Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – How Did Ruby Get Revenge on O?

By Lori Meek
Published: September 21, 2023 (Last updated: last month)
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Sex Education Season 4 Episode 6 Recap
Sex Education Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)




At this point in the season, Otis has lost all his friendships, and his relationship with his mother is more strained than ever. Maeve says goodbye to her mom during a tragically comic yet touching funeral. 

At this point in Sex Education Season 4, Otis (Asa Butterfield) has lost all his friendships, and his relationship with his mother is more strained than ever. Maeve (Emma Mackey) says goodbye to her mom during a tragically comic yet touching funeral in episode 6.

It seems Eric’s church dilemma has now spilled into his dreams. The episode starts with him dreaming about God telling him not to turn his back on her. And Cal’s also there with a basket of bread.

Why does O drop in at Otis’s house?

Things are frosty between Otis and Jean. Making things worse is O popping in to help Jean prepare for their podcast.  As Jean is not exactly mother of the year material, that manuscript where she details her son’s most intimate sexual details was lying on her desk for O to find.

Ruby is angry at Otis

Otis seeks out Ruby under the pretense of wanting to discuss his campaign. He wants to ensure his “friendship” with Ruby doesn’t ruin his chances with Maeve. At this point, Ruby has had enough of Otis’s bull, so she walks away from their friendship and his sex therapist campaign.

Why is Aimee not going to date Isaac?

It’s the day of Erin’s cremation. Before heading out for the funeral, Meave asks Aimee not to pursue her attraction with Isaac. Aimee agrees without hesitation. To be fair, arguing with someone about to cremate their mother is never a good idea.

Maeve and Aimee go to the funeral parlor, where they’re met with a highly incompetent celebrant. At the farm, Adam’s doing well, and Jem even offered to let him teach a few riding classes on his own.

How did Otis end up in charge of the funeral flowers?

As she can’t get a hold of Sean, Maeve asks Otis for help. He’s nowhere to be found, but he did get the flowers delivered at his mate, Dodgy Mo’s house. Sadly, Sean’s touching flower arrangement gets ruined by Otis in a bike crash.

He’s also frustratingly refusing to understand Eric’s point of view. The two have a long-overdue blowout, and Otis still can’t seem to care about anyone other than himself and his Maeve woes.

Erin’s funeral

Things get surprisingly touching when a whole bunch of Mooredale students, including Viv, Adam, Isaac, Jackson, and even their two former teachers, Emily and Colin, show up for Erin’s service after Aimee invited them.

When Sean does finally show up, he’s high. And he gets on stage and gives the most painful eulogy ever seen on television. He even refers to Erin as a “dirty junkie.” After Sean leaves, Maeve pulls a small disappearing act, too. The celebrant does have another funeral that afternoon, and she’s anxious to get Erin’s service over and done with.  Adam and Eric see each other for the first time since their break-up, and the two are in a good place with each other.

How is Eric’s dream spilling into the real world? 

Throughout the episode, Eric’s been seeing signs similar to his dream. Dream God called him “effercrescent” but meant “effervescent”, and Adam uses that same word to describe him. His dream included a rainbow-colored fish. Dodgy Mo was wearing a t-shirt with the same symbol.

Isaac eventually locates Maeve and gives her a pep talk. She comes back into the room and speaks from the heart about the good side of Erin. She was an addict, yes, but she was also Maeve’s mom.

For added heartstring pulling teacher sits down at the piano and performs Erin’s favorite song, “With or Without You.” (they tried putting it on during the survive, but the funeral home’s wifi is spotty). 

Meanwhile, Jo and Jean accidentally spot Dan in town. Jean admits to her sister that he’s Joy’s father and asks Jo to stop seeing him.

Where are Emily and Colin now?

We get a small update on Emily and Colin’s life. Emily went back to university to get her master’s degree, and Colin is still teaching.

Things aren’t okay between Otis and Eric, and they break up their friendship.

Meanwhile, at Cavendish, a hot bathroom encounter with Aisha ends in disaster when Cal unexpectedly gets their period. This triggers their gender dysphoria, and they pull away from a confused Aisha.

However, it seems Maeve is ready to move on from the whole Otis and Ruby sleeping together but not sleeping together incident.

Sex Education Season 4, Episode 6 Ending Explained

Adam goes to see his dad, hoping they can hang out. Instead, he finds out that his parents have been sneakily sleeping with each other.

Thankfully, when Jackson’s test results come back, he’s in the clear.

The podcast is going well for new cohosts Jean and O. Then Ruby phones in to call O out for being a bully. She then tags the whole school in the “bedwetter” video where O ruthlessly makes fun of Ruby.

While in bed that night, Maeve tells Otis she’s decided not to go back to Wallace and stay in the U.K. with him. The two try to have sex again, but Otis’s panic attacks are back with a vengeance.

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