Sex Education Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – What Happens When Maeve Arrives at the Hospital?

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 4 Recap
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)




Maeve’s homecoming is overshadowed by heartbreak, while Otis tries to be there for her. Michael has “bedroom” problems and gets advice from Jean and her new radio show co-host.

Maeve’s (Emma Mackey) homecoming is overshadowed by heartbreak in Sex Education season 4, episode 4, while Otis (Asa Butterfield) tries to be there for her. Michael (Alistair Petrie) has “bedroom” problems and gets advice from Jean (Gillian Anderson) and her new radio show co-host.

Michael invites Gloria back to his home, and she’s very much a straight-to-business type of lady. Unfortunately, Michael has some trouble performing, so Gloria leaves. But not before making it clear she wants a “real man’’ in the bedroom.

Poor Otis is stuck between two women. Maeve is back and dealing with her mom’s latest overdose. And then there’s Ruby, who’s helping him with the election.

Why does Jean ask Joanne to babysit?

Jean wants Joanne to babysit that evening as her producer asked her to go in early. She admits to feeling overwhelmed about being back at work, especially since the podcast isn’t doing so well.

While Joanne promises to cancel her date with Dan to look after Joy, it’s clear she has no intention of doing that. When Eric goes to pick up Otis, he finds out that Maeve is back and that Otis went to the hospital. Their friendship keeps on crumbling. 

Why does Beau get jealous?

Viv and Jackson share a sweet moment when he tells her about his health issues. Beau witnesses the two friends hugging, and he doesn’t look pleased.  But as soon as Viv reassures him about the platonic nature of her relationship with Jackson, Beau asks her to be his girlfriend. Instead of going to college, Otis surprises Maeve at her house as she is about to drive to the hospital with Aimee.

Maeve arrives at the hospital

When she gets to the hospital, Maeve is disappointed by her brother, who is making light of the situation. After some time in the waiting room, Sean and Maeve get the devastating news: Their mom passed away. RIP Erin.

Still in shock, Maeve stays at the hospital even after Sean leaves her there. Otis and Aimee are still in the car, and they don’t know what to do after getting the news. While waiting for Maeve in the hospital parking lot, Aimee admits she’s starting to catch feelings for Isaac.

Why is Aisha ok to date Cal?

At Cavendish, Cal is pleased to hear that Aisha is in an ethically non-monogamous relationship, and she’s interested in dating them.

Ruby is disappointed to see a queue of “clients” waiting for Otis, and he’s not there. Making matters worse, O upped the anti; she’s giving away free T-shirts and organized a live debate between her and Otis. 

Ruby calls O out for pretending not to remember her. And when O tries to get into Ruby’s head with therapy speak, she fails. Our girl is out for revenge on her former bully. Meanwhile, Joanna’s date is going well; she seems to hit it off straight away with Dan. 

Unbeknownst to either of them, when Joanna took baby Joy on her date, she also introduced Dan to his daughter. 

Jean’s new co-host

As the podcast has been performing poorly, Jean is getting a co-host whether she wants one or not. Yes, it’s O. One of their callers is Michael, who admits he is still in love with his wife, which explains why he couldn’t perform with Gloria. Of course, Maureen is listening, and she is touched.

What signs does Eric get?

Eric spends most of the episode receiving some strange signs. Not only do bird poops land on him twice, but he also finds a bible in the middle of the road. He declines to help his mom at the soup kitchen because he already has plans with Abbi, but he ends up going there anyway when a homeless woman convinces him to show her the way.

When he arrives, his mom talks him into staying and helping. Abbi decides to come down and lend a helping hand, too.  Eric’s biggest worry was his pastor judging him for being openly gay. Instead, the pastor informs him that the soup kitchen is being shut down due to a lack of funding.

After hearing Michael on the radio, Maureen knocks on his door. She admits that she has also been missing him, so the two share a passionate kiss. 

When does Maeve leave the hospital?

After spending hours in the hospital waiting room with her crossword, Maeve finally walks back out to Aimee and Otis. Both are still waiting in the car, ready to support her as much as she needs.

While Otis is staying the night with Aimee and Maeve, Ruby is heartbroken and alone in her bed. He hasn’t replied to any of her texts. 

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