Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 7 recap – will Ahn Jeong-won [spoiler]?

By Daniel Hart
Published: August 5, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 7


Episode 7 goes through the usual motions of hospital life but then hits the audience with clangers to finish the chapter.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 7 contains major spoilers.

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The Olympics coverage has meant we had to experience a week’s break from this wholesome series. Oh, how we have missed it. And in true style, it returns with a 90-minute chapter for audiences to chill to. Plenty happens in episode 7. Everything seems to be happening all at once.

Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 7 recap

After a week’s break, episode 7 gives the audience a run around the characters as they participate in their usual working routines, including coffee, unwanted phone calls, and…irritable colleagues. The opening is backed with orchestra music, highlighting the busy nature of a hospital. And then episode 7 jumps into the action. Patient Du-na is going through a long rehabilitation recovery process, and the mother is happy to help on her road to recovery. However, the patient seems to be struggling as Song-hwa highlights the miraculous recovery. Maybe future episodes will delve into what is happening here.

Ik-jun tells the patient, Ms. An, that they will need a liver transplant; however, the family members are concerned. There’s a range of questions, including credentials and experience. Her liver transplant will come from the father, so as usual, there’s plenty of emotions in the air.  Afterward, Song-hwa and Ik-jun go for lunch together; it’s noticeable how popular Ik-jun is with many people at the hospital, which amuses Song-hwa. During lunch, Ik-jun agrees to go camping with his son U-ju and Song-hwa joins them. As we all know, Song-hwa has a flair for camping, so she takes the lead. She brings the technology to start the fire!

It’s nice to see both characters enjoy each other’s company outside of work as they enjoy beers into the night and chit-chat. Song-hwa talks about her annoyances with her mother and her guilt every time she has that irritation. She then brings up when they were younger and how Ik-jun played a guitar song with the piano. There’s so much history with this friendship — it’s fascinating to watch.

In the cafeteria, Min-ha accidentally bumps into a visitor (Yang Seok-hyeong’s mother Yeong-hye) and smears her lipstick. It causes a commotion as she’s left a bad impression. Min-ha calls her a “granny” because she’s talking so casually to her. When Yeong-hye goes into the bathroom to calm down, she wonders what would happen if her son chose a woman like Min-ha. The irony is plentiful in this scene, as Min-ha is trying to win Yang Seok-hyeong’s heart. What will happen when this romance finally transpires, and Min-ha is formally introduced to Yeong-hye? Ah, dear!

Patient Ms. An’s brother asks Ik-jun’s team to make sure an experienced nurse draws blood as he’s sick of the bruises on his sister. He’s emotional, and understandably, as the stress is getting to the family — a liver transplant between a father and a daughter has everyone tense. The brother approaches Ik-jun and reminds him that his family picked him for this surgery. He insists the surgery must go well no matter what. Ik-jun is his usual calm self, highlighting how medical professionals must always go above and beyond with communication in these situations and empathize.

The band reminds the audience that everything will be okay:

Ik-jun and the team go ahead with the surgery. Both father and daughter are on separate operating tables, and episode 7 details the logical yet complex process. Ik-jun notices that Ms. An’s organs are swollen, and he explains this to the family; the surgery went well, but he states they need to close Ms. An up as soon as possible to avoid infection. Time passes as the team waits to close up to finish the surgery. Eventually, Ms. An is ready, and the team closes her up to complete the transplant.

Song-hwa learns of a patient that has had a momentary cardiac arrest and has slipped into a coma. She appears to be brain dead, and Song-hwa notes that the patient wants to donate her organs. Song-hwa delivers the news to the guardian of the patient regarding the brain death. The guardian is one of the security guards at the hospital (he’s the patient’s son). He’s passed to a coordinator at the hospital to get consent for the donation of organs. The security guard delays in giving consent, which risks damaging the organs.

Ik-jun speaks to the security guard directly. The man explains he recently reunited with his mother, so this is a heavy moment as the appointed guardian, and now he has to decide on her organs. He doesn’t feel he has the right, but he thinks it’s suitable to do one last good deed as her son. He wells up as Ik-jun explains his mother’s organs will save lives.

Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 7 ending

A mother asks Jun-wan if the VAD procedure will be good for her baby, and he tells her no. He explains that her baby isn’t an ideal candidate for a heart transplant because her child is too small. The mother is desperate for options, but Jun-wan reminds her that she’s done a lot for the baby, but he’s not confident that doing a VAD and a transplant is right. The mother thanks Jun-wan for his honest opinion because she’s been so torn, and her husband is against it too. She repeatedly thanks Jun-wan as she breaks down, knowing she’s going to have to let her child go. Hospital Playlist continues to be heartbreaking, watching parents have to make life-changing decisions for their children.

And then more drama strikes the story as our loving couple Ahn Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul reach an unfortunate crossroad, birthed from a personal situation. Gyeo-ul learns that her mother, Cho Sun-yeong, is in hospital and needs urgent surgery with her verbal consent. She texts Ahn Jeong-won that “something has come up,” and she’ll explain later. It’s revealed Ahn Jeong-won was going to propose to Gyeo-ul that evening! Will he still propose after that missed opportunity?

Episode 7 goes through the usual motions of hospital life but then hits the audience with clangers to finish the chapter.

Additional interesting plot points

  • Ahn Jeong-won advises a child patient named Han-jun to find something he likes doing to lose weight.
  • Ahn Jeong-won’s mother forgot about So-yun’s wedding, and she is upset. It’s her favorite niece, and she wonders if she should see a doctor. Mr. Ju tells her it’s common to forget things. As the episode ends, she can’t remember the code to her house door.

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