The Stronghold (2021) ending explained – do the officers get sent down?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 18, 2021
ending of the Netflix film The Stronghold 2021

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Stronghold (2021), so it will contain major spoilers.

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French thriller The Stronghold begins with Greg (Gilles Lellouche) in custody. It cuts to 8 months later, and the three lead characters; Greg, Antoine (François Civil), and Yass (Karim Leklou), chase after a motorist refusing to pull over. They’re unable to catch him.

Not long after, Antoine visits his informant, Amel (Kenza Fortas). Greg, Antoine, and Yass are within Marseille as they watch a potential mugger hoovering over an elderly woman near a fruit store. Antoine and Yass make a $20 bet on the outcome, and when the mugger leaves empty-handed, Antoine is left owing his co-worker the money. In the end, they take a gang in that are selling turtles.

During a BBQ, Antoine expresses his wish that they had taken the cash from an earlier case. But before the food can be eaten, Yass’s wife Nora’s (Adèle Exarcho) waters break. To celebrate, Greg, Antoine, and Yass go clubbing.

Eager to make a breakthrough, Antoine visits Amel once again, where he asks her to offer them information on 5 kilos that they hope will help with the case and put a stop to the “Baghdad” standards of the area. Their boss, Officer Jérôme (Cyril Lecomte), initially rejects the suggestion but then allows them to retrieve the 5 kilos to then use in exchange for information.

In a few weeks, Greg, Antoine, and Yass have retrieved the 5 kilos. With intel from Amel, the mission is a success, much to the relief of the anti-crime brigade, aka the BAC.

All seems well for now. That is until the police investigate the operation and ultimately arrest Greg, Antoine, and Yass. Following the operation; they get accused of using the 5 kilos of drugs for their own benefit. Despite their protests, a lengthy court battle develops. Greg tries to claim he was acting on the orders of the police force, Antoine reveals he only uses cannabis for personal use, whilst Yass claims he didn’t take any personal profit from the operation. 

Facing over 20 years in prison, their lawyer even states that he isn’t a miracle worker and with lack of evidence, that the outcome doesn’t look good for any of them. But there’s one solution. The identity of Antoine’s informant (aka Amel). But having promised her his silence, he is reluctant to give up her identity, even if it would provide them with a defense. 

Netflix film The Stronghold ending explained

With their standards of life deteriorating, Yass has Antoine cut his hair and pleads with him to provide the police with Amel’s identity. After much thought, Antoine eventually gives the police Amel’s name. 

The closing moments of The Stronghold reveal that Yass is now with the police union. He defends his colleagues against management. Antoine turned his badge in and, now, works as a prison nurse where he looks after inmates. Meanwhile, Greg was removed from the police force and is now a municipal officer.

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