Adam and Eric break up – what next for the couple after Sex Education season 3?

September 17, 2021
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This article, “Adam and Eric break up – what next for the couple after Sex Education season 3” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series.

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One of the most heartwarming stories in Sex Education is the unlikely romance between Eric and Adam. As the story developed, Adam was “in the closet,” which led him to bully Eric out of frustration. It turned out to be sexual frustration, and after a few romantic challenges in season 2, Adam and Eric find themselves in a whirlwind romance.

But despite the breakthrough for Adam, he still struggles with being out in the open and taking traits from his father, he suppresses his feelings. He’s not a young teenage boy that fulfills himself with joy. Adam has to navigate his romance with Eric while trying to figure out himself.

Adam and Eric break up – what next for the couple after Sex Education season 3? (Major spoiler)

With Adam’s insecurities rife in season 3, it takes a toll on their relationship. Adam becomes needy and jealous, even when Eric gives him no reason to be. During the halfway stage of season 3, Eric heads to Nigeria to visit family, and he ends up enjoying the secret gay scene in Nigerian nightlife. Feeling free and himself, Eric kisses another man.

Surprisingly, Eric did not feel it was an act of stupidity. Rather he felt freedom, knowing who he was, and expressing himself amongst the LGBTQ+ community. Adam is still at the early days of learning who he is, so both teenage boys are at different stages. Eric comes clean to Adam, and despite Adam wanting to cling on to their relationship, Eric decides they should break up. He feels by staying with Adam, it will pull him backwards, and he has recognised how much progress he’s made within himself.

So, with that, Adam and Eric are no more, but does that mean they will not get back together? At this stage, it seems unlikely that they will, but it depends on how season 4 pans out. If Adam goes on a journey of self-discovery, it may reignite the attraction between him and Eric. We suspect the only way Adam can get Eric back is by embracing who he is, and finding joy in his life.

If Adam remains the same, and doesn’t make any changes, we fear it will be the end for good for this relationship.

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