Move to Heaven season 1, episode 6 recap – leaving the world, together

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021 (Last updated: May 16, 2021)
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Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 6


Another chapter, another tearful narrative — episode 6 proves itself to be a worthwhile series.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 6 contains major spoilers.

Another chapter and another heartwarming story that will bring you close to tears.

Episode 6 opens with a janitor carrying boxes into an apartment in the glaring sun. Under pressure, the landlord of the building tells him to get his golf clubs — as he carries them, he’s knocked over by a car. In the hospital, the older man decides to discharge early, and he visits his wife at a care home. Meanwhile, Sang-gu is sat with an unconcious Su-cheol, who is in a coma. Outside, he meets the older man who kindly tells him to put his cigarette as he’s at a hospital before pushing his wife in a wheelchair.

Na-mu checks in with Geu-ru’s lawyer

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 6 sees Na-mu not letting go of her suspicions of Sang-gu, despite the fact that we can clearly see she is warming to him.

Na-mu asks Geu-ru’s lawyer if Sang-gu is a murderer — she feels it will be against the law for a murderer to be a guardian and asks if he’s meant to protect his clients. The lawyer clarifies that Sang-gu is not a murderer, but he nearly killed someone in a game. He asks if Sang-gu has hurt his client, shown inappropriate behavior, or done a disservice to “Move to Heaven.” Na-mu can think of small instances, but nothing concrete. Afterward, Na-mu’s mother learns that she spends all day with Geu-ru after overhearing Sang-gu — she’s flabbergasted and annoyed. Sang-gu tells the mother that it was a misunderstanding as he was joking. He calls Na-mu a very bright person.

A new request but a strange visit

Geu-ru is worried as he didn’t remember getting a request for trauma cleaning a few days ago. Sang-gu raises that he received the request but forget about it. Their case is on the day, so they need to rush over. When Sang-gu enters the apartment for the cleaning, he is shocked, and he tells Geu-ru to ring the police immediately — the man (from the beginning of the series — Kim In-su) is laid next to his wife, dead. They wanted to die and leave the world together, so they planned their deaths. That’s why he requested the trauma cleaning for the day after.

This is a story of a husband and wife who desperately wanted to be with each other on their last days.

The respectful clean

Son U-rim, the social worker, claims that the husband decided to leave the world together after being fired from his job; the wife lived in a care home. Sang-gu has a different view and questions how Kim In-su knew his wife agreed to this. He tells Geu-ru not to pray for Kim In-su as he doesn’t deserve heaven. Son U-rim has a different view to Sang-gu, and they clash. Geu-ru gets to work regardless and prays for the deceased. Son U-rim joins and helps Geu-ru in the apartment, and a yellow box is put together. When Sang-gu helps with the bin bags, there’s a strange tension between him and Son U-rim.

Is there a romance brewing midway through this series? Let’s hope so.

The secret greenhouse

As Sang-gu leaves, he finds a secret greenhouse in the apartment and alerts Geu-ru. Flashbacks show Kin In-su hugging his wife as they look out of the greenhouse window. In the present, Son U-rim asks Sang-gu if this looks like the place of an evil man. Geu-ru looks at the labels of the plants and tells Sang-gu that they must go to block 105 in the apartment building opposite. As Son U-rim tries to arrange a lift, Sang-gu offers Son U-rim a ride. She evidently compels him.

The plant for the young girl

Geu-ru visits every apartment in 105 and asks if they knew Kim In-su as he’s delivering a plant for them from the deceased. He eventually finds a young girl, and she’s distraught that he’s dead. In a flashback, the young girl (Min-ji) raised funds to give Kim In-su an air conditioner. However, the landlord of the building tells the janitor that he cannot use it due to the energy that he will use and states he can have one if he buys one of his own. Kim In-su has no choice but to return the air conditioner — he is grateful to the young girl anyway.

This was a cruel flashback, showing how the landlord abused his power on the older man and essentially refused his rights for a cooler home.

Son U-rim wants to show Sang-gu something

Sang-gu tells Son U-rim that he may have misunderstood the deceased, but she wants to show him something. She learns that the sleeping pills the couple took were from the hospital that Mrs. Lee stayed at — the husband had pancreatic cancer — the wife always said she’d like to die near the same time as her husband. Flashbacks show Kim In-su received a notice of dismissal from his job as a janitor. Afterward, he picked his wife up, and they agreed to leave the care home together and carry out their promise. When Sang-gu sees a photo of the couple, he realizes it’s the man he crossed paths with at the start of the episode — he wants to know about the funeral. Son U-rim assures him that the couple will get a small one.

We see a softer side of Sang-gu in this chapter — it’s almost his episode as his character develops into a likable person.

The funeral

At home, Geu-ru is frustrated as there is no one to give the yellow box to as the couple had no one left in their lives and argues with Sang-gu. Finally, Na-mu tells Geu-ru he should get ready for the funeral, so he is not late for it, and so the couple is not lonely. Son U-rim pays her respects at the funeral, and the Geu-ru and Sang-gu turn up with a few flowers from the couple’s greenhouse. The young girl Min-ji also turns up to pay her respects.

We need a bigger funeral

Outside the funeral place, Sang-gu tries to take a flower wreath, and Geu-ru shouts that he’s a thief. Sang-gu claims there’s enough around for everyone, and he wants to borrow it for the deceased as it is sad there isn’t one. He tells Geu-ru that he’s too inflexible. Geu-ru then realizes that they can get more people to Kim In-su’s funeral. An older man at the funeral place knows of Kim In-su as a senior manager — he used to work with him as a working associate when younger — he explains that Kim In-su was always there, so he pays his respects. Many people who were with this man also pay their respects, and it becomes a busy funeral.

The ending

After the funeral, Son U-rim thanks Sang-gu for everything he has done for Kim In-su and shakes his hand. He is taken back by her gratefulness and walks away smiling. Geu-ru tells Sang-gu that his ears went pink, which usually means his heart has been racing. It’s also revealed that Geu-ru arranged a wreath to be delivered at the memorial, which puts a big smile on Son U-rim’s face.

The next day, Geu-ru gives Sang-gu a pot of flowers that belonged to Kim In-su — the name of the flowers is linked to the “happiness of knowing someone’s heart.” He tells her that Son U-rim wants Sang-gu to take care of the flowers.

As the episode ends, Sang-gu learns that Su-cheol is in critical condition — he runs to the hospital.

Another chapter, another tearful narrative — Move to Heaven season 1, episode 6, proves itself to be a worthwhile series.

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