Sex Education’ Season 4 Recap: All the Major Moments from Episodes 1-8

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Recap – What happened in Sex Education Season 4 - Episodes 1-8
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)


Sex Education season 4 sees our beloved Moordale Secondary students trying to fit in at a new college where kindness is key, and yoga is part of the curriculum. It’s a season filled with ups and downs and, of course, disastrous sexual encounters. I’ve broken down each episode in this easy-to-consume recap for you to read as you watch. Enjoy!

Episode 1

The season premiere has Otis and Maeve struggling to maintain a long-distance relationship. She’s now studying at Wallace University in the us. Former Moordale secondary students are now studying at Cavendish College, a significantly more progressive school where the cool kids are popular for being kind. 

After her breakup with Jakob, Jean finds it hard to parent a newborn while trying to progress in her career. 

When Otis tries to open his sex therapy clinic at his new college, he’s shocked to find Cavendish already has a student counselor. Her name is O, and she has no intention of backing down. 

Since last season, Cal started taking testosterone, and they’re dealing with some unexpected consequences. 

Ruby has to navigate this new school without her friends, while Vivian has a new love interest in fellow nerd Beau. 

Episode 2

Jean’s younger sister, Joanne, moves in with her after Otis calls her. Ruby helps Otis get clients for his sex therapy clinic by encouraging him to help get the relationship between the popular Abbi and Roman back on track. 

Unhappy about Otis stealing her clients, O agrees to run against him in an election. Ruby offers to help Otis win. 

Eric has a crisis of faith as he’s not sure if he wants to get baptized if he can’t be openly out at church. 

While Meave is receiving less than stellar feedback from her tutor, Aimee, and her ex, Isaac, are starting to bond over art. 

After a casual sex session, Jackson finds out he lumps his t******e. 

Episode 3

Otis and Ruby record his campaign video. We find out that O bullied Ruby in primary school over a bedwetting incident, and that’s why she’s helping Otis win. The two fall asleep together while hanging out, which leaves Otis worried about his chances with Maeve. 

Eric uninvites Otis from an LGBTQI+ event in favor of hanging out with Abbi, Roman, and Aisha. 

Joanne meets Dan by chance and agrees to go on a date with him. The only problem is that Dan is baby Joy’s real father. 

Maeve is forced to go back to Moordale as her mother suffered an overdose. 

Episode 4

Maeve’s mom dies in the hospital soon after her arrival. Otis ditches Ruby and the campaign to spend time with her. 

Aimee and Isaac like each other, but they’re reluctant to pursue a relationship without Maeve’s blessing. 

Vivian and Beau are dating, but he’s starting to show signs of jealousy. 

Episode 5

Otis and O hold a debate, but they each attack the other. When Otis and Maeve go on their first real date, it ends with them breaking into Moordale Secondary and getting caught by security. 

Jean and O become co-hosts at the radio show, to Otis’s dismay. 

Episode 6 

To Maeve’s surprise, Aimee invites former Moordale students to Erin’s funeral, including their ex-teachers, Colin and Emily. Maeve’s brother makes a scene at the service, but with Isaac’s help, she pulls herself together and gives a touching eulogy. 

Eric’s crisis of faith manifests with signs from his dream spilling into the real world. 

Adam finds out that his parents are now sleeping with each other again, and he’s angry. 

At his GP, Jackson finds out his lump isn’t cancerous. 

When Otis and Maeve try to have sex, he gets a panic attack. 

Ruby releases the video of O bullying her. 

Episode 7

On exam day, Cavendish students stage a protest to show solidarity with Isaac, who’s beyond frustrated about the lift constantly breaking down. Speaking of lifts, Otis is stuck in the broken-down lift with O, and the two manage to hash a few things out. 

Jean and Jo have a massive argument, with Jo leaving. Jean also gets to spend some time with Maeve and the two women bond. 

Vivian is horrified that her seemingly perfect boyfriend, Beau, suddenly gets controlling and even physically abusive. 

After dinner with him and his mother, Maeve tells Otis she’s decided to return to the U.S. The two finally make love before she leaves the next day. She also gives Aimee and Isaac her blessing to start dating. 

Episode 8 

Cavendish students spend most of the episode looking for Cal after they went missing. Eric decides not to get baptized since the church won’t accept him for who he is. He then sees God and finds Cal. 

The school changed its fundraiser and raised money for Cal’s top surgery. 

Jackson finds out that his biological dad was a married man his mom had an affair with. But he and his moms hash out in the end. 

Vivian bravely cuts any contact with Beau. 

Michael apologizes to Adam for having been such a bad parent and promises to do better in the future. Adam invites his dad over, and the three sit down to watch television together. 

O apologizes to Ruby. 

Jean and her sister start dealing with the abuse Joanna went through as a child. Jean also decides to tell Dan about the baby. 

Maeve’s career starts taking off when she gets a call from an editor who is impressed with her work. 

The random guy Ruby was supporting wins the election, but he doesn’t want the sex therapist job. Otis rejects the role, too, and offers it back to O. 

Otis and Eric mend their friendship. 

The series ends with Otis reading a letter from Maeve. She wants to thank him for giving her the confidence to pursue a greater goal for herself. 

And that completes my recap of Sex Education season 4. What are your thoughts on the story? Comment below.

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