Sex Education Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – Who Crashes Otis and Maeve’s First Date?

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 5 Recap
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)




Otis and O debate in front of the whole school, but it devolves into each throwing dirt on the other. Maeve is organizing her mother’s funeral, while Jean is coming to terms with her post-natal depression.

Otis (Asa Butterfield) and O debate in front of the whole school, but it devolves into each throwing dirt on the other. Maeve (Emma Mackey) is organizing her mother’s funeral, while Jean (Gillian Anderson) is coming to terms with her post-natal depression.  Maeve and Otis go on their first date, and it’s a disaster. There’s plenty of stuff to chew on in Sex Education season 4, episode 5.

Episode 5 starts with Jean’s producer trying to spend quality time with herself. She accidentally uses chili oil as a lubricant, and her son walks in during a very painful and embarrassing moment.

After three days at Anna’s house supporting their friend, both Otis and Aimee have to go back to college, while Maeve goes to the funeral parlor with Sean to make arrangements for her mother’s service.

What does Jo tell Jean’s GP?

Jean and Jo attend Joy’s baby check-up appointment. While Jean downplays her symptoms, Joanna does tell the doctor how much her sister’s been struggling since giving birth.

When the GP offers Jean medication for her post-partum depression, she outright refuses.

What did Jackson decide about his biological father?

At Cavendish, Viv is happy in her new relationship, while Jackson is anxiously awaiting his test results. He’s also decided to find his sperm donor without telling his moms.

Aimee and Isaac admit to liking each other, but they have to speak to Maeve before pursuing their attraction.  At the funeral parlor, Sean is acting like a buffoon, to Maeve’s dismay. When she confronts him outside, she’s enraged to learn that her brother has also started using drugs.

As he’s been spending all his time comforting Maeve, Otis has completely forgotten about the planned sex therapist debate with O.  When he approaches Ruby, she’s upset over him not replying to her texts but agrees to continue helping after hearing of Maeve’s bereavement. 

Otis and O’s debate

The debate itself goes pretty terribly for Otis. Not only does O bring up his father’s manosphere-friendly misogynistic books, but when Otis tries calling her out for ghosting people, she cleverly comes out as asexual and earns even more support from the school.

Jean’s boss opens up about her recent struggles with perimenopause. When Jean suggests there are treatment options to relieve her symptoms, her producer rejects the idea, mirroring Jean’s rejection of treatment for her mental health.

After the two women finish their perimenopausal bonding session, the boss informs Jean that O is coming on as a permanent co-host.  Joanna’s money issues are obvious when she has to call Jean and ask her to pay for her intimate waxing.

At the farm, Adam is getting closer to Jem and Midnight, the horse. This is quite an improvement, considering how scared he was of horses when he started the apprenticeship.

How does Maeve react to Aimee and Isaac liking each other?

When Aimee does talk to Maeve about Isaac, she doesn’t receive a clear answer. Maeve is dealing with a lot, so she asks to defer the conversation to a later date. When Jackson brings up finding his sperm donor to his mom, they both get very defensive. They are hiding something.

After hearing of his church’s soup kitchen’s lack of funding, Eric talks Abbi into pledging the annual Cavendish fundraiser to them. Otis and Maeve finally go on their first date. He tries telling her about the Ruby thing but changes his mind.

Who crashes Otis and Maeve’s first date?

The two are unexpectedly joined at the movie by Jo, whose date stood her up. Meave pulls out a bottle of tequila she stole earlier, leading to her and Jo drunkenly disrupting everyone.

Beau and Viv’s date is interrupted by Jackson, who’s upset by his fight with his parents. As understanding as Beau tries to be, he’s not comfortable with how close Viv and Jackson are, so he walks out. Viv follows him, and the two admit they are falling in love with each other.

Cal and Aisha are at the movie, also on a first date, and theirs seems to be going quite well. At least they have no third wheel to worry about. While Jean is taking care of her drunk sister, Jo makes an unexpected confession: She’s in debt.

After getting kicked out of the theatre and putting a severely intoxicated Joanna in a taxi, Maeve and Otis head to the now boarded-up Moordale Secondary and sneak inside. 

Why can’t Otis have sex with Maeve?

Inside the empty swimming pool, Meave tries initiating sex. He stops and confesses to spending the night with Ruby. The two don’t get a chance to hash it out as two security guards walk in on them.

The episode ends with Jean arriving to pick up her delinquent son and finally meeting Maeve. 

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