Move to Heaven season 1, episode 7 recap – how Sang-gu met Su-cheol

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 14, 2021
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Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 7


Episode 7 provides context to Sang-gu’s character in a gripping yet upsetting chapter on tragic brotherhood.

This recap of the Netflix K-drama series Move to Heaven season 1, episode 7 contains major spoilers.

We could feel that the series was heading towards a Sang-gu-centric chapter, and episode 7 delivers one. At first, I was cynical that they had decided to deliver a background to his relationship with Su-cheol; however, after watching this, it’s a well-delivered chapter that provides new information.

After hearing that Su-cheol is in critical condition, Sang-gu rushes to the hospital, running as fast as possible. Su-cheol’s sister (Su-jin) emotionally tells Sang-gu that this time it does not look good. The doctor comes out and tells Sang-gu to prepare to let him go as he wouldn’t recommend surgery on this occasion. Sang-gu tells the doctor to do the surgery as it is his only chance for survival. — the doctor tells him it is up to him. He vows to get the money so he can pay for the surgery.

The day they met 

Episode 7 shows the audience how the two men came to be friends, and there are no surprises here.

In a flashback, Su-cheol is getting beaten by a group of boys, and Sang-gu watches nearby as the young man tries to climb down a bridge to get away — he approaches the boys and tells them to walk away. When they resist, he fights them to scare them off. Su-cheol thanks him, but Sang-gu explains he dislikes people who get beaten as much as the bullies. The next day, Su-cheol watches Sang-gu box at the gym. Sang-gu is frustrated that he’s followed him. Su-cheol tells him he was good as dead the other night and tells Sang-gu to be responsible — he decides to train with him despite Sang-gu not wanting him there. Eventually, Sang-gu softens towards Su-cheol and teaches him how to box. He believes the young man can be a national athlete.

Requesting money for surgery

And sadly, the story of Sang-gu being extremely compromised by the elusive woman at the fight club (shh) continues.

Su-cheol does become a national athlete, and Sang-gu watches Su-cheol on television in the national championship — he wins the tournament. Sang-gu is proud, knowing he trained him. In the present day, Sang-gu asks the woman at the underground street fighting ring for money for Su-cheol’s surgery. The woman is not interested and tells him about the tournament coming up — if he manages to win this one fight, all his money and debt will be cleared, and the house deed will be sorted — this includes the surgery; Sang-gu has no choice but to sign the contract, and he’s furious at her.

When he gets to the hospital, Su-cheol is dead, and Sang-gu is absolutely devastated. He is in disbelief, and it’s made worse when they wheel the deceased out. He begs Su-cheol to wake up.

Su-cheol’s condition

Episode 7 takes a depressing turn, and it manages to allow the audience to have more sympathy for Sang-gu, who was otherwise looking like a bad egg at the start of the series.

In the present day, Sang-gu returns to the sister’s home, and she thanks Sang-gu for never giving up on Su-cheol. Sang-gu tells her it was all his fault, but she continues to talk, explaining that she’s glad she didn’t give up on him. Looking around the place, Sang-gu asks if he can take care of the belongings. However, when looking through the deceased’s things, he sees a medical record for Su-cheol for chronic traumatic encephalopathy — he had brain cell damage due to repeated blows to the head. Sang-gu remembers Su-cheol telling him that he’s quitting boxing and that at the time, he didn’t know why.

Su-cheol versus Sang-gu

And the significant moment of the chapter arrives.

The flashbacks continue, and Sang-gu is given a new opponent last-minute at the underground fighting ring — the woman tells him that the result must happen at round seven as part of her illegal bet. When Sang-gu learns it is Su-cheol, he is devastated. Neither of them knew they’d be fighting each other, but Su-cheol needs money for his father’s business. Sang-gu has to encourage Su-cheol to punch him first. The fighting continues with slight hesitations, but it gets more and more brutal. In round seven, Su-cheol is not in good shape, but the woman tells Sang-gu that Su-cheol wants money for his retirement, and if he doesn’t do what he’s told, he’ll ruin it for both of them.

The ending

Su-cheol hobbles into the ring, and Sang-gu throws him to the ground and tells him not to get up — he begs him not to, but Su-chel will not give up, so Sang-gu has to keep beating him. Suddenly, Sang-gu’s brother shows up and shouts for him — he remembers his childhood and how he felt his brother wasn’t there for him. He knocks Su-cheol to the floor, but he knows immediately that something is wrong with Su-cheol as he starts coughing blood.

Move to Heaven season 1, episode 7 provides context to Sang-gu’s character in a gripping yet upsetting chapter on tragic brotherhood.

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