Move to Heaven season 1, episode 3 recap – the suit store

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 3


Episode 3 becomes an unexpected detective show as Geu-ru puts his investigative skills to the test to offer an “over and above” service as a trauma cleaner.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 3 contains major spoilers.

The third chapter is an instant investigation, serving a “Move to Heaven” continuation of episode 2, with the deceased’s (Ms. Lee Yeong-sun) intentions needing to be figured out — it makes for satisfying television.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 3 opens up with a flashback of Ms. Lee Yeong-sun at the bank — she came to the bank every day to withdraw a 50,000 note. Everyone at the bank knew her. In the present day, the bank staff tells Geu-ru about her routine. Geu-ru believes he understands what she was trying to say now and walks out of the bank — Sang-gu loses him. He heads home, and Na-mu is furious at him for losing Geu-ru — she tells him how at risk the young man is. Geu-ru eventually returns home and says he must meet Ms. Lee Yeong-sun’s family again, as he has things to give to them besides money — he says it is the policy of Move to Heaven.

Geu-ru wants to find the yellow box 

Sang-gu will have to start getting it eventually, and soon, as he’s tripping himself up an awful lot in the story — it serves as comedy, rather than a serious matter; Move to Heaven has managed to strike a good balance with this character who is clearly broken.

The next morning, Geu-ru is worried because he’s lost Ms. Lee Yeong-sun’s heart and that he cannot visit the family without the yellow box (Sang-gu put the box in a disposal van in the last episode believe it was trash). Sang-gu tries to calm Geu-ru by putting his arm around his neck, but Na-mu walks in — Sang-gu ends up getting bitten by Geu-ru, and then Na-mu tries to stop Geu-ru from smashing his head against the wall. Finally, when Geu-ru describes the yellow box, Sang-gu realizes what he did — he thought it was garbage that the family did not want.

Telling the family Ms. Lee Yeong-sun’s story 

Sang-gu admits he threw the box away because the family called it garbage. They ring the man from the disposal van, and he says he’s already dumped it at the waste site. Sang-gu, Na-mu, and Geu-ru now have to look through the waste. Eventually, Sang-gu finds the box, and Geu-ru immediately takes it off him and walks off. Geu-ru meets the family and shows the withdrawal notes that Ms. Lee Yeong-sun stashed away, showing that she went to the bank every day to take out a 50,000 won note between October 2nd, 2019 to March 30, 2020 — a total of 123 times. The man (the son of Ms. Lee Yeong-sun — Mr. Park Cheol-u) isn’t interested and asks Geu-ru to hand over the money.

The suit store

But at the halfway point of episode 3, we see Geu-ru’s investigation go full circle — Move to Heaven season 1 is giving the audience plenty to think about.

Geu-ru refuses to hand over the money and says he has something else to give him and asks him to come with him — Mr. Park Cheol-u gets annoyed and tries to put a hand on him, but Geu-ru runs away. Mr. Park Cheol-u finally catches him — Geu-ru has led the man to a suit store — the owner tells Mr. Park Cheol-u that he has his mother’s eyes. Ms. Lee Yeong-su wanted to buy an expensive suit for her son; she told the suit owner not to sell a particular suit to anyone, as she wanted to purchase it.

The suit owner explains that Ms. Lee Yeong-su came by every day with money — Mr. Park Cheol-u expresses that he doesn’t need a suit and asks for the money. Geu-ru gives him the yellow box, but Mr. Park Cheol-u gets angry, throws the box on the floor, and takes the money. Suddenly, Mr. Park Cheol-u sees something from the box and gets emotional — it’s triple-layer thermal underway, and the box is marked with — “December 28th, 1988. The day my son got his first paycheck”.

Flashbacks show Mr. Park Cheol-u giving his mother the triple-layer thermal underwear from his first paycheck. She is happy and tells him she cannot wear it as it is too precious, and feels guilty as she couldn’t give him a suit for his first job, and promises to get him one. In the present day, Mr. Park Cheol-u collapses and sobs. When Geu-ru gets home, he tells Na-mu that Ms. Lee Yeong-su wrote her wish on the back of one of the banknotes. What a lovely story.

Sang-gu’s secret life 

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 3 finally gives the audience insight into Sang-gu’s mysterious life.

Sang-gu sees his friend from the club — she tells him to get in the car. Na-mu sees them drive off from her window and wonders what it was. She wonders if it’s his girlfriend. In the car, the woman gives Sang-gu a disclaimer and says, “If I keep Su-cheol alive, you said you’d do anything.”. Flashbacks show Sang-gu street fighting, and he badly hurts Su-cheol — he signed the disclaimer and ended up in prison. In the present day, Sang-gu is street fighting again at the club, and he enters the ring — the woman looks on. He gets knocked out, and the woman walks off.

The ending

Na-mu and Geu-ru wonder where Sang-gu is the next morning. Sang-gu returns home with injuries, so Geu-ru helps him. They then get a new assignment for Move to Heaven. The trio head to the scene, and the police let them inside. It’s a murder scene, and there’s a lot of blood on the floor — a female in her twenties was killed in the apartment — her ex-boyfriend came home, and they had a fight. Geu-ru examines the crime scene and reads about the police reports. He prays for the victim — Ms. Lee Seon-yeong. He vows to help her final move.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 3 becomes an unexpected detective show as Geu-ru puts his investigative skills to the test to offer an “over and above” service as a trauma cleaner.

Additional points
  • Na-mu knows the police officer at the crime scene — he wonders why she has dropped out of college. She explains Geu-ru’s situation.

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