You Are My Spring season 1, episode 11 recap – Ian queries the past

August 9, 2021
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Romantic dates become complicated, and the past shows intrinsic links as episode 11 continues to dabble around the plot points.

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Romantic dates become complicated, and the past shows intrinsic links as episode 11 continues to dabble around the plot points.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama Series You Are My Spring season 1, episode 11 contains spoilers.

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I’m surprised that this K-Drama series hasn’t engaged well with audiences. I like it. Okay, it’s a little strange and random, but there’s a story here that is either extremely complex or going to turn out simple. Either way, we have no idea where it is going to lead. Maybe if it was released on the weekend slot, it might have gotten the traffic. Who knows!

You Are My Spring season 1, episode 11 recap

Opening up with the romance, Young-do and Da-jeong enjoy a call. It’s evident their smiles can be felt through the phone call as they talk about their plans. They are truly enjoying the early days of their romance, with passions burning softly.

And then the dark, murky music begins as the police interview Ian Chase regarding the murder of Noh Hyeon-ju. He claims he was drugged while she was murdered, which is why he requested a drug test. When he woke up, Hyeon-ju was dead across from him. He immediately rang Ko Jin-bok after. The police are heavily on Ian’s case, and it’s no wonder why; he always appears at the wrong place and time.

Ko Jin-bok wonders why the culprit killed Noh Hyeon-ju and not Ian and presses the doctor further. Flashbacks reveal Ian has been reading Young-do’s dissertation on trauma, which delves into uncontrollable aggression by self-contempt and how these weak beings in society have normal lives. Suddenly, Ian Chase asks if he can speak to Young-do.

And so Young-do heads to the police station, and Ian asks about the time he temporarily stayed at the nursing facility in Changbi-dong. He had a photo there which was key to the case for Choi Jeong-min. He then references his dissertation about how those who are extremely aggressive by self-contempt become criminals without help.

Young-do believes Ian is desperate to seek help and wonders if the memories from when he was 18 years old still haunt him. The flashback of Young-do witnessing Ian Chase scrubbing blood off his clothes in the bathroom surface. In the present day, Young-do states he doesn’t blame himself for not helping him in the past. Ian claims he doesn’t need Young-do’s help, and as the psychiatrist walks off, Ian asks if Da-jeong knows where Young-do got his heart transplant from.

And then, episode 11 calms back down and resurfaces the romance. Da-jeong takes Young-do to her favorite restaurant, but they learn there’s an hour waiting list, so Young-do recommends another place, but there’s also a waiting list. Their luck keeps running out as they try and find somewhere to eat — it’s not a brilliantly planned date. Eventually, Young-do invites Da-jeong over to his place, but she’s worried about his friends intervening. However, Young-do makes sure this isn’t the case.

Young-do seems flustered, and Da-jeong finds it cute as they chill in the apartment. They are both nervous around each other, and as they are about to hold hands, a friend returns, so they both move to another room quickly to hide. There’s a strange comedy behind it as they are not even sure why they are hiding. The friend eventually finds Young-do and tries to get in the room.

And then, as they both leave the apartment, Da-jeong receives news from her brother — their father has passed away, and in the succession, it’s asking his children to pay off his debts. Scenes show the mother did not want her children to be notified of the succession, and a lawyer advised that they appeal against the order to pay the debts.

Da-jeong has to face the dreaded inevitability of facing her father’s death with her brother. The brother admits he saw his father “once” during seventh grade. He recognized him, but they didn’t speak. Da-jeong is curious about this moment as the brother states he was scared their father would follow them and hurt their mother. The trauma rushes back, and Da-jeong cries. She thought her brother didn’t know about the abuse because he was so young when it happened.

When they visit their mother, she tells them not to pay a penny and forget about the succession.

You Are My Spring season 1, episode 11 ending

After an emotionally exhausting day, Da-jeong messages Young-do. Little does she know he’s standing from a distance, watching her cry. He decides that it’s not the time to be there for her and walks away. Over messages, they arrange their next date at the beach. Young-do returns home, feeling helpless, and he tests his temperature.

The next day, Young-do’s temperatures are spiking again, and as he drives, he begins to cough. Unable to drive, he brakes suddenly. He puts the hazard lights on and leaves his car. Kneeling on the ground, he tries to control his breathing as he holds his stomach.

Is there more to his temperatures? This is the second time he’s had a spike this season — I’m sure episode 12 will delve into this more.

Romantic dates become complicated, and the past shows intrinsic links as episode 11 continues to dabble around the plot points.

Additional points

  • Eun-ha is romantically interested in Ha-neul.

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