Goliath season 4, episode 7 recap – “Lawyer Trickery Bullshit”

By Daniel Hart
Published: September 24, 2021
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Amazon Original Goliath season 4, episode 7 - Lawyer Trickery Bullshit


As expected, the penultimate chapter brings plenty of deliberations and courtroom drama.

This recap of Amazon Original Goliath season 4, episode 7, “Lawyer Trickery Bullshit”, contains spoilers. 

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Of course, the crux of Billy’s plan will come in the finale, but that doesn’t make the penultimate chapter any less enjoyable. There’s courtroom drama and this feeling of persistent failure to bring George Zax down.

Goliath season 4, episode 7 recap

To open episode 7, Frank finds Kate at the mental institution; she feels safe there and couldn’t see a way out. She tells Frank that he was right about George, but the facility has to hold her for 72 hours. Without much choice left, Billy asks Frank to testify in court, and he makes sure Patty receives that instruction. At the bar, Eva tells Billy that she’s afraid of Samantha because she reacted coldly to the death of Tom True. She offers to keep Billy’s lease going while he “stays on the sidelines.” She wants Billy to continue helping. Billy tells Eva that Samantha is compromised. You can sense sympathy from Billy’s side.

Patty meets Billy in private, and he tells her they can use Frank as a witness, but it will be complicated due to his mental health history. He explains that she should get details on the new drug. Patty preps Frank for questioning, but it isn’t easy. Samantha tells Patty that Frank was institutionalized and raises her concerns. Later on, Samantha puts herself on the team for court, which confuses Patty.

Before the trial, George visits Frank to try and reason with him. He tries telling him that he could be destroying what they built for their children and wants to make a deal. Frank calls him a parasite, so George punches him.

And so, the trial arrives, and Frank is sat on the witness stand. Patty begins her line of questioning, but the defence wants to remove any mention of the new drug, calling it irrelevant. The judge approves the motion, so Frank cannot mention it at all. Frank states that opioids are too addictive, but years ago, a single scientist rejected that idea, and George held on to that to justify marketing their drug despite his objections. And then, Frank claims he was pushed out of the company by his brother George and gained billions from millions of lives.

Patty’s plan at this point was to question Frank’s mental health to soften the blow that will be dealt by the defence team, but Samantha tells her to leave it. To end the questioning, Frank tells the jury that George punched him the night before the trial.

And so, the defence moves to question Frank and his mental health, with the judge telling the lawyer to tread cautiously. He provides evidence to prove why Frank was dismissed from the company years ago. The report says that Frank was walking down the middle of the road, naked and confused. He was taken into custody for evaluation. The defence argues that Frank was incompetent due to mental health and that his wife committed suicide and abandoned their child. They claim Frank does not remember because he suffers from delusions. With all the pressure piling on Frank, he loses his temper, and the session is dismissed as he’s removed from the courtroom.

The ending

After another s**t show, Billy meets Samantha and calls her “thorough” — he does not think it is too late for her to get out of the situation. Samantha raises how she will be in pain for the rest of her life and tells Billy to leave. As he goes, he sends Tom True’s voicemail that Rob received before he died. As she listens to it, she breaks down in tears.

As the episode ends, Samantha heads to Billy’s apartment and hugs him — she tells him she’s lost. Billy asks her to put him on the stand as he’s got a plan.

Additional points 

  • Patty’s sister shows up — Billy offers to look after her. They talk about Patty’s baby and how it died while premature.
  • Patty’s mother tells Patty that the trial isn’t over and offers to take her for dinner.
  • At his usual bar, Billy asks a woman who keeps watching him if she’s following him. She claims she’s a “leader, not a follower.”

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