Sex Education Season 4 Ending Explained – How Does It All End?

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)


The grand finale starts in the most Sex Education fashion, with someone’s disastrous attempt at getting some orgasmic joy into their lives. The rest of the episode is quite melodramatic.

The season 4 finale starts in the most Sex Education fashion, with someone’s disastrous attempt at getting some orgasmic joy into their lives. This time, it’s poor Roman who makes the effort to prepare a romantic surprise for Abbi. But Abbi didn’t want to have sex, so she intentionally dropped a candle on the floor and started a small fire to get out of it. But there’s plenty more that happens in season 4, episode 8, bringing a melodramatic ending.

Why is Otis mad at Jean?

O makes an apology video but fails to apologize to the person she hurt the most: Ruby. Unsurprisingly, her peers deem her video fake. At least she didn’t pull out an ukelele.

Why is Jo back at her sister’s house?

After their big blow-out last episode, Jo goes back to Jean’s house to say goodbye (and take a shower). As Jo is on her way out, Jean offers her the money she needs for her debts and asks her to stay. Jo leaves anyway, but not before telling Jean what a wonderful mom she is. Jackson starts his day by knocking on the door of the man from his mom’s letter. The potential dad tells Jackson to get off his property.

Jean also admits how devastated she is over losing Jakob, while Jo confesses she had sex with Dan. But she doesn’t like him anymore because he has weird toes.

Who goes missing in the finale?

Meanwhile, Cal’s mom wakes up to a parent’s worst nightmare. Cal’s gone, and no one knows where they are. It’s a big day at Cavendish. Not only is it election day for O and Otis, but it’s also the big college fundraiser event for Eric’s church.

Speaking of Eric, he starts the episode ready for his baptism. But upon arrival, his pastor tells him the church decided not to accept money from Cavendish College because of homophobia. Isaac and Aimee are preparing their art for action at the fundraiser. When Isaac asks to kiss her, she can’t because she is still struggling with intimacy after her assault.

While the whole student body is searching for Cal, Roman approaches Otis about his sex problem with Abbi. The search party catches a break when a fast food worker remembers seeing Cal.

Adam and Michael make up

Michael seeks out Adam at the farm and apologizes for being an awful father. The two hug, and Jem invites Michael to join as Adam is about to teach his first riding lesson. After the lesson, Adam tells Jem he’s bisexual, and the two decide to go on a date. When Adam gets home that night, he’s accompanied by Michael. It seems he’s warmed up to the possibility of his parents getting back together.

Why doesn’t Eric get baptized?

Before he’s about to step into the pool and get baptized, Eric gives a poignant and brave speech to the congregation. He comes out as a proud gay man and says he will only get baptized if the community can accept and love him as he is.

While his mom gets up and says she loves him as he is, everyone else in the church stays quiet. Back at the Mall, Ruby is going through the security footage while Aisha and Roman gang up on Abbi. They’ve had enough of her constant forced positivity, and O does her therapy magic and assures Abbi that sometimes it’s okay to vocalize negative emotions.

Abbi rejects Roman’s sexual advances

As it turns out, the reason Abbi stopped having sex with Roman is that he makes weird noises when they kiss, and the all-natural toothpaste he’s been using isn’t working. Amid all the chaos, O approaches Ruby and finally apologizes to her. Ruby gracefully accepts.

The group gets a lead on Cal and finds their backpack with their phone thrown in the trash.

Does Eric meet God?

As he’s walking away from the church, God (who looks like the homeless woman he helped a few episodes ago) steals Eric’s phone and tells him he did exactly what She wanted him to do by refusing the baptism. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Eric unironically meets God. The encounter leads him to decide he wants to become a pastor.

Who finds Cal?

And, of course, God led Eric to Cal. They’re safe and sound physically but struggling mentally with their gender identity and feel like no one will accept them for who they are. Eric and Jackson reassure and comfort Cal the best they can before taking them home.

Who showed Maeve’s work to a distinguished editor?

At Wallace, Maeve gets some fantastic news. Her roommate Ellen showed Maeve’s work to one of the book editors she met; the publication is impressed, and they want to see more. She then goes to see Thomas Molloy and lets him know that his words almost stopped her from going back to her course.

As another person was about to fill in Jean’s show, she barged in and said she wanted her podcast back. She also includes a few reasonable requests for her participation.

Jackson’s father

Jackson finally learns the truth about his father. It turns out his mom had an affair with a married Jerome, and he’s the product of said affair. They tried to protect him by lying to him with the sperm donor story. Unsurprisingly, he does not take the news well. Later that day, Otis seeks out Eric and apologizes to him.

What happened to Joanna when she was a child?

During Jean’s show, Joanna calls in and confesses to having been abused as a child by one of her mom’s boyfriends. She then decides against getting on the bus and continuing her drifter lifestyle.

Aimee comes up with a cathartic way of putting her assault behind her. She goes to the bus stop, takes some self-portraits of wearing those jeans, then sets them on fire. Cavendish College decided to raise money for Cal’s top surgery. When Aisha gives them the news, they’re grateful but don’t feel ready to attend the event.

Throughout the episode, Beau keeps trying to talk to Viv, but she bravely tells him to go away. The fundraiser night starts amazingly for Viv. She tells Beau to leave her alone and threatens to report him if he continues to contact her.

Who won the student election?

To no one’s surprise, Connor wins the election. But he doesn’t want the student therapist position because it’s too much work. Otis is the runner-up, but he refuses the position because he realizes it wasn’t fair to try to ruin all the work O’s put into helping Cavendish students with their sex woes.

But O is nearly booed off the stage until Ruby intervenes and gives a touching speech about second chances. Eric’s pastor joins the party and says he’s willing to have more “discussions” about making the church more inclusive. While most students are dancing, Aimee and Isaac are getting it on in the darkroom.

Sex Education Season 4 Ending Explained

In the final scenes of the series:

  • Jackson and his mom have a heart-to-heart, and he has started coming to terms with his paternity.
  • Cal apologizes to their mom for worrying her, but she tells them they have nothing to be sorry for.
  • It seems Roman changed his toothpaste, and he and Abbi are enjoying some naked time together.
  • Otis and Eric stay up late playing video games together.

The next morning, Otis goes home and apologizes to Jean for yelling at her. He tells her how proud he is that she got help for her mental health. Their sweet family moment is interrupted by Dan knocking at the door. Jean has finally decided to tell him he’s a daddy.

Sex Education ends with Otis reading a letter from Maeve. She thanks him for encouraging her to believe in herself. Their clinic at Moordale Secondary was the catalyst that opened her heart to the world and helped her become the ambitious young woman she is today.

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