bok at the end of her tiring shift. Hong-do is so exhausted he fell asleep in the office. Seong-yeong visits Du-na, who still hasn’t woken up from her coma. He speaks to her, and suddenly she begins to move her hand. The baby that Yang Seok-hyeong and Ahn Jeong-won helped is recovering. The parents name their baby after Ahn Jeong-won, and he is overwhelmed by their kindness.

Episode 6 brings a soft reminder to our characters about where they came from as interns enter the story.

Resident diaries
  • Ahn Jeong-won tells Jun-wan that he plans on proposing to Gyeo-ul soon. Jun-wan amusingly asks if he can move in with them both.
  • Song-hwa is requested for extra surgery, and Lee Ik-jun is dismayed when she says yes. He tells her to learn to say no.
  • Song-hwa tells Jun-wan she will set him up on a date, but he states he isn’t over his ex.
  • Gyeo-ul is taking some new residents out for dinner. Ahn Jeong-won kindly gives her his credit card, which makes her embarrassed as no one knows about their relationship.

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