Blood Red Sky ending explained – what horrors are on-board?

July 24, 2021
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Blood Red Sky, so it will contain major spoilers.

Air Base Beginning

Blood Red Sky starts at RAF Airbase in Scotland. A plane is approaching, but the captain and co-pilot are presumed dead. With soldiers ready, the plane is landed although not by a skilled pilot as an expert directs him on how to do so from the airbase. Snipers aim at the individual flying the plane as an unarmed young boy holding a teddy drops out of the plane. As the young boy is questioned by the authorities; Blood Red Sky cuts to the night before.

Nadja (played by Peri Baumeister) puts a wig on whilst her son, Elias (played by Carl Anton Koch), enters Transatlantic Airlines alone. Checking in for them both, Elias states that his mother will arrive later. After a short phone call with her doctor, Nadja meets Elias at the airport. Alone in the toilets, she fills a hypodermic needle with fluid, drinks some then injects the rest into her chest. As her son reveals to Farid, she needs bone marrow and is flying to America for the sole purpose of getting some.

Flashback #1

Blood Red Sky cuts to a flashback which shows Nadja driving with her husband Nikolai and baby Elias. When the car breaks down, Nadja’s husband goes searching for help.

Eightball Arises

Back to the plane and with all internet down, the male stewardess, Eightball (played by Alexander Scheer), brutally kills an air marshall and holds the passengers at gunpoint. Revealing himself to be part of a group of hijackers, Eightball’s group includes Berg (played by Dominic Purcell). When Elias runs off, Nadja chases after him. But Nadja is ultimately shot by Eightball.

Flashback #2

Blood Red Sky cuts back to the flashback. With Nikolai having not returned, Nadja goes in search of him. Entering a damaged property where she is attacked by a vampire, Nadja locks herself in the basement only to find Nikolai dead. Although the vampire bites her, the sun appears, and the vampire burns to death.

Why are Hijackers on the plane?

Back to the present day, Nadja is alive but injured. At the same time, the hijackers continue with their plan to make it seem that the Arabic passengers, such as Farid (played by Kais Setti), are to blame for taking over the plane. Nadja takes a dog, kills it, and drinks its blood. Using her newfound strength, Nadja kills one of the hijackers. When the hijackers threaten to release a nerve gas, they find Jurji dead. However, they believe a dog is to blame.

Nadja rejoins the passengers who realize that if another 9/11 happens, it will crash the stock market, hence why this plane was targeted. With autopilot on, the hijackers prepare to jump off the plane until Eightball realizes that Nadja is alive. Using passengers as bait, the hijackers kill one passenger and threaten to kill a young girl unless Nadja opens the cockpit.

Not wanting the young girl to die, Nadja opens the cockpit. Although, she uses this as an opportunity to bite Berg. Not only is it enough to scare the hijackers, but Elias also. Nadja stabs Berg with a knife to prevent him from transforming into a vampire.

Flashback #3

Blood Red Sky cuts back to a further flashback that details her struggle as she juggles being a mother and a vampire. Returning to the damaged property, she finds an elderly vampire waiting for her. Blaming her for his son’s death, he attempts to kill him.

Vampire v Sunlight

With Eightball understanding that Nadja is a vampire, Eightball has all lights turned on to act as the sun. With Nadja weakened, Elias leaves the cockpit to help his mother. The hijackers return, and after Eightball takes a blood sample from Nadja, Elias threatens to shoot him. After a brief struggle between Eightball and Elias, the gun fires. With one of the windows shot out, the plane is depressurizing. In all the commotion, the hijackers regain control of the cockpit and restore the pressure to normal.

Eightball has locked himself inside a bulletproof car, and with Nadja left to watch, he injects himself with her blood sample. As he begins to transform into a vampire, Nadja sets him on fire.

Flashback #4

After the elderly vampire tried to kill her, Nadja attacks him. After he warns her of the darkness that is now inside of her, she set him and the property alight.

There’s a new Vampire on board

In her vampire form, Nadja freaks the hell out of her fellow passengers, whilst Eightball, who is still alive due to the fire sprinkles putting the fire out, is now a full vampire. Eightball kills nearly all of the other hijackers, aside from Bastian. Bastian, as a result, switches sides and arms himself with the passenger.

Although the passengers originally try to kill Nadja, they don’t when she convinces them she is on their side. Working together, they secure the plane and place Eightball captive in the plane’s hold. Although, this is short-lived as a dying passenger releases him in the hope of being bitten. Eightball doesn’t bite him but instead starts killing all the other passengers, which of course, turns them into vampires.

Elias takes charge

Unable to land due to the increasing number of vampires, Elias goes through the plan and arms himself with a flashlight. Grabbing the remote for the explosions, his flashlight breaks, and Elias gets cornered by vampires. In the cockpit, not forgetting that Bastain is one of the reasons that the hijackers managed to board the plane, Nadja kills and feeds on him.

Nadja rushes to help him and fights off Eightball, but he overpowers her and begins to drain her blood. Not wanting his Vampire Mum to die, Elias opens the cargo door, allowing Nadja to push Eightball out. With Farid in control of the plane, he steers the plane towards sunlight, and Eightball burns to death. In a bid to save her, Elias feeds Nadja some of his blood. But as she now has a taste for his blood, Nadja pushes him away and reduces him to tears.

Back to the Beginning – Blood Red Sky ending explained

Blood Red Sky cuts to the scene that it began with. At the RAF Base, Elias tells the authorities that Farid is not a terrorist claiming that “monsters” are on the plane. Of course, the authorities believe he is a traumatized little boy. Meanwhile, on the plane, the passengers are either vampires or dead. With Farid’s claims failing to convince anyone, a sniper shoots at him. Soldiers board the plane and arrest Farid whilst Elias is taken away in an ambulance. After getting his teddy, Elias attacks the medic and jumps out of the ambulance.

Watching footage of the plane through a soldier’s video feed, the authorities realize that vampires exist, and Farid told the truth. Elias runs up the plane and screams out for Nadja. She’s feeding on a soldier, and as she runs up to Elias, ready to feed on him, Elias takes the remote from his teddy and blows up the plane.

Farid gets uncuffed, and he hugs Elias.

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