Move to Heaven season 1, episode 4 recap – the ex-boyfriend murderer

May 14, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 4


More secrets are discovered, and Geu-ru’s investigative skills show worth again as episode 4 solidifies itself as a worthy k-drama series.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 4 contains major spoilers.

Episode 4 begins with Lee Seon-yeong’s ex-partner talking to the police; he gives his side of the story — that she was the one he wanted to marry, but that he scared her by moving too fast. Flashbacks show Lee Seon-yeong threatening him with a knife, and after an accidental stumble to the floor, Lee Seon-yeong was badly wounded by the knife and died. The ex-partner has been accused of murder, but he’s claiming self-defense.

We could tell he was lying from the start — everything felt too easy; it brings The Staircase vibes.

The trauma cleaning begins

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 4 then flits to Geu-ru and the group at the same apartment where the murder took place. Geu-ru uses UV light and makes plans to clean the place — Na-mu raises how she is creeped out that a murder took place in the same apartment; Geu-ru tells her that she has no reason to be creeped out. Then, Geu-ru gets to work and starts clearing the place and creating a yellow box of sentimental items. After the apartment is cleared, Geu-ru heads out to drop things off; Sang-gu heads into the apartment and sees blood on the wall. Suddenly, he remembers his childhood — he was raised in a vicious broken home. He aggressively starts ripping down the wallpaper.

Visiting kindergarten

Geu-ru drops off books at kindergarten where Lee Seon-yeong worked — they refuse the books and state the children do not think she is dead but on vacation. Geu-ru questions what’s wrong with a gift, and Na-mu tells the school to accept the books without telling the children where they are from. Lee Seon-yeong had also knitted mittens for a baby that was due, so Geu-ru drops it off to the birth mother. The woman is in despair, blaming the murder on herself because Lee Seon-yeong met her ex-partner at her wedding. She feels the self-defense claim by the partner is a lie.

Finding the camera 

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 4 turns into an investigation again (there’s a running theme), with Geu-ru wanting more answers behind the woman’s death.

Late in the night, Geu-ru cannot sleep as he cannot stop thinking about a user guide he found from the apartment — he is restless. He repeats that Ms. Lee had no pet as Sang-gu wakes up. He tells Sang-gu to drive him back to the apartment. When they get there, he’s looking for a hidden HD camera, and he finds it in the vent. At the police station, they play the footage from the camera to the ex-partner. He evidently murders the deceased with a knife — it was a cold-blooded murder. Geu-ru tells the lead investigator that he found a user guide for monitoring pets, but Lee Seon-yeong did not have a pet, which is why he concluded that there must be a hidden HD camera.

Geu-ru shows the ex-partner a large paper of drawings from Ms. Lee Seon-yeong’s students — the children absolutely adored her. Then, he tells the ex-partner that he did not love Ms. Lee and repeats it over and over again.

Na-mu spies on Sang-gu

Na-mu learns that Sang-gu is trying to sell the apartment; as we know, he’s under pressure from this mysterious woman to pay interest, or the alternative is to street fight — he’s clearly losing the fights, so she wins money. Na-mu plants baby monitors in the apartment so she can spy on Sang-gu. In the middle of the night, Sang-gu leaves the apartment and sees the same woman getting domestically abused again; flashbacks of his childhood return — rather than walking on, he confronts the abuser — he wants the man to promise that he will not lay a hand on her. Sang-gu punches him and throws the man to the floor — Na-mu watches from a distance as Sang-gu brutally beats the man.

The ending

The next day, Na-mu tells Geu-ru that if Sang-gu hurts him, he should scream near the tent (that’s where the baby monitor is). Sang-gu comes from the bathroom, and Geu-ru treats a wound on his wrist. Late in the night, Na-mu follows Sang-gu again, but this time in a taxi. She follows him to a door, but she doesn’t know the passcode. However, she manages to sneak inside when others enter; she soon realizes that it’s a lively underground street fighting arena, and Sang-gu is fighting. She sees Sang-gu getting beaten badly, and she’s dismayed as he’s knocked out.

More secrets are discovered, and Geu-ru’s investigative skills show worth again as Move to Heaven season 1, episode 4 solidifies itself as a worthy k-drama series.

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