Everybody’s Talking About Jamie film ending explained

By Romey Norton
Published: September 17, 2021 (Last updated: December 16, 2023)
ending of the Amazon Original film Everybodys Talking About Jamie

This article discusses the ending of the Amazon Original film Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, so it will contain major spoilers.

We start the film in the classroom where everyone is discussing their futures, and Jamie is daydreaming about being a drag queen. This is where we get our first song “And You Don’t Even Know It’”.

Coming home to his 16th birthday party, his mum presents him with his first pair of heels, big red heels. His dad hasn’t shown up for his birthday which affects Jamie and he sings “The Wall in my Head.’”

The next scene takes place back in school and Jamie shows off his new shoes to his best friend, Priti. Discussing how they don’t fit in. And we see the character Dean bullying them both and Jamie giving it back. They discuss Jamie wearing his heels and dressing up in drag for their prom. We’re then taken into the musical number “Spotlight”.

In a scene between Jamie’s mum and dad we learn that Jamie’s dad doesn’t want anything to do with him because of “What he is like” and that his mum has been lying to Jamie, sending cards, and making excuses for his dad all this time. We learn that his dad is having another baby and tells them to move on and to tell Jamie the truth. 

Jamie is looking for a dress to go to the prom in. He goes to a drag shop and meets Hugo Battersby, AKA “Loco Chanel”, where they discuss Jamie’s drag name, drag history, and Hugo becomes Jamie’s mentor. Hugo performs “The Legend of Loco Chanelle (and the Blood Red Dress)” where we get a series of clips from the ’80s and ’90s drag culture, protesting, fighting, interviews, images, dances, and raves. Here it is as if Hugo is passing on the torch to Jamie. 

This inspires Jamie — and he plans to be the opening act of a drag show. He needs to work on his Drag character. 

Ray and Margaret are walking and talking; about how Jamie’s dad wants nothing to do with him. They rush home on Jamie’s command, where he tells them about his show. They are thrilled — Jamie asks if his dad will come and Margaret lies and says she’ll invite him. 

Sequences of Jamie working multiple jobs, in his heels, to help save up for his dress. Struggling to come up with a drag queen name. 

Back in school, Jamie and Priti are in the bathroom, trying to do Jamie’s eyebrows. The teacher catches them and bursts in, forcing Jamie to walk through the school with his badly done eyebrows whilst she walks behind him singing “Work of Art”. Jamie then fights back by inviting everyone to his drag show. 

Priti isn’t allowed to Jamie’s show, which has him nervous as the bullies from school have turned up. Jamie goes backstage to see a room of drag queens getting ready. Loco Chanel and the girls dress Jamie up and get him ready for his show, with the backing track “Over the Top’”. Margaret drops off some flowers as if they’re from Jamie’s dad. Just before Jamie goes on stage he comes up with his drag name, Miss MeMeMe! Jamie walks out on stage, Priti comes through the doors, and Jamie lip syncs for his life. 

Jamie now has the confidence to be himself. The song “Everybody’s Talking About Jamie” is played with a montage of people talking about Jamie throughout the school. (Very much like High School Musical.) Jamie comes into school wearing a scarf, sunglasses, looking as flamboyant as ever. His newfound confidence lands him in some trouble with his teachers. Dean tries to fight him, and Jamie responds by kissing him, which causes Dean to miss an exam. 

Ray and Margaret are called into the office to discuss Jamie’s behavior and the fact he wants to go to prom in a dress. This is denied and Jamie heads off to Priti’s to moan and he confesses that without MeMe he feels ugly and worthless. Priti sings “It Means Beautiful”.

We have a flashback of Jamie dressing up in his mum’s clothes and shoes and his dad seeing him and looking disgusted, wiping the makeup off his face and calling him disgusting.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie film ending explained

Jamie goes to talk to his dad. Where his dad tells him that his mum’s been lying and that he doesn’t want anything else to do with him. Jamie goes home and confronts his mum. This is where Margaret sings “He’s my boy”. This argument causes Jamie to get drunk, dress up and crash a football pitch where his dad watches football. Jamie ends up getting hurt and his dad walks away from him. Jamie goes to Hugo for help and advice. 

It’s now prom night! Montage of different students getting ready for the prom. At the prom, Dean verbally abuses Priti and she gives a seriously good speech, putting him down. Jamie turns up in a white dress. He’s not allowed into prom wearing a dress. The students rally behind Jamie and say they’re not going in without him. Their support changes the teachers’ minds and everyone’s allowed into Prom. 

Jamie and Dean walk into the prom together after becoming friends. The final scenes are everyone dancing happily, enjoying their prom night with the final Prom song.

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