Blood & Water season 2, episode 7 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 24, 2021
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Netflix series Blood & Water season 2, episode 7 - Family Matters - the ending explained


The truth only leads to more questions as the finale builds up a story for the third season.

This recap of Netflix’s Blood & Water season 2, episode 7, “Family Matters” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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There’s this feeling as season 2 progresses that moving closer to the truth moves our characters closer to danger. That certainly feels the case for Puleng and Fiks. What the truth means is yet to be learned, and we can only guess that the conspiracy will deepen in season 3.

Blood & Water season 2, episode 7 recap

So that leaves the characters in limbo at the end of episode 7; the entirety of Puleng’s family does a DNA test while Fik’s mother is interrogated. She insists her husband did not know Fiks was adopted, and she wants to clear his name. She’s also adamant that she adopted Fiks legally. KB’s father enters the interrogation room and frets that she’s already answering questions.

Romance is also complicated in the final chapter of season 2; Puleng apologizes to KB about her distance recently, but he has other ideas — he wants to know why she has his mother’s picture — she confirms to KB that his mother is potentially involved in the conspiracy of the kidnapping of her daughter. KB tries to confront his father about Fiks and Puleng, but he brushes off the conversation.

Reece is in a tight spot in episode 7 — not only did the teacher she colluded with steal her drug money, but she now has to answer to the committee and the principal about the donations they collected. Reece, Chris, and Wendy blag to the principal about the money, calling the missing transactions a printing error. They need a plan to recoup the money lost, so Chris and Wendy find ways to make money — however, they only manage to retain 60% at first. Later on in the chapter, Reece opens up to Chris about her mother. He now knows why she’s in a mess in the first place.

As the episode reaches a pivotal stage, Sam’s mother, Janet, is attacked, and a DNA kit is stolen. Later on, the police tell her she needs to go into witness protection as she knows about Fikile and Puleng. Janet apologizes to her son Sam, who is trying to live his life.

There’s a lot to think about for season 3, but Puleng and the love triangle she’s in is officially complicated. Puleng and Wade go on a date together at an aquarium and kiss. Who’s team are we on, though? Surely Puleng and Wade, right?


The ending

As we reach the end of the episode, there’s a couple of twists. The official DNA results arrive for Puleng and her family — Fikile is the daughter of Puleng’s mother, but not her father. This changes everything.

At a party, plenty happens. Reece comes clean with the principal about the money. Chris and Wendy find themselves hooking up. However, drama strikes at the end of the party. Fik’s father, Brian enters and looks for his daughter — he tells her someone has kidnapped her mother. It then flits to the docks, and Lisbeth has Fik’s mother tied up. Lisbeth tells her to clean up her mess and wants to know about Puleng. Who knows what this conspiracy is about at this stage! We better be patient for season 3.

Additional points

  • Fik’s mother is considered a flight risk, so she is placed in prison.

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