Afterlife of the Party ending explained – does Cassie’s partying hinder her chances?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 3, 2021 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
ending of the Netflix film Afterlife of the Party

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Afterlife of the Party, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Afterlife of the Party begins with Cassie (played by Victoria Justice) and Lisa (played by Midori Francis) partying until they argue with each other. As they’re no longer hanging out with each other on a regular basis, Cassie states that they shouldn’t stay best friends out of habit. The following morning, Cassie wakes up with a terrible hangover. But it only gets worse from there. After she trips in the bathroom, Cassie hits her head and dies. 

Waking up in a strange room with a strange woman, Cassie is at first more concerned that her fall has gone viral. But no, Cassie is dead, and the strange woman, Val (played by Robyn Scott), is her temporary guardian angel. Cassie is barely able to adjust as she’s told that she is in the middle, aka the in-between. In order to progress up and get into Heaven, Cassie must make things right with a select few people still on Earth. If she doesn’t, the lift will take her down, and she’ll be stuck in Hell.

Cassie and Val transport to the first person on her list, her father Howie (played by Adam Garcia). A year has passed since Cassie’s death, and Howie has given up hope. The next person on her list? That’s Lisa. Although it’s the last person Cassie wants to see. The third and final person on her list is her estranged mother Sofia (played by Gloria Garcia). It’s a difficult one for Cassie, who hasn’t seen her mother since she moved out, nor has she met her half-sister. 

After watching Lisa for a while, Cassie becomes dismayed that Lisa isn’t dating her neighbour Max (played by Timothy Renou). After Val advises Cassie to cut out all the “I’s” and “Me’s” and to look further. Shortly afterwards Cassie hums to Lisa, not only waking her up but accidentally allowing Lisa to see and hear her. Val suggests that the reason may be because Lisa is her soul mate. Aww. 

Although Lisa starts to believe she is going crazy, her friend Emme (played by Myfanwy Waring), puts it down to her grief. Eventually, Lisa does decide to speak with Cassie’s spirit. They do a puzzle whilst listening to Koop (played by Spencer Sutherland). Cassie realises that the reason she is still on Earth is so she can bring Lisa and Max together. Under Cassie’s advice, Lisa plays loud music, which gets Max’s attention. After he gets invited inside, Cassie takes the hint and leaves Lisa and Max alone. When it appears that they might kiss, Lisa backs out. According to Cassie, it’s a good head start, and she schemes further to bring the pair together.

Wanting to bring hope into her father’s life, Cassie manages to get him back into Yoga and he posts on Instagram. With just two days left, Cassie still hasn’t unmarked anyone off her list. As part of their date, Lisa and Max visit the set of Koop’s newest music video, and they later kiss.

After much hesitation and deliberation, Cassie goes to her mother. With Lisa’s help, Cassie is able to speak to Sofia and asks why she left. Sofia explains that being a wife/mother wasn’t for her. She had hoped that one day she would have the chance to sit down with Cassie and laugh, but as that can’t happen she is unable to forgive herself. Against Cassie’s wishes, Lisa asks Sofia what she would say to Cassie. She says that she wishes she had taken her to London, helped with her homework and being there for nightmares. She adds that the one thing that will never change is her love for her and that the day Cassie was born, was one of the brightest days of her life. And that running away was one of the worst.

For a while, Cassie disappears. Angry over Lisa’s action, the two BFF’s are soon arguing again. Val tells Cassie not to bring her anger to her but does inform her that if Cassie fails her mission, it will delete all the good she has brought so far. Returning to earth, Cassie finds that her parents have put their difference aside. And with that, Sofia’s name is off the list. One down, two to go. But now Cassie wants to add Emme’s name to the list. So that’s one down, three to go.

Netflix’s Afterlife of the Party ending explained

But shortly afterwards, Cassie redecorates Emme’s bakery and that makes it two down, two to go. After Cassie talks Lisa into signing herself up for a job promotion, Lisa nails the interview and gets the job. After which, they go to Emme’s, and as Cassie had hoped, her father and Emme hit it off, with Lisa and Max also going official with their relationship. They go to Emme’s, and as Cassie hoped, father and Emme hit it off.

It’s not just Cassie who is on a mission. Lisa arranges for those that love Cassie to carry a wish lantern where their thoughts will be sent to Cassie. The heartfelt event includes a sing-song of God Only Knows between Cassie and her father. And that’s now her Dad off the list. Three down, one to go. But just as Cassie finds the final piece of the jigsaw, time runs out. 

There’s nothing more than can be done. Newly promoted Val informs Cassie that as she added someone to her list and did everything in good faith, Cassie has got a place in Heaven! But not only that, but Koop will be going into heaven with her!

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