Intrusion (2021) ending explained – who wants to rob Meera and Henry?

September 22, 2021
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The article discusses the ending of Netflix film Intrusion (2021), so it will contain major spoilers.

After they return home from a meal out with her architect husband Henry (Logan Marshall-Green), Meera (Freida Pinto) finds that the back door is open. After following a trail of muddy footprints, Meera and Henry learn that they have been robbed.

Henry talks to Detective Morse (Robert John Burke), it’s an odd case as the only things that the intruders took were two cellphones and a laptop. Henry doesn’t seem to believe that the robbery was anything personal, however.

One night, as they sleep, the power goes off. They go to inspect it, and from outside, Henry spots the intruders inside the house. He runs inside and takes a gun he’d hidden inside a plant pot. Henry allows Meera to escape from the balcony, but he gets attacked before he can do the same. When Meera reaches the car, she hears three gunshots from inside. Shortly afterward, one of the intruders appears. Bleeding, he begs for help before Henry shoots him dead.

Meanwhile, Detective Morse tells them that one of the robbers survived the shooting and is currently in hospital. He also remarks that the intruders are relatives of a local missing girl Christine Cobb (Megan Elisabeth Kelly). Henry states that he is going to the store, but after he leaves his wallet, Meera follows him in her car. She becomes suspicious of him when he doesn’t go to the store, but she’s unable to find out where he’s going after she crashes.

Netflix film Intrusion ending explained

Although she’s ok, Meera is now very suspicious of her husband. Even more so after she learns that the intruder Dylan Cobb (Mark Sivertsen), who had survived the shooting, died in hospital, despite appearing to make a recovering. Even more suspicious, Dylan died the night that Henry’s falsely claimed to be at the store.

Eager for answers, Meera searches Henry’s office, where she learns that Henry had hired the Cobb family to help build the house. But as he paid them off the books, Dylan tried to blackmail Henry. But once Henry stopped paying him, Dylan and his family broke into their house. Meera believes him, and her nerves settle. Their housewarming party begins. All goes well until Meera hears on the news that the suspect in Christine’s disappearance has been dismissed. And so Meera suspects Henry again. Using a video recorder she bought, Meera plays a recording from Dylan who believes Henry has some involvement in Christine’s disappearance.

Searching Henry’s office, Meera finds a hidden door. She goes inside and finds Christine chained up to the pipes. Meera tries to get help, but Henry is standing behind her, and he ties her up. Upstairs, Henry claims Meera has had too much to drink, and it’s best if they all call it a night.

Christine states that she can’t remember how long she has been held captive. With Meera’s help, they break free, but then Henry locks the house from the inside. He attacks them, knocking Meera unconscious, and leads Christine away to kill her. Just as he is about to kill Christine, Meera appears and wacks him over the head. He dies shortly after, and the pair are now free to go.

Intrusion concludes with Meera moving out of the horror home before she drives away.

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