Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 recap – perspective for children

August 13, 2021
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The eighth episode brings stark perspective, reminding viewers to keep their parents close.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 contains major spoilers.

Read the recap of the previous episode.

We are back, folks, and I do apologize for the delayed recap. Anyway, it always surprises me when K-Drama series do extra-long episodes. Episode 8 spans at 1 hour and 51 minutes, and you must wonder how much time and effort the production crew and cast have to put in on each episode for what essentially is a feature-length film. Anyway, I digress. Chapter 8 raises the importance of a parent’s connection with their children; plenty happens to remind children to look after their parents later in life and not to lose that vital connection.

Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 8 recap

But, before we get on to that, in the opening of episode 8, Ahn Jeong-won is lost without Gyeo-ul. Jun-wan is concerned about his friend, but he gets on with his job the next day, reminding audiences how emotionally stable medical professionals have to be. When he finally gets a call from Gyeo-ul, he is relieved, but he struggles with the distance between them, especially when he was about to propose to her.

Yang Seok-hyeong and Min-ha have a couple of interesting moments in the eighth chapter of season 2. They are treating a patient in surgery, and there’s a concern that it’s the patient’s first time being pregnant, and they may need to do a hysterectomy to remove a uterus. Min-ha is anxious about telling the husband, but Yang Seok-hyeong feels the husband will understand that they did everything to save his wife. In the end, they both update the husband and explain they did not need to remove the uterus in the end.

As we saw in the last episode, Jeong Rosa is struggling with her memory, and she explains to her partner that her forgetfulness is getting worse. She reveals she also got lost once while driving to a location she does every day. Later on in the episode, she falls out of bed, and Ahn Jeong-won learns of this, and she’s brought into the hospital. Song-hwa carries out a CT scan and updates Ahn Jeong-won — there’s a ventricle blocked in her brain (by fluid), which could be causing memory issues and falling over. She needs draining from the build-up fluid; she has Hydrocephalus, but it could still be Alzheimer’s, but they will not know until after surgery. This brings slight relief and perspective for Ahn Jeong-won and his mother; the chapter reminds viewers that life could head in any direction. Keep those who you love close.

And that theme continues regarding parents and their children. Jun-wan has an older patient with a concerning heart defect. If the surgery goes ahead, the patient will be the oldest ASD patient he’s ever treated. Also, Song-hwa is treating an older patient with a brain tumour that will be hard to remove. The woman is concerned about going ahead with it. She feels she doesn’t have long to live anyway; her children argue about the situation, and the brother thinks selfishly, concerning himself about the money. Later on in the episode, the brother’s best friend dies.

And it’s bombshell after bombshell for the children and their parents; Song-hwa receives news about her mother — a PET scan shows her mother may have Parkinson’s disease. This is an extremely emotional moment for Song-hwa, but she immediately goes into support mode and rings her mother to find the time to spend time with her. As sweet as always, Lee Ik-jun spends his time making Song-hwa’s work less disruptive to make her get through a hard time.

The ending

As we edge closer to the end of episode 8, Gyeo-ul eventually arrives, and she visits Ahn Jeong-won’s mother, which surprises Ahn Jeong-won. However, you do get the sense that something is not quite right in Ahn Jeong-won’s head since they’ve had to deal with distance. But, as usual, band practice comes, and in a warming moment, Jeong Rosa joins them and plays the piano.

The episode ends with the surgery on the older people going ahead; the selfish brother found perspective after his best friend died and is now over caring for his mother, which is sweet. To conclude the lengthy chapter, Jun-wan realizes he’s on the same coach as Ik-sun…

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