Move to Heaven season 1, episode 5 recap – the doctor’s secret love

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 5


Episode 5 brings a heartwarming, but tearful and tragic story on a forbidden love as Geu-ru unearths another truth of the deceased.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 5 contains major spoilers.

Episode 5 opens with a man putting a woman under hostage at the hospital, and he asks for morphine; a doctor tries to give him advice on his wounds, but the man wants the drugs only. The woman screams, which causes a commotion, and the doctor is stabbed in the neck by the man — there’s panic, but it’s too late — the doctor has bled out, and he dies. What a hectic way to start the chapter, but a new “Move to Heaven” case is in our laps!

Trauma cleaning for the doctor

Geu-ru and the group head to the doctor’s house. It’s a very clean assignment as he didn’t die there — Ge-ru does his usual praying for the deceased –Jung Soo-hyun. Geu-ru gives the family a letter he found and wondered if they know who it is from — he states the deceased left a letter for someone, and it must be delivered. One of the family members throws it in the fire, and a panicked Geu-ru puts his hand in the fire and hurts himself. He takes home remnants of the burned letter.

It’s now a story about a doctor and his secret lover, and Geu-ru and the group want to figure out who it is.

Finding the musician.

Sang-gu believes the lover is a musician based on the flyers the doctor had in his house. Sang-gu then finds an endpin stopper — it’s what cello players use to keep their instruments in place; he finds a concert ticket for classical music and believes the person the doctor loved will be there. They head to the theatre and ask the organizers if they can talk to the musicians while they rehearse. As Geu-ru goes to the bathroom, Sang-gu and Na-mu talk to random musicians and ask if they know the doctor.

Approaching Ian Park

In the bathroom, Geu-ru bumps into a male musician — he tells the others that Jung Soo-hyun was in love with Ian Park and points to the man on the poster. The tattoo on his wrist gave it away. Geu-ru approaches Ian Park and asks him if he knows the doctor, but he denies any knowledge — Geu-ru presses him about it, and Ian Park states he used to know him, but he’s a stranger to him now. Geu-ru tells Ian Park that the doctor passed away, and suddenly the musician has a confused and sad look on his face. Sang-gu and Na-mu drag Geu-ru away — Ian Park goes into his dressing room, and he’s in shock. He verifies if the doctor is dead and rings the hospital.

They fell in love

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 5 is a tragic story of forbidden love and will pull at the audience’s heartstrings.

Ian Park heads to the hospital, and he sees a memorial for the doctor — flashbacks show how Jung Soo-hyun met Ian — he treated him in the hospital in the emergency room; Ian was impatient and worried about his performance the next day, but Jung Soo-hyun calmed him down — it was during Christmas, so it feels like a warm, and romantic part of the year. Once Ian had been treated, the doctor listened to him play the cello on his hospital bed. From here, the men got closer, and it became romantic. However, the pair broke it off when Jung Soo-hyun couldn’t join Ian in America for a music opportunity — Jung Soo-hyun told Ian to go for his opportunity. Jung Soo-hyun also revealed that he’s getting married to a woman as his parents wished. It’s a heartbreaking moment between them.

The trial and tribulations of arranged marriages become the breaking point for this couple and the societal pressures put on them.

The ending

Geu-ru meets up with Ian Park again, and this time with the yellow box — Geu-ru raises how he had a letter for him, but that it is gone now. Ian looks through the box — it’s clear that both men loved each other, and Jung Soo-hyun wanted to be with Ian Park indefinitely. Later on, Geu-ru and the others watch the classical music performance. Ian Park shares his personal news to the audience and thanks Jung Soo-hyun for being the most beautiful, loveable person that he’s ever met. He promises to love him until he breathes his last breath.

When Geu-ru returns home, Sang-gu tells him that parents sometimes react undesirably when their children are different. However, Geu-ru claims that his father never treated him differently — he clearly misses his father’s love.

As the episode ends, Sang-gu visits Su-cheol in the hospital — in the previous flashbacks, Sang-gu fought him in the underground street fight that’s put him in a coma; maybe that’s what he’s paying for off the elusive woman — the medical bills.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 5 brings a heartwarming, but tearful and tragic story on a forbidden love as Geu-ru unearths another truth of the deceased.

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