Goliath season 4, episode 6 recap – “Rundleworks”

September 24, 2021
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Goliath reaches familiar terrain as our main character finds himself in a dangerous spot.

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Goliath reaches familiar terrain as our main character finds himself in a dangerous spot.

This recap of Amazon Original Goliath season 4, episode 6, “Rundleworks,” contains spoilers. 

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How many near-death experiences has Billy McBride had since this series began? Who would have thought that episode 6 was about to give him another one? The evil is now apparent in this chapter, and it feels like a race against time.

Goliath season 4, episode 6 recap

The episode opens with a flashback. A young Kate visits a mental institution to meet her father, Frank. Frank wonders why George brought her to see him as he’s ashamed. George assures Kate that he will look after her, which signifies the theme for the rest of the chapter. Meanwhile, in the present, Rob plays the voicemail left by Tom True to Billy that proves he was attacked. Billy tells him that Samantha is “in over her head.” Brittany enters the fold and reveals that Frank is George’s brother and the founder of Zax Pharma. This shocks Billy — he had no idea.

Episode 6 then moves to the ending of episode 5, with Frank in Kate’s apartment. He tells her to get away from George and admits he was not a good father. Kate tells Frank that George raised him, but she’s the only person that can stop him. Later on, Billy rings Frank — Frank tells him that Kate cannot testify. But Billy has better ideas and meets with Kate with Brittany — they get her to sign a statement for the FDA and the attorney general — she’s officially a whistleblower. Billy then tells Kate that Frank is his neighbor, and that is not a coincidence. Meanwhile, George learns there is a whistleblower — he knows deep down who it is, and he’s furious.

In court, Patty reopens litigation against Zax Pharma — she reveals she has a whistleblower. Privately, the judge wants to know if Billy is involved and is not inclined to entertain him, however, she voids all settlements; there’s going to be a trial. Samantha is annoyed that Patty kept her in the dark, but Patty reminds her that doing the right thing is not a gamble. It feels like everyone knows Samantha is working against them.

Kate is under severe pressure in episode 6 as there is a lot at stake. Samantha and Rob prepare Kate for her testimony; the angle is nepotism, accusing her of being angry at her uncle as she didn’t get the top job, which is why she leaked information. Even though it’s prep and questioning, Kate gets upset and walks away. An overwhelmed Kate tells Billy that she cannot go ahead due to it being too personal. Billy reassures her and calls her the “good guy.”

George is sweating a little as well in episode 6 — he’s made aware that the company wants him to take the fall if the trial goes against them. Frank turns up at his house, and he wants a deal that he will look after Kate. George insists he would never hurt Kate and states that she fears having the same mental illness as her father.

Samantha is desperate now; she tells Geroge that she knows where his niece is, but first, she wants assurance her law firm will be compensated — she wants $2 billion. George asks for Kate’s location. Meanwhile, Brittanny and Billy realize that Kate has had an extra-long shower, and the water is still running. They check out her hotel room, and she is not in there. She’s at the top of the building, contemplating suicide. George finds her and tells Kate that he has no intention in stopping her from testifying — he offers to give her a break “to think.” He gives her some medication.

The ending

As we reach the end of a dramatic chapter, Billy gets a text from Kate to meet her on the roof, but when he gets there, she’s gone. As Billy looks over the ledge, someone pushes him off, but luckily, he manages to grab onto one of the hotel room ledges. Another near-death experience.

Later on, Billy meets George at a hotel bar. George tells him that Kate came back to him and can testify whenever she wants, but for now, she needs a “long rest.” He warns Billy that he’s f*****g with the wrong guy.

The episode ends with Billy ringing Frank — he tells him that George got to Kate for a “long rest.” Frank makes him aware that he knows exactly where she is.

Additional points 

  • Patty heads to Rob’s place and wonders why he quit the firm — once again, her intuition tells her is that it is to do with Samantha.

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