Goliath Season 3 Review: Billy Is More Broken Than Ever

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 3, 2019 (Last updated: November 11, 2023)
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Amazon Series Goliath Season 3


Goliath Season 3 continues in good form for Amazon, changing the location and upping Billy’s character development in an intriguing case.

I had the pleasure of receiving the first four episodes of Amazon Series Goliath Season 3. After a quick catch-up, I’m cautiously impressed with the Amazon Prime Series. The story is always an odd one, with the audience never really knowing where to stand. My curiosity with Billy McBride’s story remained for Season 3.

Deep, deep down, there is a Billy McBride (Billy Bob Thornton) in all of us, waiting to unleash — I sincerely believe that. Life is not meant to be easy, but that does not mean it can’t kick us to the floor. We all have that temptation to think “f–k it” and live a half-degenerate, half-professional life, teetering on edge, visiting your favorite bar and downing that favorite bourbon every night. That’s why Billy McBride is tragically engaging — a highly-skilled hotshot lawyer that withholds subtle kindness and the need for veiled relationships.

Goliath Season 3 feels like a different Billy. The character seems more broken than usual after the conclusions of last season. The lawyer appears severely impacted by his past which seems to be gathering up into one giant, unclimbable mountain. His eyes are open, but nobody is there. The declining change of Billy serves his character development, and as ever, he is part of a dangerous lawsuit, centering the story of Season 3.

Goliath Season 3 is about water routes — ironically on the same week Rotten Season 2 discusses this subject matter, our fictional character is embroiled amongst corporate farmers after an unfortunate incident that is indirectly caused by the prolonged drought and the need for water. At one of the farms, a hole appeared in the crop fields, resulting in the death of a friend. Billy has to contend with a Water Board, a monopolizing company and incestuous farmers that appear to have a common goal. Season 3 does not feel like Billy’s hardest challenge, but it has legs.

And that’s because Billy has situated himself away from his usual town. The character seems to have purposefully detached himself and located his presence in the drought lands of Blackwood County, California. Goliath Season 3 is more “escapism” as ever. And that does not take away the importance of the lawyer’s case, but there’s certainly a stronger theme surrounding Billy’s mental state.

The drought lands suit Billy and his team, mostly consisting of Patty (Nina Arianda), who is as quirky and engaging as ever. Billy’s DGAF demeanor gives him that “Wild Wild West” look as he travels the desert lands of California, attempting to uncover a conspiracy that no other lawyer could be bothered pursuing.

There are more surprises in store in Goliath Season 3, some predictable and others that wildly make this world crazier as usual. Like the previous two seasons, Goliath reaches stranger heights in some episodes where at times it almost feels satirical, but out of place. However, it works, and for some reason, the strangeness works even more in Blackwood County.

My review is purely based on the first four episodes, so you never know, I may revisit this. However, my intuition tells me that Amazon Series Goliath Season 3 is worth the binge-watch.

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