Who is Cal in Sex Education season 3?

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 17, 2021
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Who is Cal in Sex Education season 3 - Netflix series

This article, “Who is Cal in Sex Education season 3” contains major spoilers for the Netflix series.

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Sex Education always attempts to be representative of different identities in the LGBTQ+ community. It’s something the writers should take note of. This series does it right and with ease. Season 3 brings a new character and one that has space to develop.

Who is Cal in Sex Education season 3?

Cal is a new student at the school and eases into the fold rather easily. They are a character that quickly forms a connection with Jackson who takes a strong interest in them. Cal is non-binary, and they make it clear urgently that they need a voice in the school.

But with Hope Haddon, the new headteacher, Cal is horrifically compromised. Hope does not have inclusive methods at the school, which makes the environment dangerous and oppressed for Cal. And so, Cal sees Hope as enemy number 1, refusing to wear the school uniform properly and protests against the male/female divide that Hope insists all students abide by.

Cal’s love interest (major spoiler)

Cal does have a love interest in Sex Education season 3 and that’s Jackson. The pair grow romantically as season 3 progresses. However, it does hit a snag. Cal makes Jackson aware that if they progress to a relationship, it will be a queer relationship.

Jackson has time to think about it. He even talks to his gay stepmother about sexuality. He then talks to Cal about his thoughts and makes them aware that he’s willing to learn in order to be with them.

However, Cal makes Jackson aware that they are still learning themselves, and they have no interest in carrying him. Cal wants a journey that reflects their identity and sexual orientation, so it would be difficult for them to consider Jackson who is heterosexual. Jackson even admits he sees Cal as female, which further supports Cal’s decision to ensure they are both just friends. It cannot be a heterosexual relationship.

Cal is not alone in Sex Education season 3. They befriend another non-binary character, Layla. Cal helps Layla at the end of season 3, suggesting that they will be closer friends in future seasons.

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