The Voyeurs review – a Hitchrotic thriller

September 9, 2021
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The Voyeurs is a “Hitchrotic” thriller that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop.”



The Voyeurs is a “Hitchrotic” thriller that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stop.”

This review of Amazon’s original film The Voyeurs does not contain spoilers. 

Here’s a “Hitchrotic” (Hitchcock + Erotic, I know, it’s a gift) thriller from writer/director and Pink Grapefruit scribe Michael Mohan that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “no” or “stop.” It’s that type of thriller that makes you feel guilty for enjoying it and mad that there are parts of it that objectively work. It all, unfortunately, leads to one of the more clumsy and amateurish third acts in recent memory.

The film starts with an “adorkable” (see what I did there again?) couple, Pippa (The White Lotus star Sidney Sweeny) and Thomas (Justice Smith), moving into one of the more ridiculous sized apartments no young couple in New York City should be able to afford. They just moved in, but apparently, they haven’t set up their cable yet. So they start to watch a gorgeous, artistic couple across the way.

The fella with an obnoxious name, Seb (Ben Hardy), is a photographer. His lady, Julie (Hotel Mumbai star Natasha Liu Bordezzo), lives with him. He also has the ridiculous habit of cheating on her. Almost daily, in fact, with nearly every woman he takes pictures of. His parents must be relieved he doesn’t like snapping photos of electrical sockets.

I won’t get into much more detail because there is a market for moviegoers that love these films. Think of it as an elevated Lifetime movie genre. Sure, for some, it’s the type of film that makes you feel bad for liking it. It’s why they call it a guilty pleasure. And for the most part, Mohan’s script works through the first two acts. It’s kind of fun and even awkward. I never thought I’d see someone get jerked off on film while watching others have sex across from their apartment. But they must be waiting on the WiFi, so thank goodness for live-action p**n, they make do.

I’ll say this, the big reveal that happens towards the middle of the film is very effective. I may even say slightly jaw-dropping. After that, the last act is a lesson in overdone storytelling and a stunning lack of self-awareness. It was unneeded and would have served the story well of exploring themes of real, lovely, imperfect relationships versus ones you watch for entertainment.

Either way, The Voyeurs is an overindulgence for anyone. Its obvious homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window is well-played and does build some genuine suspense. However, the third act is so pompous, bungled, and overdone to the point that it’s no better than a Lifetime thriller with higher aspirations.

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