Sex Education season 3, episode 3 recap – “the new Milburn family”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 17, 2021
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Netflix series Sex Education season 3, episode 3


Episode 3 observes transitions and adjustments as our characters work out their issues.

This recap of Netflix’s Sex Education season 3, episode 3 contains spoilers.

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Episode 3 involves a new family and double dating as the third season feels bedded in with the evolving story arcs.

Sex Education season 3, episode 3 recap

To give us a giggle, episode 3 opens up with Cynthia and Jeffrey having sex, which is passionate and aggressive, so much so that a piece of hardware falls off the kitchen counter and kills their cat — Cynthia looks distraught, but it somehow leads to way more sex between them. It then flits to the newly formed Milburn family — Otis is irritated at Ola for using his records. It is absolute chaos in the house, filled with arguments and senseless noise. Later on, Jean acknowledges that Ola is having a difficult transition.

We then witness Aimee having her first therapy session with Jean. She talks about the sexual assault she experienced — she is desperate to be her old self again, but Jean raises how she will never be the same person, but there’s plenty of opportunities to heal.

At school, Hope’s control is starting to take effect, and she ensures that everyone is wearing uniforms correctly. Meanwhile, Jackson is a little dizzy, so Cal helps him sit down. Viv enters the fray and tells Cal that they are wearing a boy’s uniform and that they must change it. Viv is clearly enjoying her new power. Hope invites Lily, Maeve, Cal, and Ola into her office and tells them to follow the uniform rules by the end of the week, including hair changes, removing baggy clothes, no make-up, and removing LGBTQ+ badges. It feels certain that there’s going to be a rebellion.

After school, Jackson and Cal hang out — Jackson opens up about his anxiety; these two are forming a friendship rather quickly, so it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Maeve is still struggling with her mother in episode 3, but there is hope they can reconcile. Maeve’s mother Erin heads to the trailers to get her passport, but Maeve has changed the locks. Isaac decides to buy time and invites the mother into his trailer. Maeve returns, and it is still awkward between the mother and daughter. Later on, Maeve pleads with her mother, hoping they can finally speak. The mother softens and insists she will get better. She then calls Isaac an artistic genius after he drew her.

There’s some double dating at the bowling alley in episode 3 between Otis & Ruby, Adam & Eric. It’s bizarre at the start, with plenty of oversharing. But, Otis seems to have changed his mind about Adam and gives Eric his seal of approval. Sadly, Adam messages Eric after the double date, saying he is not ready to be a couple in public yet. Eric knows he is struggling and is understanding.

After the dating, Otis presses Ruby on her home and wonders why she never invites anyone to her house. So Ruby takes Otis to her place. Her father is struggling, so they both help him to his bed. The father wants Otis to stay after hearing about him. He smokes weed with Jeffrey — the father then drops a bombshell — he tells Otis that Ruby has been happy since dating him and will not stop talking about him.

The ending

As we reach the end of episode 3, it’s becoming apparent that the idea of Maeve & Otis feels far away. Maeve heads to Isaac’s trailer to see the painting Isaac made for her — she also thanks him for getting her mother to stay around so she could talk to her. Isaac then turns romantic and tells Maeve that he “knows her” and describes her habits and traits. He’s regretful for what he did. Maeve kisses him on the cheek and forgives him.

As for Otis, he gives advice to Jeffrey — the man is exhausted from all the sex with Cynthia. Otis raises how Cynthia is likely to be suffering from grief due to her deceased cat. Jeffrey returns home, and rather than initiating sex, he speaks to Cynthia about her loss and comforts her.

When Otis goes home, he apologizes to Ola for being hard on her and understands that it is a hard adjustment. As the episode ends, Ruby rings Otis thanking him for his help with her father — she then tells Otis that she loves him. Otis does not know how to respond and ends the call leaving Ruby to tear up. Ah, this is getting way more complicated than we anticipated.

Additional points

  • Rahim asks Eric for the poems and the books back because they have broken up.
  • Hope tells Maeve she will help her get funding for the gifted and talented program in the United States.
  • Jean and Jakob talk baby names — Jakob wants the baby to be called Thor but Jean laughs. Jakob says it was his father’s name.

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