The Loud House Movie ending explained – who became the ruler of the land?

By Michael Frank
Published: August 21, 2021
Netflix film The Loud House Movie ending explained

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Loud House Movie, so will contain major spoilers.

When the Loud family lands in Scotland, which consists of a single town in the scope of The Loud House Movie, they find a kind groundskeeper named Angus (David Tennant) and a housekeeper named Morag (Michelle Gomez). One becomes a hero, while the other becomes a villain, and the proof is in their names. 

Angus becomes the Loud family’s biggest ally, a man that comes from generations of groundskeepers that care deeply about this little town. Morag grows into a villain of epic proportions, all because she wants some peace and quiet, something her ancestors never had. She attempts to find that serenity by running the Loud family out of town, due to the loudness of their large family. Though that might sound absurd, wait until you hear what Morag can do with a random, little, pink stone, which she uses to control their new dragon, Lela. 

Morag uses Lincoln’s, the middle sibling voiced by Asher Bishop), lack of confidence against him, as she controls the dragon during one of his joyrides. The dragon destroys the town, only for Morag to destroy it a second time nearly 20 minutes later. She takes the crown and becomes the Duchess of the town with everyone in disarray.

Meanwhile, a ghost of one of the siblings visits the very-real Loud family, who is on a ship sailing back to the U.S. She explains to them what happened and the entire family rallies to go save their shoreside town. After a showdown in the town, Lincoln and the baby trick Morag by stealing the gem and replacing it with a burrito inside of the scepter. Lela, the dragon, destroys the stone and the family saves the town. A moment of joy then occurs, as Lincoln gives the Duke crown to Angus so that he can rule the town. From groundskeeper to Duke, Angus has completed the rise destined for the nice guy in a kids’ cartoon. Good for David Tennant. 

Lela takes Morag by the hair and drops her off on a rock in the middle of the ocean. The rock acts as a home for a group of seals, meaning she’ll never have peace and quiet for the rest of her life, an absolutely brutal, tortuous decision by the castle’s dragon. The dragon presumably will continue being the protector of this Scottish land. And the Loud family heads back to the United States to continue being the most impressive family in their town. They’re happy and united and ready to take on the world. 

Netflix film The Loud House Movie ending explained

Two other storylines come full circle within these final moments and the initial credits sequence. First, Lincoln goes back home to hang with his best friend, Clyde, and he bakes him a bunch of cream puffs. He added the perfect amount of cinnamon and they hugged and all was well. 

Second, one of the sister’s boyfriends traveled to Scotland at the beginning of the film. He thought that she was breaking up with him because of her bad cell reception. He misheard her, and he couldn’t wait for her week of vacation, so he sailed across the ocean to see her. As he gets ashore, the old man living in the town gives him a telescope so that he can see his beloved sailing into the distance. A bummer for a minor character whose only screen-time was panic and then disappointment.

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