Sparking Joy season 1 review – will this show transform the cleanliness of your home?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 31, 2021 (Last updated: December 7, 2023)
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Netflix reality series Sparking Joy season 1


Best selling Marie Kondo returns to Netflix. But will her methods help transform your home into heavingly existence? If you want to declutter your home, maybe Sparking Joy will have some useful tips for you.

This review of the Netflix reality series Sparking Joy season 1 contains no spoilers. 

If you’re an individual (or a family) that struggles with the balance between home life and work life, then maybe Sparking Joy might be just what you need. In the reality series, Marie Kondo brings her famous Kon Mari method to the screen once again.

Not only is Marie Kondo a best-selling author, but she’s also a tidying expert and has been the star of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, which was also a Netflix production. If anyone has the qualifications to help those with cleaning issues, Marie is the one.

All three episodes of Sparking Joy are only 45 minutes long, so this show shouldn’t take too long to watch. Right? The only problem is that if decluttering your house or watching people do just that isn’t among your interests, the three episodes may feel like three lifetimes. 

Each episode focuses on a different environment that requires Marie’s help. In the first, Marie helps a family-run organic garden center. The next episode focuses on a cafe owner who also has a chaotic home office. And finally, in the third episode, Marie goes on a mission to help a single mother declutter her home after a move and switch in career. 

But the best part of Sparking Joy is Marie’s response to the clutter. She appears to be absolutely horrified by it all. Marie should have got herself on How Clean Is Your House. That’s when she’d be shocked by the mess that people can live in. 

Throughout the show, we’re reminded that Marie’s Kon Mari method can transform every part of one’s life, including relationships, communities, and places of work. Essentially, Marie is trying to tell people to throw out anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. If an item doesn’t make us happy, throw it out! She adds that we shouldn’t let items bring us joy because of their price, but instead the value that item brings to our life. 

The premise of this short lifestyle reality show instantly narrows its appeal. But for those that are interested, it’s a heartfelt watch that argues that if the measures are taken on board it will achieve increased levels of happiness. 

It’s an ok watch, but Marie doesn’t have the same appeal as Kim and Aggie from How Clean Is Your House. The show needs a bit more punch and grit to it. Otherwise, it’s likely that the audience will only watch one episode before switching onto something else.

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